About Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra is one of the top automobile corporations in Asia, valued at USD 17.8 billion. The automobile giant engineers vehicles for domestic, commercial, agricultural and military defence sectors with manufacturing and assembling plants spread across 4 countries namely, USA, South Africa, China and Italy.

Mahindra's Requirements

Mahindra Motors wanted to connect users and their cars through app and wanted it to be utile, informative and fun to experience.

The Challenge

Determining the right set of protocols for the mobile device to communicate with IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) was a major challenge, as well as, turning binary data into measurable metrics and managing error handling.

Contus' Solutions

The SPP (Serial Port Profile) in Bluetooth 4.0 was handpicked to handle the duty of establishing communication between the IVI (in vehicle infotainment) and mobile app paving way to send and receive control signals for A/C, audio, headlights and much more. The Serial Port Profile was chosen as it was appropriate and the best in terms of compatibility of the infotainment system's native Bluetooth settings.

The fun and engagement driving quotient of the app was conceptualized as a rating system which extracts data based on a driver's vehicle handling prowess. These data, from the app, were pushed to the cloud.

Adding to this, users were given the provision to share ranks in their social circles which improved the competing sense and paved way for more participation and instant success.


Extending the limitations of user's access over the infotainment system by providing remote access over controls like vent adjustments, fan speed, USB music play, FM radio headlights etc and provide information on tyre pressure, wheel temperature, unlocked doors and much more.

User Engagement Based On Gamification

To make things intuitive and interesting to use, the vehicle handling based rating system was complemented with a monthly-ranking activity which can be shared by users on social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

At A Glance

An internationally established automobile company with operations spanning across 4 continents needed a app solution to provide value-added services and engage users.

Team Contus, with a granular level understanding of the client's objective, came up with a app solution to help Mahindra Motors elevate the level of customer experience.



Key Results

Based on the success of the solution, Mahindra & Mahindra went on to update 41000+ existing cars with the same.

In the near future, 50000+ units of XUV 500 SUV were facilitated with the compatibility with the app and future models like all-new Scorpio, TUV-300, and KUV100 were upgraded with the EcoSense solution.

Technologies Involved

  • External API connectivity - Blootooth 4.0
    (Serial Port Profile)
  • OS - Linux & Android (mobile) Web Server - Nginx
  • Database - Sqlite, Mysql 5.5
  • Server side script - PHP 5.5
  • Mobile Script - Android
  • Web client side framework - Angular JS
  • Data Interchange format - JSON


Driving skill scores for each trips projected by the real-time driver rating system, EcoSense, are pushed to the cloud that manages data of Mahindra's official website through which users can view rankings, monthly-trip details, recent trip summary, trip histories and get driving recommendations and e-manual.

Bluetooth 4.0

High level Architecture

Driver Rating


Mahindra & Mahindra motors now connects millions of its car owners as a community of safe drivers through the EcoSense driver rating system.

The solution received an overwhelming response which encouraged Mahindra Motors to provide the app for 50000+ units of XUV 500 SUV and future models like all-new Scorpio, TUV-300, and KUV100.

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