About Nerolac

Nerolac Paints is a 96-yr-old largest industrial paint and 3rd largest decorative paint company in India. It is a subsidiary owned by Kansai Paint, a Japanese chemical major in the list of top ten paint manufacturers of the world with sites in 43 countries. Nerolac Paints has its presence spread across 20+ major cities in India and is a leader in automotive, general industrial, high performance and powder coating markets.

Nerolac's Requirement

Nerolac wanted a monitoring app that could power the brand to manage sales meetings and deliveries scheduled for 1000s of sales persons and drivers on a daily basis. Nerolac wanted the app to be connected to its web-based backend built on SAP in order to extract information and provide it to the fingertips of its employee force and vice-versa.

The Challenge

The tough part was to create a clear communication channel for the app to interact with the SAP-built web backend of Nerolac and provide information in the app front. For this Contus had to come up with a separate database.

Adding to this, establishing a two way communication between app and web backend was another delicate part to be addressed in order to push updates from the app into the SAP backend in real-time.

Contus' Solutions

Contus ideated developing an exclusive database on to act as a mediator between the web interface and mobile app. For this Contus leveraged its expertise on Laravel, an open-source PHP web framework. The database hosted on AWS Cloud was built in such a way that is is a central point where updates from web and mobile app are collected and mapped.

The two way communication hurdle was breached using WSDL by Contus' techies which helped in pushing updates from the app to the web-based admin panel as and when they happen.

The mobile app developed on Android for salespersons and drivers was facilitated with features that could help the chemical brand achieve its agenda.


Salespersons and drivers can find their daily schedules on the app. Place of visit, time of visit will be provided along with details of the purpose of visit, client name and much more.

QR Code Scanning

The QR code scanning feature was facilitated in the app in order to accurately determine the in and out time of every visit made by salespersons and drivers. During a first time visit, the QR code, when scanned, will record the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the place and it will be updated in the SAP backend.

At A Glance

Nerolac Paints, the largest industrial paint manufacturer in India wanted an app solution to monitor the complex network of workforce spread across several locations in India.

With Android app development experts and programmers, Contus etched an app and Laravel-based database to empower the brand to monitor employees, especially drivers and sales staffs.



Key Results

The app was successful in meeting the demand of Nerolac which is of real-time monitoring through their web backend built on SAP and empowering its employees with an easy-to-use app. In quick time since launch, the app was provided to officials of Nerolac spread across 20+ cities in India.

Technologies Involved

  • OS - Linux & Android (mobile)
  • Web Server - Nginx
  • Server side script - PHP 5.5
  • Server side framework - Laravel 4.2
  • Client side framework - Bootstrap
  • Mobile Script - Android
  • Data Interchange format (From cloud to APP) - JSON
  • Data Interchange format (From SAP to Cloud) - WSDL
  • Cloud platform - AWS Service
  • Security - Access Token, CSRF

In Time and Out Time

The QR codes stuck in the client's place will be scanned by the Nerolac officials paying a visit while entering and leaving as well. The QR code scanning feature helped Nerolac to monitor every resource's schedule and time spent on each visit accurately.

SAP Web Backend
QR Scanner

High level Architecture


KNPL Nerolac app was adopted as the monitoring tool of the chemical major sales and service network and was proved to be highly utile medium for the workforce to follow schedules and update information on-the-go. The app powered the band to monitor a massive sales and driver network which spans across 20+ major cities in India.

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