22 September, 2023

A Social App that lets you know the Trends around the World in Seconds

Yet another inviting creation of Contus’ tech brains is the Social Trends app. Contus has been regular in conceptualizing and developing utility apps with an aim to simply end-users efforts on their day-to-day routines. This time, Contus has come up with an engaging app which has added more value to its existing app portfolio.

Social Trends is a social app that delivers all the trending topics in discussion on the widely participated web facilities Twitter Trends and Google Trends and it is also the first of its kind among the list of Android based applications developed by Contus.

The application offers limited yet sensible personalization options which helps in improving the usability and overall user experience. Users can choose either of these news platforms and can toggle between them as well, just by a click or a swipe.

Google Trends:

The app doesn’t deprive users of the regular options offered by both Google Trends and Twitter Trends. Country-specific news feeds can be read in Google Trends. Once the location is specified, appropriate news suggestions will be displayed based on the frequency of discussion and views. Each news topic will have a display which exhibits the number of shares done through the Google+ counter.

Once a feed is selected, all the news posts related to the topic will be displayed. The ‘+’ icon on each news feed lets users have a detailed view on it and share them via all the possible sharing channels including social networks, messengers, Bluetooth and Email.

In order to provide a personalized viewing experience, the app holds a sorting feature through which news can be sort based on ‘Hits’ and ‘Published Date’. Refreshing the page will pull in the lately updated news feeds.

Twitter Trends:

Twitter Trends can be viewed based on the ‘Country’ and ‘City’ as well. Once a suggestion is selected, all the tweets in connection with the topic will be displayed. Users can either reply to the tweet or retweet it. To refresh the twitter feeds, user can make use of the ‘Reset’ option which draws in the latest twitter topics instantly.

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