22 September, 2023
Angular vs React

Angular Js vs React Js: Which one is Better to build your Web Application?

Finally, you have come to an incredible idea for a website or a JS application. When it comes to choosing the right framework react vs angular for your Front-end programming one will move across Angularjs or Reactjs quite swiftly. Currently Angular and React are two giant players in the programming world. Since there are a lot of articles over to incline the biased side on whether Angular vs React Smarter. This post is of hard comparisons of what that makes each platform different from other.

Here are the side-by-side comparison of the two frameworks that outcomes as the benefits of making your app more flexible and scalable.

Angular Js – The Powerful Emphasis of Javascript Framework

Angular Js is a Javascript-based open-source front-end web application framework powered by Google. The open source framework with Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture Angular 1 and Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture Angular 2, which is the oldest framework of the React Js. As concerned, it has the largest community. Angularjs deals with solving the problems of developing SPA’s (Single Page Applications) through increasing the functionality of HTML with Commands. This high-end framework has the potential of getting your cutting-edge app up that functions quickly.

React Js – The New Modern Kid on the Hunk Frame

React js is a declarative, Flexible and efficient open source javascript library for building user interfaces. The framework is retained by Facebook, Instagram, and other Communities. React js is introduced on focusing “V” in Model-View-Controller architecture and on amazing rendering performance. The framework was developed in order to solve the common problems acquired with other Javascript frameworks. On designing of simple applications in an efficient update. And Attaining of critical mass quickly and effectively.

Similarities of Angular js and React js

  • Javascript: Hence, the Javascript (ES5 and ES6) are fundamental on both the cases. As the frameworks are from the same language background, their flexibility and reliability are considered to be same.
  • CSS3: Since the performance of front-end coding cannot be carried significantly without the use of CSS3. Thus, both the frameworks support CSS3 and provide you better opportunity to perform effectively.
  • Design Pattern: These frameworks not only perform on language-based but, also they do have major similarities in design. Some of the parameters such as Pure Functions, Immutability, Composability, Inheritance and much more help in performing good web developments.
  • HTML5: As the other frameworks, angularjs and reactjs support HTML5. Since the depth of knowledge required for both the frameworks is different but they are quite similar on their applications.

Angular js pros

Modify DOM → The angularjs simply modifies the DOM (Document Object Model) directly instead of making an additional inner HTML code which takes place in a faster way.

Data Binding → The angular builds bindings based on the specific element attributes which require fewer writings and easier to understand the code.

Reusable Code → The framework features HTML syntax extensions to create a reusable component by directives.

Fast Render → Faster while rendering the static lists and Straightforward UI design.

Universal Platform → The framework has the potential to run on any browser or platform.

angular js cons

Weak Points → The Steep learning curve which is considered to be the weak points in angular js.

Lagging UI → If the watchers overlap more than 2000, the UI gets severely lag. This can be carried out through the use of big data grids and lists.

Name Clashes → Angular js don’t have the potential to compose many NG-apps on the same page.

react js pros

Easy Render Function → Easy to understand how a component is rendered and helps in building the machine-readable codes.

One-direction data flow → Reactjs uses one-direction – downward – data flow instead of explicit data binding.

Extreme Efficient → It creates enormous flexibility and stunning gain in performance and avoids expensive DOM operations.

UI Test Cases → React js is extremely easy to write UI test cases in an efficient way because that the DOm virtual system is implemented entirely in js.

react js cons

SEO Friendly → Since all the Javascript frameworks are reactive concerning SEO. So, ReactJs possess fair support to SEO

Poor Documentation → The Documentation traces back to the constant release of new tools which is considered to be the problem to the developers to write their own documentation for specific tools.

Indexing Problems → Not using isomorphic approach to exploit applications leads to the indexing problems.

Learning Curve → The framework requires in-depth knowledge of integration UI to make free library into MVC framework.

Which Framework is Better to Build a Web Application?

Angular js and React js are high-end frameworks helps to provide blend application to solve multiple complex business solution across the platform. These high performing frameworks increasing rapidly to due to its functionality in creating innovative web and mobile applications in the digital world. Here are some reputed companies that have been scripted on these Ionic Platform.

Websites Built Using Angular Js


Paypal is one of the most trusted electronic payment transaction system developing company operating worldwide. The Website is developed on Angular js and its the most visited website across the world with having an average Monthly visit of 519.4 Million. Their checkout system parts are developed using angularjs such as.,

  • Adding Credit Card
  • Payment Review
  • Parents Page
  • Sidebars


Netflix is one of the leading online streaming media and video-on-demand on various devices. Their main features are streaming service of serials and movies in ultra-high resolution (4K) with an average monthly visit of 1.649 billion users. Today, the American channel has about 98.75 million subscribers from 130 Countries. Netflix chooses Angular Js as their frontend tool to analyze the Web services and uses AngularDart for managing the data presentation. Their Modern web features such as:

  • Web Components
  • Shadow DOM


IBM is one of the renowned Multinational technology Company headquartered in New York, USA. IBM launched IBM Worklight, an Angular Js framework is used in order to save traditional User Experience between both Web and Mobile Versions.

Websites Built Using React Js


As we are very much aware of Facebook, which is an online social networking service to connect friends and family across the world. The biggest social network having 2.5 billion users is developed using React Js.


Airbnb is one of the leading online marketplace which enables people to book, discover and list accommodation rental website all over the world. They use reactjs to build their highly impressive user experience website.


BBC is the largest broadcasting corporation that offers information on various fields such as education, entertainment, and much more. The large-scale corporation uses reactjs on the front end to enhance their users experience on various web applications.

Which is Better: Angular Js or React Js?

While discussing the topic react vs angular, their difference is huge and they achieve same things. Both the technologies are powdered with different features which can be adapted depending on the custom web development objectives. Both reactjs vs angularjs performance are quite precise on integrating with other frameworks. So the reactjs can be applied to any cost to improve the specific parts of the system constraints. Overall, both the frameworks provide scalable, quality and reactive web application.

Angular vs React

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