22 September, 2023

Anything You Need To Know About Mobile App Development!

Mobile Phones are something that are much closer to our souls, which without is difficult to manage our day-to-day lives. When the first handy device came into emergence, a 2-3 decades back, none of us imagined of the evolution of web compatible devices, application softwares, bluetooth, wifi facilities and object recognition functionalities which are tilting up today’s world upside down. The mobile industry is presently becoming much stronger with the evolution of smartphones and mobile applications. Each application comes with unique features performing unique functions, like the ones listed below:

1. Offer information on finance, weather forecast, and recent news.
2. Transactions of your bills.
3. Entertaining options that lets you to listen music, gaming, watching movies, net chatting and so many
4. Video conferencing
5. Daily activities management (fixing appointments, calenders, timetables, etc.)

Mobile App Development – The Evolution to Today

2007 – 2010
It all begun with the launch of Apple’s iPhone in 2007. Later in July 2008, the brand has launched its app store, though the iPhone itself already had inbuilt apps for photos, text, weather and maps. Shortly after Apple’s app store launch, Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry started to show up their ability of building apps for their own various devices. The first android smart phone was launched by HTC in late 2008. In 2009 iPhone apps touched the exceeding 1 billion downloads, which android market had hit later in 2010. 2010’s April was for Apple’s first iPad and September was for Samsung’s first tablet computer, the Galaxy.

In 2011 Apple was blissful with its total app store downloads exceeding 10 billion. March 2011 was again Apple’s with the launch of iPad2 and in October it was the launch of apple iPhone 4S. The total number of mobile apps released until December 2011 reached 1 million. Also, the number of android market downloads until the end of 2011 was 10 billion.

Third generation Apple iPad was launched early this year (March 2012). Android market was renamed to Google Play. Apple App store downloads reached 25 billion. Two apps namely Drawsomething and Instagram attained 50 million downloads within six months of their release. Google play experienced 15 billion downloads in May 2012. Microsoft releases Windows 8 to bring SmartPhone styled apps to PCs.

The Various Phases of Mobile App Development

Entertainment / Communication
OTT App that is built on entertainment and communication perspectives are greatly demanded when compared to apps serving other purposes. With such kind of apps, it is easy that users can get connected to the various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and so forth. Similarly, the entertainment based apps also witness a rising demand over mobile users. Paid apps which are often downloaded are generally entertainment-based. Gaming, music, news and video oriented apps are ranked better when it comes to user experience. Gaming applications stand a higher rank with 22% of downloads, followed by entertainment with 19% download rate.

Browsing Experience
Mobile web has become the topper when compared to desktop web. Hence it has become vital for creating app that facilitates web solutions on mobile devices. Apps that are offering web based solutions via mobile phones are also on the demands right now.

Increased Productivity
Mobile app developers can also try with apps that keeps upgrading and updating. People generally look for things that are advanced and come with upgraded features. Hence, apps that favor this purpose can help well.

Tips to Excel in Mobile App Development

Make your app user friendly
Check with your audience the negatives they find in already existing app like that of yours. Rectify the mistakes made by your competitors and then consider launching.

Offer Deals
Deals and discounts can serve your best needs. If it concerns about offering deals, go with package deal offers, which can be a best driving factor for sales enhancement.

Don’t look for immediate profits
No beginner can count on profits! This statement also suits for mobile app development. Even if your product is worth the result, be patient and keep hard working. If you could come up with some great offers and site promoters, it might help.

Social Networking apps
As mentioned above, social media apps can greatly work. Ofcourse the competition is high in this field. Wait for your time to come and do launch your app at the right time, when there is an actual quest for such an app.

Mobile App Development is definitely a great industry to boom out! For developers who are willing to make great success in app development, this is the right time to excel with. This is the industry that is gonna stand stubborn for the years to come with.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.


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