9 December, 2023

Basics of Mobile Application Testing

Wouldn’t that be really fascinating to see web and mobile join their hands together? A mobile app will make that done for you! It all started in early 2000 when mobile devices started to drive the crazes of people with the evolution of web compatible devices, which then turned off to application softwares, bluetooth devices, wi-fi connected devices and much more. And right now, we are at the age of mobile applications, where developers are all on their swing to come up with apps that could grab away the attention of users in every way possible.

Mobile application development can be called a top most industry in today’s world to experience a huge enhancement in all criteria, with a huge number of individuals competing each other to set up a successful career in app development. As in other development processes, mobile app development also enfolds the elements like planning, designing, developing and testing. And now in this post, we are gonna talk about TESTING. App Testing or product is vital for checking out its quality and standards. There are certain elements, which you need to keep in mind while on performing mobile application testing.

An installation process is where most of the users get stuck up at the midst. And, if it’s for the testing of any mobile application, the installation system is utmost significant. Hence, it is a basic thing to verify that the application is installed successfully.

Incoming call/message handling
Whenever the application is in use, make sure that any incoming communication doesn’t bother the application. Ensure that both the audible and visual notifications are displayed properly on the screen. The user should be able to take or cancel that call making sure that the application does not hang or crash. Also, verify whether the user receives proper SMS alerts when the application is running, without harming the app.

The same way, un-installation is also vital in a testing process. Verify that the mobile application gets un-installed without any error.

Test networking issues
Almost all mobile applications need a network to run with. Henceforth, verify how the application reacts when there is no network coverage or a network problem arises. Check whether the app is capable of displaying ‘network error’ messages under such circumstances.

Application Logo / Name
Another significant factor to be tested is the application logo and application name. Ensure whether they both gets displayed in the device after installation and the user is able to select it.

Splash Screen
When a user selects the application logo, a splash screen should be displayed. Verify whether the splash screen is shown and ensure that the flash is displayed not more than few seconds.

Start / Restart Application
Test whether the start / restart functions are working fine. Ensure that the time for the application to start / restart is quick.

Application Side Effects
Ensure that the application after installation, doesn’t damage any other application or device.

Exit Application
Test whether the user of the application has options to exit the application by means of all exit modes like End key or Exit option.

Charging / Un-charging
While the application is running and a charger is inserted or removed, then a proper message needs to be displayed saying that the device is running out of battery or needs to be notified that it is charging.

Graphical User Interface
It is also quite vital for testing the application for color schemes, themes, menu styles, font color, font style and much more.

And, finally the much more significant factor to look about. It is the security of the mobile application.

Once you are done with all the above basics, then you can go with the verification of the functionality test of mobile application as per the specification. And do bare in mind, the more effective a product is tested, the more successful it is on the markets.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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