28 September, 2023

Best Magento Mobile eCommerce App

The infiltration of mobile internet in the ecommerce industry is changing the shopping culture. The assumed threat over mobile shopping cart abated and the Smartphone users now enjoy shopping via their internet phones. The mcommerce breeze is now taking the world by storm. Analyst publishes Info graphics on the rising system and motivates the bread-eyed investors to captivate the mobile commerce industry for maximum revenue.

Inferring to the smart phone impact on the online stores, mobile commerce becomes unavoidable. Mob eCommerce nails down your need of bringing your magento store to the iPhones and Android mobiles at ease. If your ecommerce store is developed on Magento – the market leader in eCommerce platforms, Mob ecommerce is the best solution. The app enables you to deliver a mobile optimized store for your mobile consumers, allowing them to shop from your magento store through their web powered phones at anytime from anywhere.

The native app when integrated with your magento shop and deployed in the respective stores enables you to give your mobile customers a native app of your store. Your target customers can install them for once and start enjoying the app happiness. Your consumers get to shop from your mobilized web store with the browsing capabilities, secured shopping cart and payment process all optimized to the tiny screen facility.

After going mobile, your smart shoppers will be provided a completely user-friendly shopping cart which allows adding/removing product from the cart easily, edit the quantity of added products, delete cart items, view subtotal before checkout etc. The mobile commerce solution gives room to explore the vantage of social networking with facebook share, email share and news letter subscription. Multi language and multi currency support are other additives to the features list. To know more on the features and requirement, visit Contus M-Comm – Magento Mobile Application
Enter the new eCommerce channel, reach the palms of your customers with the native app and delight your shoppers!!

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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