22 September, 2023

Can’t Load Default Task List Error in phing-xampp-eclipse

I recently installed eclipse to use build.xml to build my PHP project. When I tried to build the project, I got an error message stating, “Build Failed. Can’t load default task list”

I searched in Google and found that I need to add include path for pear data folder in php.ini. Even after following through that and making the specified changes, the problem was persistent.

Then I started exploring the cause of error in phing folder php files. Then I found that some of the files were missing in phing folder inside PEAR directory (I first discovered defaults.properties file was missing in phing/tasks folder and then found many files missing)

Note: I installed phing using pear install.

I downloaded the latest stable zip package of phing from http://www.phing.info/trac/wiki/Users/Download and replaced the folder named phing inside d:/xampp/php/PEAR directory with the phing folder inside classes directory from the downloaded file.

Once I completed the above step, I got another error message as “no Version.txt file found” when I tried to build the project again. To solve this, I copied “etc” folder from downloaded package and pasted it into d:/xampp/php/PEAR/phing folder. Once I did that, the problem was resolved and everything worked fine and I was able to build my project successfully. Hope this will help you if you get “Can’t Load Default Task List Error Message” in xampp/phing/eclipse.

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  1. shak Reply

    Thanks for this!
    I was facing this problem for months and tried almost everything to make 1.7.4 to work with eclipse and phing! I can’t believe that this is so common and not fixed yet

  2. Michiel Reply

    Well, it seems more Phing users are having trouble with XAMPP and it’d be nice to either get XAMPP to play nice with us or add detailed instructions on our site.


    The Phing Project

  3. Brett Reply

    Thankyou! I had reinstalled XAMPP to latest v1.8.0 and was receiving this error and the instructions above fixed this for me. I note that my PEAR data dir is C:\php\pear\data when I would have thought this should be somewhere under the c:\xampp\php\pear folder. Unfortunately I didn’t think to try changing this before upgrading phing, but it’s working now at least.

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