7 December, 2023
Contus partenership with automation Anywhere

CONTUS Partners with Automation Anywhere to Accelerate the Business Processes

Organizations are increasingly turning to CONTUS RPA services for agility, adaptativeness, and intelligent automation. RPA implementation underlies several processes across industry verticals, for reasons ranging from controlling demand and supply to automating repetitive and time-consuming processes.

In a historical leap towards freeing employee schedules for higher-value operations, CONTUS is proud to announce a partnership with Automation Anywhere, the frontrunner in the robotic process implementation market.</blockquote >

This handshake collaboration comes just as businesses big and small realize the potential of digitized operations and automated processes.

As an RPA service provider, CONTUS aims to simplify data- and time-intensive processes and help businesses set eyes on greener pastures and higher-value operations.

About Automation Anywhere

A globally-renowned RPA solutions firm, Automation Anywhere enables business transformation through intelligent automation of labour-intensive business processes. Their services and Digital Workforce platform have been leveraged by industries of varying market sizes and scope, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Insurance

Automation Anywhere’s overarching goal is to free up key talents in the company and put them to work in higher-value operations. By doing this, they leave companies with more productive workforces and better-fulfilled employees. The award-winning firm simplifies nearly any business process to cut costs while simultaneously increasing insight and innovation.

What to Expect from the CONTUS–Automation Anywhere Partnership

Today, a large chunk of a very talented workforce is underused, as they’re forced to labour over mundane, repetitive tasks that do nothing for their intellect and career trajectory. Digitized and automated processes are even more relevant today, when ‘work from home’ has become the new normal. Businesses who have relied extensively on manual processes are being hard-pressed to manage remote workforces without tanking productivity levels.

Therefore, this CONTUS and Automation Anywhere partnership couldn’t be better timed. The role of CONTUS is to support and deliver on robotic process implementation through strategic planning and managed services.

What CONTUS Brings to the Table

The CONTUS RPA strategy and implementation team comprise of industry-standard engineers and architects who craft RPA solutions that transform even the most data-intensive business process.

In this partnership with Automation Anywhere, CONTUS brings to the table RPA engineers, business analysts, strategy managers, and solutions architects to create personalized and results-driven RPA processes.

CONTUS has the world’s leading businesses in its client roster and, through this partnership with Automation Anywhere, aims to make the potential of RPA more achievable regardless of industry or business goal.


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