28 September, 2023

CONTUS Recognized as One of the ‘Best DevOps Consulting Companies’ by BDCC Global

Having been the front-runner in the domain of DevOps consulting services, CONTUS is proud to have been ranked as one of the ‘Best DevOps Consulting Companies’ by BDCC Global.

BDCC Global is a leading research and B2B ratings firm based out of California that verifies DevOps service providers and ranks them based on a variety of parameters such as quality of services, client satisfaction, project-size, market presence, industries served, and responsiveness. BDCC empowers businesses and individuals to pick the best-suited DevOps companies for them.

“We got yet another accreditation, this time with BDDC Global. At CONTUS, we always strive to provide the best DevOps services to our clients and aim to help them achieve efficient and productive DevOps processes” – Dinesh Soundarajan, Director of Digital Engineering.

Established in 2008, CONTUS is a digital transformation company with a mission to transfigure every technology solution as the most sought blend of innovations to enrich businesses through Digital Engineering services.

CONTUS is a leading DevOps consulting company that holds expertise in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure Management, Configuration Management, and Microservices. By incorporating DevOps, CONTUS delivers applications with a faster time-to-market. Moreover, the team at CONTUS helps clients in transforming their business and bridging the gap between development and operational services.


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