9 June, 2023

iOS App Development – Perfect Money-making Stage to Avail with

It has been clearly evidenced that Apple App store has become the home for over 700,000 iOS apps till date. Whichever is the perspective you are working on: a developer working on your own project or working for a client, a full-time employee working on a reputed concern, or a normal person wishing to start a career in a money-making environment, there are certain elements which the iOS app developers needs to focus on in order to make a profession that is stronger and profitable.

Prior to Begin

So, the homework thing! Your app is certainly going to hit the market, if you have really done your homework enough. Prior to writing your app, prepare a clear business plan enfolding your customers, costs and competition. Ensure that the strategy and business models are fully covered around your customers. Also, try matching your customers with the categories of apps which make more money. Think of the area in which your app will stand, while social media and communication apps turn out large revenue.


Ads are considerable on any field and with iOS web app development also the same thing implies. Ads are quite significant for monetizing a mobile app, and any iOS app developer will usually go behind Apple iAd network to implement Ads. A plenty of iOS app development tutorials are out there on the web to help you incorporate iAd ads into your app. However, before you do that compare with one and another ad networks and determine which is best. Listed down are some of the top iOS ad networks:

• Inneractive
• Mobclix
• Jumptap
• Greystripe
• InMobi
• LeadBolt
• AdMob
• MobFox
• iAd
• Madvertise

As I am not into reviewing work, I am leaving the thing up to you. Do your research and opt the ad network which interests you in one or many ways. I’ll just provide you some significant factors you need to look over before making your decision.

Read here we don’t want you to wait to know Which Ad Network performs better either of iAd or revMob

CTR (Click through Rate) – Percentage of times a user clicks on the ad.

Fill Rate – The number of times (in terms of percentage), a user opens your app and sees an ad.
eCPM (Effective Cost per Mille) – The amount of money paid per 1000 impressions (eCPM).
Customer service – how the network responds to requests and questions.

In addition, you may also need to consider upon ad formats, mediation and how effectively the businesses in your locality is serviced.

Once you’ve shortlisted your list, it is done. It is not needs you sit again for hours and find the best one among them. Just go with one on the top 3 or 5 in your list. Focus more on fill rate and CTR, as these factors only fully depend on how well the ads are targeting your customers.

In-app purchases

We see most of the apps offered in App Store are free just because people don’t hesitate about trying something free of cost. These free apps if satisfied by user are downloaded and if not, simply thrown away. Whether it is for free or premium, if your app has really got some fabulous features, it is sure going to gain some loyal customers. Once the customers are very much satisfied with an app, sure they will be willing to pay extra for new upgrades and features. Hence, try implementing in-app purchases on your app.

With such kind of purchases, things are governed within your app and customers are able to pay and update your app directly from your app. Hence, it is quite easy for you to push in new features and updates straight this way instead of starting it new.

Application Programming Interface (API)

API is all about monetizing your services at backend rather than your app. If your mobile app is all about displaying unique information and packages, why don’t you think about selling access to that information as a web service API? There are several Apple App creator tools and services, which help you to the core of creating a REST based full web service API which will scale. While dealing with valuable information, think about quality and not quantity. Also, consider on the best revenue model for this API, by relying on the best iOS app development software.

Mobile App & Web App

Just like Facebook app extending its immense web existence over mobile internet, do something that is relevant to extend your app presence on the mobile internet. Make use of web apps to pull in customers to your mobile app.


Above mentioned are just a few ideas and suggestions which absolutely point you in the right path and help you to initiate your own research into creating app for Apple. Apart all, it is the hard work factor that is going to guarantee your success in all aspects.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.


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