27 March, 2023

Magento Admin not working in localhost

Many of us would have face the problem of login issue in magento localhost. Let me tell you how to avoid this.

Problem: After installing magento in localhost if you try to enter admin panel after logging in you will get the same login page again without  any reasons(messages).

Solution: When logging into magento admin panel it tries to validate the url whether it is a valid domain or not and if it is not a valid domain, it will erase cookies and come back to admin login page again. Obviously our url will be http://localhost/magento and it is not a valid domain. To overcome this we need to change certain code in a file called varien.php which is located in magento core folder.

Now Let’s see how to make it work by modifying the varien.php

Step 1: Copy varien.php file from app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Session\Abstract folder

Step2: Paste into app\code\local\Mage\Core\Model\Session\Abstract folder. Before you paste the file you need to create the folders as specified in this path such as \Mage\Core\Model\Session\Abstract.

Step3: Open varien.php in your favorite editor.

Step4: Find line no 96 and the code will be like

if (isset($cookieParams['domain'])) {

$cookieParams['domain'] = $cookie->getDomain();



and replace with
if ((isset($cookieParams['domain'])) && !in_array("", self::getValidatorData())) {
$cookieParams['domain'] = $cookie->getDomain();

Step5: That’s it. Now you will be able to login Magento admin panel.

Note: I am using xampp and my examples are based on that. I am using magento ver 1.4.1.


Amal Raj is a techie who likes to discuss in his blogs about the latest software development processes, techniques and strategies that would revolutionize the future of web and mobile app development.


  1. Kostas Reply

    Hi everybody.
    All i know is that i’m using wamp and cause i am a fish developer thats the only thing that worked. I was looking for solution hours know!!!
    Thanks a lot “amal” !!!

  2. pramod Reply

    Hello Friends,
    Its not working for me also.But i found the problem and sorted out.
    Please follow the step:-
    1) go to root/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Session/Abstract/
    2) Open the file Varien.php
    3) go to line no. 100
    4) you will get call_user_func_array(‘session_set_cookie_params’, $cookieParams);
    5) Just delete or comment this line.
    6) Now you can login into admin.

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