9 December, 2023

How are Messaging Apps Overtaking Social Network Apps?

A WhatsApp ping or a Facebook notification; which one will you pick first thing in the morning? Of course, your WhatsApp chat right. No surprises there.

Mark Zuckerberg himself has quoted that “Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.”

Online socializing is giving way for one-to-one instant messaging. There’s a gold mine to be explored in instant messaging for individuals, private groups and business owners. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for a whopping $19 Billion is a testament to this fact.

In fact, a Business Insider study confirms that messaging apps have overtaken social networking apps by notches. Teenagers, officer goers, and even private circles rely primarily on secure messaging apps than on social networking.

The Evolving Growth of Messaging Apps

Far from their intended purpose of the invention, instant messaging apps are now employed for a wide array of purposes. Residing on almost every smartphone device, these apps are rewriting the way communication was exchanged and business was transacted.

Here are a few practical examples how messaging apps are toppling down social networking sites in terms of utility.

As a Tool for Seamless Marketing

Instant messaging apps have massive potential to be used as marketing mediums that can reach directly into customer chat boxes. In fact, a handful of global brands have already begun experimenting seriously with its possibilities.

Adidas is pushing the envelope in creating a truly personal brand through social listening. The brand is harnessing the reach of WhatsApp to build hyper-local communities across major cosmopolitan cities in the world. (Source: Dark Social)

Adidas is assigning dedicated instant messaging squads who will chat, share and engage in conversations with members to drive brand awareness. ‘Individual conversions’ is the metric that Adidas focuses to improve through this strategy.

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As a Virtual Room for Video Calling

Instant messaging apps are widely embraced by enterprises as collaboration tools. The level of security, the ease of setting up, audit trail and a vast range of other functionalities is what sets instant messaging apps apart from social networking apps.

Online video meetings supported by HD audio and video clarity along with the document, screen or application sharing is a great way forward for enterprises.

Instant messaging apps can huddle together a dozen or more people with smart video call integration. Being mobile, users can participate anytime from everywhere and work as a team without letting time or physical presence pose obstacles.

As a Anytime, Everywhere Accessible Customer Service Portal

Customer service becomes more personal and personalized with an instant messaging. Or at least, that is how Sephora is using its chatbot for.

The beauty and cosmetic retail chain have integrated a real-time instant communication system where an AI-based chatbot responds to customer queries on beauty products, tips, and remedies.

Going forward, small customer service providers can also use an instant messaging app to arrange appointments, upsell or attend to customer queries over an IM chat.

As a Global Classroom

Students can tap their way into higher learning armed with an instant messaging app. In fact, students at the Kent State University, Kent rely on instant messaging apps to connect, communicate and submit assignments to their teachers.

Dedicated instant messaging apps custom-built for use by students can help accelerate the learning of students and improve the student-teacher relationship.

“I think instant messaging is really an untapped resource for a lot of teachers,” says William Kist, Assistant Professor, Kent State University.

Contus Fly – Build your Own Instant Messaging App

Instant messaging apps are racing ahead of social networking apps in terms of usage as well as popularity. Their scope of usage is also widening immeasurably bringing new possibilities to marketers, educators, business owners and enterprises.

At Contus, we spotted the need for a ready-made solution to build a chat app that can be crafted flexible to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Thus, we designed and created Contus Fly – a one of a kind, instant messaging chat app building solution that is bolted to every imaginable facility for instant communication. some of the vital features of this highly flexible solution are

  • Hyper-time chat
  • Online presence indicators
  • Video calling
  • Voice calling
  • File sharing
  • Group chats
  • Geo location sharing

There is much more about Contus Fly we would love to share with you.


Masilamani Murugan leads the Digital Marketing team at CONTUS. He is interested in strategic planning for digital marketing initiatives. He loves to be fit and is a workout freak.


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