9 December, 2023

Video Sharing App for iPhone and Android Now at Just $199

Cool announcement!! Tube Plus – The most popular iPhone/Android app for Video Sharing Scripts has been upgraded with more astonishing features and now comes with a new price – $199 for both iPhone and Android app. Deliver an iPhone and an Android app of your video sharing site to all Smartphone users. This is the most reliable and easy solution to bring your video portal to the hands of the users.

Tube Plus, the ready made custom based iPhone app developed by Contus allows you to give a unique app of your video sharing site by uploading your website logo. The Tube Plus works great for video sharing site using scripts such as Clip Bucket, Clip Share, Contus HD Videoshare, PHPmelody, PHPmotion etc.The app is also available in android platform.

A quick look at the features of Tube Plus  
–       Offer mobile app for your video site without any going through the hardships of building the mobile apps.

–       Allow the smartphone audience to keep connected with your site on-the-go

–       Supports iAd and AdMob ads

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–       Allow users to upload videos to your video sharing site through their iPhone/Android

–       Users not just enjoy the videos of your video portal in their handset but are entitled to rate a video,

–       Provides a elite and unique user experience.

–       No compatibility issues since the apps are developed delicately for the device

–       Optimized for fast loading.
comment on the video, share the video via Facebook and email, create playlist after signing in your website etc.

Adoption and Usage of the apps If any user should experience the app, the user should first download and install the app on their iPhone/Android. Thus the chance of browsing your video site through their smartphones is high since the user actively downloads and installs the app for lifelong use.
The intuitive ready to use application that helps you provide a native iPhone/Android app of your video sharing site is now ready for purchase for this new price. Buy Now

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.


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    There’s definitely a great deal to find out аbout thіs topic.I love all οf the pointѕ you maԀe. I found the ad network that this app supports also would like to know more about the same, found an enriched sufficient information here. Thanks dude.

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