A Power-packed Solution To Build Your Enterprise Chat Platform

Develop a feature-rich messaging solution with core infrastructure & customizable chat APIs & SDKs


Customize each feature, functionality, & communication mediums to build a chat application that best fits your business collaboration needs.


Right from picking up the right theme, designing the conversation screen, font, and color scheme of your application, customize it based on your industry use cases.

UI/UX Designs

Right from picking up the right theme, designing the conversation screen, font, and color scheme of your application, customize it based on your industry use cases.

One-time License Cost

Own the entire chat application with a one-time payment for customization, features upgrade, source and experience unlimited user base, minutes and many more.

Multiple Communication Mediums

With feature-rich chat APIs & SDKs, add diverse interactive mediums like video & voice calling, secure messaging, video conferencing, VoIP & SIP calling & more.

Cloud/On-premises Hosting

Build a cloud-based or Self-hosted chat application on Android, iOS & web platforms with the messaging infrastructure, APIs, source code at your own control.

250+ Technical Team

We’ve got a bunch of product dev teams to take care of your messaging platform development right from designing, development, deployment and post-launch support.

Quick Launch

With customizable chat APIs and SDKs, integrate our chat application on your existing applications or build a brand new chat app with ready-to-market strategy.

Powerful Messaging Builds Better Collaboration

Build a Real-time Collaborating Hub for Forwarding Messages Instantly

Real-time Messaging

Enriching Peer-to-Peer Chat at its Apex

Turn every conversation into an instant and real-time communication through MirrorFly chat SDK & API. Our powerful messaging SDK holds futuristic features and scales up from two users to millions without queuing up messages. Develop your complete feature-enriched chat experience with diverse messaging possibilities such as private, group and public chat rooms.

  • 1-to-1 Private & Group Chat

    Send & receive multiple images, videos & structured text messages to one or many users in real-time.

  • Push Notifications

    Deliver instant updates to a bulk of users or a specific user through real-time notifications across devices.

  • Message Broadcast

    Drive immense level of user engagement by delivering messages to a vast user-base on discussions & updates within the application.

  • Cross-platform Messaging

    Empower the messaging experience on Android, iOS, Web applications.

  • Screen Sharing

    Share screen to enable the other person to view the live video, projects or plans going on your desktop or mobile.

  • File Transfer

    Share multiple file formats seamlessly to any number of users or groups within the chat application for maintaining workflow.

Real time messaging api & sdk

Possibilities That Meets Voice & Video Communication

Experience WebRTC Enabled Video & Voice Calling Feature for Billions of Users Across Platforms.

  • Voice Communication

  • Video Communication

Personalized Voice Conversation on the Go

Make, receive & route multiple voice calls from voice chat app to network carriers persistently. Our voice call APIs create new lines of communication through VoIP & SIP calling integration for clear voice communication. Manage calls to browsers, mobile apps and other smartphones with help of Push-to-talk solution to experience the voice call quality you demand by integrating our voice calling API & SDK on Android, iOS & web applications.

  • One-to-one Call
  • Conference Calling
  • CallKit
  • Cross-platform Calling
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Live Interactive Broadcast

Deliver Ultra-low latency streaming experience with Real-time Video & Voice Interactions to concurrent users within Websites & Apps

Fortified Chat Experience

Benefit From Our High-end Security Layers for Ensuring the Confidentiality and Privacy of the Messages Transferred.

  • End to End Encryption

    Create fortified walls to maintain the conversation away from prying eyes. Secure the information exchange between the apps and servers through E2EE.

  • AES Encryption

    Configure the entire app with AES-256 standard to prevent chat database theft from hackers by generating specific keys for every user.

  • Robust Authorization

    Multiple authentication levels prevent the accessibility of unauthorized users to the chat app’ data and remain as a firewall to protect the entire information.

  • SSL Encryption

    With 256-bit SSL encryption, ensures the entire data transmitted between the servers & chat app is completely closed & remains secure.

Scalability & Performance

Embedded with High-scalable Infrastructure to Sharpen the Performance of the Chat Application Globally

On Cloud
& On-premise

Flexible deployment of chat application on cloud or on-premise for accessing the data with smart controls.


Configures compression of media files sharing via encoder without affecting the quality & ensures less bandwidth use.


Ensures to optimize the high volume of data transmission with minimal delay (latency) between the servers and network.


Whatever the network & frequency bands, MirrorFly supports any bandwidth to connect servers to make real-time conversations.

Magnifying Seamless Integration

Go beyond the Integration Complex on Any Platform to Sustain on Partner’s Site than Ever Before.

  • Chat API & SDK

    Ignite the real messaging experience wherever your demand. MirrorFly messaging API enables to integrate chat to send & receive conversations instantly, engages the users by implementing in-app messaging.

  • Video / Audio API & SDK

    Earn the highest-quality Video / Audio API calling experience from apps to any browser. Integrate Video / Audio (API & SDK) to provide a real-time faster workflow, low latency, easy embedding of WebRTC signalling.

In app chat api & sdk for communication process

Facilitate Real-time Communication On Industries You Demand

Evolve More Productivity & Conversations Into Your Businesses with Diverse Chat Opportunities

  • Marketplace
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Live
  • E-Learning
  • Telecommunication
  • Media &


Boost Up Your Sales To a Whole Level!

Delivering a real-time direct messaging platform for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other instantly. Shorten the customer support time by 87% at a whole with MirrorFly in-app messaging. Integrate chat api to heighten your marketplace’ trust value by setting up multiple communication possibilities (Message, Audio & Video) between buyers & sellers.

In app messaging solution for ecommerce website


Better The Communication Better is the Patient Care

Achieve connected healthcare ecosystems with the patients anytime, anywhere. Streamline the communication between patients and healthcare experts within your healthcare software or app with the integration of healthcare chat APIs. Connect doctors and patients under one roof to diagnose and share medical reports, prescriptions in real-time.

  • Doctor-patient Chat
  • Share Medical Reports
  • Internal Communication
  • Telemedicine
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In app chat solution for healthcare applications


Powerful in-game chat for Next-Gen Games

Enhance the gaming experience through the integration of in-app chat api in the gaming apps to sustain user retention and engagement. Create a multiple number of chat possibilities such as text, voice & video chat to your social-gamers within your gaming platform to maximize collaboration.

In app chat software for gaming industry

Live Broadcasting

Live Streaming - Entertainment at its Best

Create a virtual chatting experience for your streaming platform’ audience to magnify fan’s engagement. Enable rich and interactive communication channels within the broadcasting & live streaming apps with in-app chat to build a bridge between the audience and content creators with in-app chat integration.

Live broadcasting chat api & sdk


Enhancing Online Education Service Into More Interactive

Take your e-learning platform to next-level of user interaction by creating a 1-n-1 chat possibility between the students and professors. With Contus Fly’s in-app chat feature, deliver a deeper availability of education to maximum students with high-end conference calls & collaborative features.

  • Online Tutoring
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Webinars
  • Video Conferences
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Chat solution for online elearning industry

Customer Service

Scale-Up Your Telecommunication System With SIP Calling

Deliver immediate assistance to customers without in-person interactions. With Contus Fly’s in-app chat integration, bring real-time communication one-to-one, multi-party video, voice chat capabilities to provide instant solutions and increase brand loyalty. Drive personal connection with customers like never before.

Instant messaging for telecom industry

Media & Entertainment

Connect, Engage, Entertain With Interactive Chat Apps

Power the authentic connection between the brands and audiences using real-time voice, video and text communication to drive engagements. Crave online interaction (chat) to a large audience base on any of the media platform with in-app chat integration enriched with advanced features.

Live interactive chat for Video Streaming apps

Queries You Might Want To Ask

  • How does voice & video call API feature will help my business?

    MirrorFly is inbuilt with WebRTC, SIP & VOIP feature within a single payment to cut off the dependency of third-party WebRTC service (Pay-per-use pricing) and also provides peer-to-peer persistent video/voice chat functionality.

  • Why MirrorFly uses XMPP protocol rather than Firebase, MQTT?

    Due to its flexible customization to any extent with no limitation for cloud storage and appropriate protocol for real-time applications and available open source database, thus MirrorFly uses XMPP protocol.

  • How long it takes to integrate chat API/ messaging SDK into my website or app?

    A typical integration of Chat API / Messaging SDK into your web application or mobile application will take not more than 10 working days or less.

  • Does it support cross-platform communication?

    MirrorFly is wholly a cross-platform solution that functionates impeccably on multiple cross platforms such as Android, iOS, and Web applications.

  • Does MirrorFly provide further assistance to upgrade the features?

    Yes of course, MirrorFly chat app solution is completely feasible to support furthermore upgrade of features for future’s messaging experience through providing libraries.

  • Do you have monetization ideas using this technology?

    Yes, We support monetization ideas to build your lucrative chat application equipped with multiple monetization options such as Mobile Advertising, Subscriptions, Content Merchandising and In-app payment.

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