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Technologies We Integrate

Augmented Reality is an interesting technology that excites everyone when they happen to see it. Using AR along with location based technologies like geo-fencing and global positioning system we etched a technological hybrid app Lansdowne pub for the purpose of delivering deals and attractive customers to the pub.

The key requirement was to deliver the pub deals and offers to the app users when they happen to scan a pub-related logo, signs, posters or special characters. We housed augmented reality into this concept and created an engaging animation that unveils the deals hidden behind the pub signs.

Bluetooth, one of the most familiar and the very first of the mobile connectivity technology, has a wide range of application apart from multimedia file transfer. At Contus we made use of this technology for other purposes and came up with two utile apps for the automobile and health industry.

Using Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) we developed a wearable technology app, V.ALRT which assists humans by calling for help during worst case scenarios. Using Serial Port Profile, we developed Mahindra Bluesense, on Android & Windows Phone 8, which establishes a communication mechanism between Mahindra new generation Scorpio infotainment system and the vehicle owner mobile phone.

Geo-positioning system, the ultimate technology that lets us tour any roadway around the world with ease has been put to use in a number of location based mobile applications.

As a leading mobile apps company holding expertise in GPS, we built an application named LSpoof that helps developers in testing location-based apps by travelling virtually to anyplace around the world in seconds.

Called the LSpoof, this application allows users to set any number of mock virtual locations with different time periods and thus it found great use among developers for testing location based applications, pop-ups and notifications.

Geo-fencing is a virtual barrier creating program that lets geographical areas to be fenced as separate territories. Geo-fencing makes use of global positioning system or radio frequency identification to define boundaries. In general this technology is used for triggering a mail, instruction or a notification to a device when it enters the fenced location.

At Contus, we have delivered a couple of location-based mobile applications named Life Saver, to save human lives. Other was for a pub-restaurant to deliver notifications on deals and discounts while the other was for a lifestyle ecommerce application for the purpose of location targeting.

Point of Sale is a revolutionary billing process that saves loads of precious time of shoppers and store owners. POS software lets shop owners to scan and bill in no time as there is no need for recalling the SKU. Details on every article purchased are readily available and so billing is done in a much better pace compared to the conventional method.

Contus, as a mobile applications development company with expertise in developing ecommerce related applications, created a mobile device (Android tablet) dependent POS system for a Canadian store to speed up their billing system.

iBeacon, the evolving technology that harnesses the advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to provide location based mobile application services to iOS powered devices, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch. A beacon is a Bluetooth transmitter which can be placed anywhere remotely.

Applications installed on an iOS device will look out for this signal and will receive or send information. iBeacon however is in its developmental stages. The real world application and possibilities are still being tested. Indoor shopping and deal alerts are expected to be the two areas in which the iBeacon concept could workout well.

Near-field-communication is a wireless technology that establishes contact between two devices and enables data transfer by sensing electromagnetic radio fields. This contact less communication is short in range and hence the devices will have to be kept really close for the data transfer or device-to-device communication to happen.

Many of the technologists are trying to relieve Bluetooth off the data transferring duties in certain possible areas, especially mobile phones using NFC. With more and more research underway to harness this technology, NFCs applications are sure to expand compared to what they are now.

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