Why CONTUS Tech for Full Stack Development?

CONTUS Tech is the top choice for businesses looking to create visually stunning, functionally refined full-stack products that don’t cost a fortune.

No Hidden Costs

Transparent pricing, no surprises. Know exactly what you're paying for your full-stack projects.

Flexible Hiring Model

Adapt your team to your needs. Choose from flexible hiring models for better collaboration.

Agile Methodology

Navigate changes effortlessly. Our Agile approach ensures adaptability, efficiency, and success.

On-time Delivery

We know your deadlines matter. Count on us for punctual, on-target delivery of your full-stack solutions.

Superior Customer Retention

Build lasting relationships with customers. Elevate satisfaction with a reliable full stack development company.

Certified Developers

Hire our skilled, pro-level, certified, time zone-matched full-stack developers for maximum results.

Get End-to-End Full Stack Development Services in One Place

With CONTUS, you will never have to look elsewhere for anything related to full-stack — we have got everything covered.

Full-Stack Web

Create captivating online experiences tailored to your brand. Give what your user wants and drive engagement with dynamic full-stack web development.

Full-Stack Software Development

Drive your business forward with bespoke full-stack software solutions. Get seamless integration and achieve operational efficiency with our expertise.

Full-Stack App

Bring your app from vision to life. Our full-stack approach ensures a smooth journey from ideation to deployment, delighting users along the way.

LAMP/MERN/MEAN Stack Development
LAMP/MERN/MEAN Stack Development

Augment the power of diverse tech stacks tailored to your needs. Be it LAMP, MERN, or MEAN, we deliver solutions aligned with your business objectives.

Full-Stack Development Consultation

Craft a winning product strategy for success. Get in-depth consultations that align full-stack projects with your business goals for meaningful outcomes.

Upgrade and
Migrate to Cloud

Future-proof your systems with on-time upgrades. Get your application, data, and settings seamlessly migrated for peak performance and scalability.

See How Businesses Have Turned Things Around With Full Stack

We have helped hundreds of businesses set clear, measurable objectives and exceed their KPIs with our full stack web development solutions.


India’s most downloaded (5M+ downloads) Security, ERP & accounting app for housing societies


Replaced token-based validation systems with in-app chat, video and voice-based verification processes across Android, iOS, and web.

full-stack web development
Business Impact
3.5M+ Homes Connected 150+Real-time Features 2M+Check-in requests Handled

Daimler Trucks is the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in 2022.


8+ Enterprise-Grade Fleet Management Solutions to track & monitor heavy-duty trucks.

Business Impact
100K+ Vehicles - 24/7 Monitoring 5XIncrease in Connectivity 12xReduction in Maintenance Cos

An app to make 50 million people fit and create 100,000+ meaningful career opportunities in the fitness industry


Provided feature-rich video & voice SDKs for one-to-one, group chat features with seamless media sharing.

Business Impact
2M+ App installations 10XMore Engagement 50K+Daily concurrent users

Versa Networks is a global leader in SASE & SD-WAN — backed by top investors like Sequoia Capital and Verizon ventures.


Designed an SD-WAN cloud solution to remotely control, monitor analytics & diagnose from anywhere in the world.

Business Impact
05 Minutes installation time 100+Service providers acquired 24/7Real-time monitoring
Hire Full Stack Developers
To Scale Your Business
  • 60% Cost Saving
  • Pre-Vetted Experts
  • Remote Contract Hire
Hire Developers

Flexible Engagement Models Designed For Your Business Success

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, just like you — that’s why we have tailored engagement models to align perfectly with your strategy.

Dedicated Development Team

Hire an exclusive, certified team aligned with your goals. Enjoy direct control, transparency, and optimal resource utilization. Get innovating teams that deliver projects on time.

Hire full stack developer
Staff Augmentation

Scale your existing teams easily with skilled professionals. Augment your team, boost efficiency, and meet dynamic project needs. Flexible, cost-effective, and on-demand talent.

full stack services
Support & Maintenance

Ensure post-launch success. Proactive monitoring, swift issue resolution, and continuous improvements. Our dedicated support ensures a robust, reliable, and evolving application ecosystem.

Full stack development services

Hire Full-Stack Developers Specialized Across Frameworks

Get scalable, versatile digital products built by top developers who can work across frameworks.

Talk To Our Experts

Our Hiring Process— Simple, Seamless, and Streamlined.

We have fast-tracked the full-stack developer hiring process to get you up and running in just 2 days.

Book a Call

Schedule a call with our team to discuss needs, timelines, and goals.

Get Consultation

In-depth discussion with experts. Analyze requirements and feasibility.

Get an Estimate

Get a detailed project estimate and choose an engagement.

Project Kickoff

Initiate the project with a meet-and-greet session, followed by onboarding.

Our Development Expertise Spans Across Industries

Create functional, feature-rich, full-stack products across verticals and industries.

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Create state-of-the-art streaming platforms for content delivery, engagement, and personalized entertainment solutions with full-stack web development services.

IoT & Connected Vehicles

Retail & E-commerce



full stack company

What millions say about Contus Tech

user icon
Preston Purnell
UI/UX Designer at Navitus Health Solutions

Exceptional team that exceeded our expectations

Getting in touch with their full-stack team was a truly amazing experience. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and consistently timely deliveries surpassed all our expectations. Highly recommended for any project which needs a full stack development team.

5/5 Stars user icon
user icon
Mike Swinford
Co-Founder / President at Bandwear.com

Incredible team, beyond impressed

Hiring full stack engineers from CONTUS TECH was an absolute revelation. Their genuine passion for work and commitment to excellence went above and beyond, leaving us thoroughly impressed.

5/5 Stars user icon
user icon
Shankar Uprety
Chief Executive Officer at Hamro Patro

Unmatched commitment towards their work

Engaging with their full-stack team felt like finding a hidden gem. Their personalized approach, and genuine care for our project's success were truly remarkable. They didn't just meet our expectations; they exceeded them in every way possible.

5/5 Stars user icon
user icon
Rory A Pollard
VP of Internal Audit - Orion Engineered Carbons

A team that not only delivers results but also touches hearts.

Working with their full-stack development team was a journey filled with empathy. Their ability to connect with our vision on a personal level and translate it into reality was nothing short of remarkable.

5/5 Stars user icon
user icon
Kumar Mehta
VP of Engineering at Juniper Networks

Sincere Partnership throughout the project.

Working with them felt like having a trusted ally by our side every step of the way. Their sincere partnership, dedication, and genuine investment in our success left a lasting impact.

5/5 Stars user icon
user icon
Pirmin Unger
Director KM and AI - think-cell Software

Critical support during the crisis

Facing project setbacks, the full stack development team at CONTUS Tech provided invaluable expertise and round-the-clock support, turning disaster into triumph. Highly recommended!!!

5/5 Stars user icon

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