Enterprise or Startups, DigitalTeams Makes It Possible!

Dedicated or On-demand, High-performing Talent Pool for Every Single Need

Dedicated Remote Developers

Hire remote software developers, engineers, coders & cloud architects as individuals that best fit in your team and scale as needed based on the project requirement.

Dedicated Remote Development Team

Set up your own remote development team for the entire process right from engineers, solution architects, Quality analyst and a dedicated project manager to assess and get the project done.

Outsource your project

Tell us your business idea, our specialized team of technical experts takes care of the heavy-liftings right from design, development & deployment and deliver your project on time.

A Decade of Awesomeness In the Digital Transformation

Real time Facts more than Reasons to choose CONTUS DigitalTeams for your remote hiring and development solutions.

Complete Ownership

We take complete ownership of the project till the delivery.

Pre-vetted Developers

We have 300+ pre-vetted remote developers & product engineers.

4x More Result

We’ve got dedicated in-house remote development teams with sole control of the entire projects.

End-to-end Support

From design to development and deployment, our remote teams take care of the entire process.

Expertise in 8+ Verticals

From Healthcare to Automobiles to Entertainment, We make it possible with IoT, RPA, DevOps, Microservices, etc.

500+ Projects 40+ Countries

You’re not alone here! The world’s leading tech brands build their enterprise products and projects with us.

Proficient Remote Teams For Every Stages of Your Project

Transform your developmental operations more agile and continuous with our remote team
  • UI/UX
  • Full-Stack
  • DevOps
  • QA
  • Scrum
  • Business
  • Cloud

UI/UX Designers


UI/UX Designers & Developers

Hire our dedicated remote UI/UX designers and developers who are unicorns with deep and insightful knowledge on every stage of development from designing to deployment. They stay at the core to delight user experience.

  • IT architecture Dev
  • Wireframing for Mobile & Web
  • Third-party API Integrations
  • Interactive & Visual Designs

Full-Stack Engineers


Full-Stack Engineers

The Full-stack team precisely works on typical tech stack combinations to engineer great products by deploying effective codes for any critical MVP or API applications. A bunch of remote full-stack development teams for all technological development from prototyping, testing & successful product launch.

  • Latest Tech-proven experts
  • Full stack for Web & Mobility Solutions
  • Technology Migrations
  • Agile & Quick process

DevOps Engineers


DevOps Engineers

The DevOps team at CONTUS ensures to deliver ready-to-market software delivery with infrastructure automation to scale your IT operations. Our remote DevOps software engineers have core attributes with the ability to code, script, data management and deliver market-ready business outcomes.

  • Maintain CI/CD Pipelines
  • Automation Implementation
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • End-to-end Monitoring

QA Engineers


QA Engineers

The techie remote QA’s follow testing early and testing frequently to measure the performance and compatibility through multiple modules. Hire our remote QA team to ensure your enterprise solution, design, deployment, and platform adhere to your business operation standard.

  • Web/SaaS/Mobile Testing
  • Automated Testing of APIs
  • Systematic Test cases
  • Defect Triage Process

Scrum Masters


Scrum Masters

The scrum masters guide every move of your team with cross-functionality practice and create high-value solutions that meet your product development needs. Hire our remote scrum project leader to track the operations between the product owner and dev team to ensure progress consistency, cross-team collaboration & successful sprints of projects.

  • Fine-tune Team dynamics
  • Improve Progress visibility
  • Time-to-market process
  • Ownership & collaboration

Business Analysts


Business Analysts

The Business Analysts work closely within an organization to bring the CONTUS brand alive with stakeholders, employees and customers. Stabilize project processes, product development, financial reporting, establish project initiative, and much more for your projects.

  • RFP Development & Solutioning
  • Functional Prototyping
  • Scope Review & Matrix Monitoring
  • Confidentiality & NDA

Cloud Architects


Cloud Architects

CONTUS’ Cloud architect incorporates cloud adoption plans, cloud application design & manage effectively. Our remote team of cloud architects help in assisting your project’s cloud hosting and deployment environments like public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid clouds.

  • Plan, design & assist cloud environments
  • Build-&-release to development
  • AWS Automation
  • Project Management Lifecycle

DevOps Grounded Remote Teams For Mobility Solutions

Right from infrastructure automation to testing and monitoring the cluster operations, our dedicated remote engineers have enterprise experience in building native & cross-platform applications for big brands.

Native Platform

Develop pure native applications with the fullest potential of native SDKs, Third-party integrations, code libraries, intuitive UI/UI designs, platform-specific (Android, iOS, React & more) with help of our dedicated remote team.

Cross Platform

Depending on your application development demand, hire our dedicated remote development team to build cross-platform applications with an approach of native and hybrid development. With the use of React Native, Xamarian, Qt & Flutter establish native cross-platform apps.

Agile-Driven Futuristic Tech Stacks

Hire Remote Developers & Teams that fits your Tech Needs
React Native
  • React Native
  • appium