White Papers

Contus with its expert-led team after intensive research and data collection produces authoritative reports catering information or proposals on different issues related to ecommerce, mobility, groupon sites and offers solutions to business betterment.

  • An Exclusive Framework of Group Buying Websites

    In this paper, we have illustrated the basics of group buying to the procurement literature encrypted in B2B focused group-buying model. We examined the market mechanisms and value proposition which are entirely pursue a user centric approach.

  • Guidelines to Set-up a Mobile-Based Solution for Ecommerce Shopping Carts

    In this paper, we have discussed about the characteristics and guidelines to set up a mobile based solution (mobile website) for eCommerce business needs. M-Commerce is really an interesting and very recent addition to the way that modern business enterprises conduct business.

  • The Scenario Behind Mobile Commerce Solution

    In this paper, we have studied about the M-commerce strategy, which should be an integrated part of a quite larger strategy. M-commerce approach should effectively deliver a consistent experience to customers regardless of the reason they access your products and services (be it to just check your site or make a purchase).

  • Understanding to Group Buying Software Creation

    In this paper, we have investigated on the need and methodologies to create a group buying software in a successful manner. In addition, we also cultured about the platform on which the software needs to be created.

  • Tips & Tricks for a Successful Ecommerce Integration

    This paper comprises some valuable info on eCommerce integrations and how businesses are cherishing by switching over to an ecommerce based system.

  • The Mobile Commerce Impact – From Characteristics to Implementation

    This paper clearly illustrates the M-commerce's impact on today's world – right from characteristics to implementation. M-commerce however is not a technology, but it is about discovering innovative ways to define value for customers as well as to conduct business.