About Bookinglettings

Bookinglettings is backed by the idea of helping holidaymakers in finding the best places to stay and enjoy holiday as a locals at foreign soils. Bookinglettings aims at connecting people to unique travel experiences at any price point be it an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month.

Bookinglettings' Requirements

Bookinglettings wanted to build an easy-to-use booking and renting ecommerce website that connects property owners and managers with holidaymakers to find best places to stay in world's best travel destinations like Corsica, Bali, Cape Town, Athens, Croatia etc.,

From apartments to villas Bookinglettings wanted its users to find shelters to help travellers spend their dream holidays together with families and friends around the world.

The Challenge

Contus had to create a robust system that accommodates thousands of property owners and travelers to connect, interact and find best guests and places to stay.

Being a travel booking website, the visual appeal of the website had to be on a high with convenience all along from home page to the payment transactions.

Additionally, the website wanted a built-in system through which it can market itself as a best place for vacation rentals among millions of globe trekkers.

Contus' Solutions

Keeping in mind the requirements of bookinglettings.com, Contus deployed its PHP experts who decided to go for a versatile software that meets the demands. Contus zeroed in on 'Airhotels' a multi-tenant software built with cloud compatibility and high degree of customizability.

Using Airhotels as the base, Contus customized, cosmetically and functionally, every block of the website to house various information at specific spots as prescribed by the admin.

Affiliates and Partnership Program

As a part of providing marketing firepower, Contus developed a affiliate and partnership program. Property owners can get the API of bookinglettings.com and embed it in their other digital selling platforms like a dedicated ecommerce store to receive notifications on the bookings won through Bookinglettings.

At A Glance

Bookinglettings was a dream of an enthusiastic traveler to create an user-friendly vacation rental system to connect millions of travel enthusiasts to property owners to carve out the difficulties in finding cool and quality places to stay.

Contus, taking advantage of its own booking and renting software, developed a technically sound website that enables users to easily find the best stays at the most loved holidaying destinations in the world.


eCommerce - Hospitality

Key Results

The technical prowess of Contus powered the business model of Bookinglettings turning it into a flawless online portal that's adaptively scalable. In less time, the ecommerce venture was a cool hit among millions of travel lovers which turned it into a niche player in online travel industry.

Technologies Involved

  • OS - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache/Nginx
  • Database - Mysql 5.6
  • Language - PHP 5.6
  • eCommerce CMS - Magento 1.x
  • Clientside - HTML5, CSS3, JQuery

Advanced Search

The advanced search option helps users to book based on the travel destination, check in and check out dates and number of guests. Adding to this, the Home Page flaunts a collection of the most trending holiday destinations guiding travel enthusiasts to pick a place for their holiday.

Property Detailing

To make quick and firm buying decision, properties were provided with provisions to inform users about every single amenities, rules and nearby places. In order to improve the experience, Contus' designers used icons to depict facilities. Other details that accompany a property detail page include, list of nearby places, owner information along with response time booking frequency and much more.

Smart Search
Secure Payments
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Bookinglettings was a silent hit in the initial stages after launch and soon gained prominence in the global vacation rental booking industry. Bookinglettings.com became a popular name among travel enthusiasts for finding affordable stays in the best holidaying locations.