About Budandbreakfast

Budandbreakfast is an offbeat motive that focuses on helping cannabis lovers find instant access to safe and legal cannabis friendly accommodations worldwide. Budandbreakfast provides travellers with multiple choices and convenience to stay, while property owners get exposure of their properties to premium travelers.

Budandbreakfast provides an accessible network of accommodations that meet high standards for quality, reliability, and satisfaction for travelers who also enjoy the benefits of marijuana.

Budandbreakfast's Requirements

The ideators of Budandbreakfast wanted to create an online portal exclusively to cater to the needs of those smoke cannabis as a herb for their healing value and who love to have it for recreation. They wanted their online travel destination to help people find cannabis-friendly staying locations in the list of recreational and medicinal states in USA in which smoking cannabis is legal.

The Challenge

Contus had to customize the visual stands of the ecommerce website to turn it appropriate for cannabis lovers and provide additional provisions for providing details on cannabis smoking, home rules etc.

Each seller has to be given an exclusive dashboard to stay updated with the bookings, edit property information, profiles and enable or disable notifications.

Contus' Solutions

Contus took on the challenge of creating a super scalable booking and renting website for Budandbreakfast.com by choosing its own readymade software 'Airhotels'. This PhP-powered software was used as the base to bolt in various requirements of Budandbreakfast.

Visual Enhancements

The design team of Contus, to turn the visual appeal appropriate to cannabis to lovers adopted plant green color in various portions in which customers perform actions like CTA buttons, clickable links, logo, breadcrumbs etc.,

Cannabis-specific Property Details

At A Glance

Budandbreakfast.com, a with an unique idea of connecting cannabis lovers to cannabis-friendly accommodation spaces wanted to create an exclusive portal that could mediate the demands and service providers together.

Contus, using its PHP development team and home-built software 'Airhotels' built a technically perfect system that enabled users to find staying locations in states where cannabis smoking is legal.


Ecommerce - Hospitality

Key Results

Budandbreakfast.com, post a short span of time after launch, became a buzzing ecommerce portal for people to find marijuana friendly locations across 40+ states in the USA. The website turned eyeballs of many property owners to accommodate cannabis loving travelers.

Technologies Involved

  • OS - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache/Nginx
  • Database - Mysql 5.6
  • Language - PHP 5.6
  • eCommerce CMS - Magento 1.x
  • Clientside - HTML5, CSS3, JQuery

The types of smoking that are allowed by a property owner, venues permitted to smoke within a house, inhouse cannabis availability and other key details that inform about their smoking experience in a space were accommodated through options like 'Outside Smoking', 'Inside Smoking', 'Lounge Smoking', 'Vaporizer Only', 'Vaporizer Provided' etc.,

Advanced Search

For a quick search experience, Contus provided an advanced search bar in the Home Page through which users can perform search based on staying location, dates and number of guests. Complementing this, users were given slider-based and checkbox-based filter options on factors like 'Price', 'Distance', 'Property Type', 'Amenities' etc., Users can also sort properties based on Price and Distance.

Property Listings

Apart from peculiar property detailing provisions, property owners were given an option to pay admin to get their properties listed under 'Featured Listing' to fetch additional visibility. This helped Budandbreakfast an additional medium to monetize.

User-friendly Features

For users to get connected to the website, social login options were provided and to share property details with friends, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social icons were placed on every property detail pages.

Maps accompany every property detail page that makes easy for users to decide on their means of travel. Travellers can contact property owner by connecting through Facebook. Suggestions on similar and nearby properties widen the choice of properties to stay.

Social Login
Smart Search
Secure Payments
Property Detailing


Budandbreakfast.com was launched as an exclusive online destination that connects cannabis lovers to cannabis-friendly accommodation across 40+ states in the USA. The website was a huge hit among cannabis enthusiasts. The humongous success of Budandbreakfast.com convinced 1000s property owners to embrace the evolving scenario and enlist themrselve with the travel portal.