About Cbazaar

Cbazaar is an Indian ethnic fashion mogul holding a collection of 25000+ exclusive designs for women's men's and kids. The fashion brand provides exclusive design services for world renowned Bollywood celebrities, bridal requirements and has served as styling partner for movies. With its own collection of designer wear, accessories and hand picked garments made by the finest craftsmen in India, Cbazaar is one of the best online destination for traditional, ethnic and urban clothing.

Cbazaar's Requirements

Cbazaar.com, wanted its digital selling channel, the website, to become a much better sales generating platform and to make that happen, the brand needed a solution that could to pull in more visitors, reduce bounce rate and improve conversion ratio of the website.

As a matter of fact, though Cbazaar was a popular brand among ethnic fashion lovers and had a responsive website in place, the brand wasn't not able to generate the expected sales.

The Challenge

The user interface of the mobile responsive website was supposed to be created in such a way that it provides an app-level convenience. However, the most challenging part was bestowing effects that are native in a mobile app development environment into a mobile-website.

The design team of Contus had to come up with quality alternatives that could provide a polished experience for users while using the website through their smartphones.

Contus' Solutions

Contus suggested cbazaar.com to go for a mobile website instead of a mobile-responsive approach as a dedicated mobile website could serve better the purpose of rendering a great use experience across mobile devices instead of just responsiveness.

At A Glance

Cbazaar, an Indian fashion brand that caters to ethnic clothing needs of men, women, kids and celebrities from the film industry with a wide assortment of 25000+ garments, wanted a refreshing experience of its website exclusively on mobile devices.

Contus' design brains conceptualized and designed a mobile-device specific UI helping the brand to render an uncompromising performance and experience to a wider range of audience.


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Key Results

Users preferring on-the-go shopping found the UI tailor-made for mobile phones more user friendly which eventually pulled in more traffic and visitors to the website increasing the average time on site and ROI.

Cbazaar's mobile website is now one of the buzzing digital medium for the brand to stay connected to its customers.

This gave our design brains a creative freedom to explore all the possibilities and consider user inputs to come up with a tailor-made design that best serves the brand's intention.

In order to conceptualize mobile-device-specific design concept, Contus deployed a dedicated team of UI and UX designers seasoned in mobile apps.

The team started off with research work to plan for the user experience beginning with

  • User interviews to know exactly what they 'feel' and 'expect'.
  • Tasks performed - Multiple use cases were taken into consideration and prioritized.
  • Insights about goals of the business.
  • Analysis through surveys and analytical tools to define the metrics.
  • Connecting the goals with metrics to make them measurable.

Envisioning User Behavior to Derive Desired User Actions

After loads of interviews, discussion sessions, rough sketches, Contus design brains came up with a few UX plans. With more iterations based on direct user feedback, the sketches were turned into high-fidelity wireframes which gave a clear idea on how to house the functionalities and interface to make the web application serve various use cases.

Creating a Future-proof UI

With a iterative approach and user-centered design process based on a series of research and analysis gave Contus' team of designers the ability to envision user interface that's future proof. Right from the product catalogs to the special services offered, the UI was built leveraging the existing design patterns and research inputs to organize every content people would love to access and see.

Visual Recommendations

As fashion is visual, Contus came up with an idea of providing visuals based recommendations. This idea leverages on the choice of colors, patterns and materials etc., that a user prefers to see and works on pulling product suggestions from the catalogs that's more close to it. Thus, the suggestions become more personalized and user-specific increasing the chances of buying.

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Cbazaar.com adorned a dedicated mobile-app level interface. The UI and UX improved the convenience quotient of users. Technically, the mobile website was quicker in loading and more adaptive towards mobile screens which paved way for better search engine rankings and user delight.

The enhanced user experience, resulted in 30% decreased bounce rates, 40% increase in pageviews, improved average time spent on site ultimately paving way for lesser cart abandonments and increased ROI.