About Learning Space

Learning Space is an online education portal with over half million subscribers holding a repository of learning materials as videos, docs and PDFs to help those preparing for professional civil service, competitive and entrance examinations conducted in India, Europe and USA.

Learning Space's Requirements

Learning Space wanted to create a rock solid video on demand platform for students to find learning videos on demand and provide live streaming support for powering webinar sessions conducted by industry professionals and educational veterans.

Fortifying learning materials being duplicated, reused, copied or downloaded was the security level requirement of the online video portal.

The Challenge

Contus was required to build web and mobile applications with high sustainability to take on traffic fluctuations and prevent video contents from being downloaded and reused.

Live streaming support to power online webinars, coming up with device based resolution and adaptively stream video contents in coherence with the connectivity strength preferred by the users were other challenging roadblocks Contus overcame.

Contus' Solutions

Wowza media was chosen by Contus to manage the live streaming requirements of webinars which includes encoding, transcoding and distribution across CDN along with multiple device compatibility.

Contus created a compelling website for Learning Space using its in-house developed Video-On-Demand (VOD) platform, Contus VPlay.

The website was powered with a requirement specific cloud server model on AWS and features that enables the education portal to manage subscriptions, video contents, monetize through ads and overcome device fragmentations with HTML5 support.

For securing video contents, Contus used AES encryption to prevent in from being downloaded and obstructing any attempts to recreate or reuse it elsewhere.

Contus' native app development expertise came into play for developing native mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms.

At A Glance

Learning Space, a leading online education portal wanted to streamline its distribution of content and user management to be bettered by building web and mobile apps that cater to its business-specific requirements.

Using cloud, web and mobile app development expertise, Contus provided a seamlessly connected web and mobile apps that enabled the brand to reach out to more students, handle webinars and protect their digital assets.


Online Education

Key Results

With thoroughly fortified web and mobile platforms, Learning Space is rendering its digital assets to a wide range of users looking for educational materials in an uncompromising quality. With multiple digital mediums provided by Contus, the education portal was able to serve their 52000+ student community with more convenience.

Technologies Involved

  • OS - Linux, iOS, Android
  • Web Server - Nginx
  • Database - Sqlite, Mysql 5.5
  • Server side script - PHP 5.5
  • Mobile Script - Android, iOS
  • Server side framework - Laravel 5.2
  • Client side framework - AngularJS, Bootstrap

High level Architecture


The web and mobile applications developed by Contus received an overwhelming response from learning Space as it proved effective and convenient for the online learning portal to manage a distributed range of student user base.

Learning Space was able to cater to specific information requirements of students belonging to different educational backgrounds.

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