About SpareSpace

SpareSpace is a space renting concept that aims to provide space of all kinds for various business purposes conferences, training, meetings, photography, etc., online. SpareSpace targets some of the top most locations like New York, Antwerp, Brussels, Toronto, Berlin, Genk and Boston to render its unique service of connecting space owners with people wanting spaces like photographers, event managers, party planners, meeting organizers, private users, etc.

SpareSpace's Requirements

SpareSpace wanted to create a simple and utilitarian eCommerce website where users can find and book spaces for various purposes. The website required provisions where users can search for properties based on cities and available days, available hours and number of guests. The search filters required categorization for space type like business, creative or events. A slider for searching filters based on price range was also asked for as part of the requirement.

The Challenge

Contus had to develop a website design that was striking yet simple to search and find spaces for various purposes. Location and date were required to be set as the initial filter that will take users to another page where detailed space listing was provided. The choices had to be further narrowed down based on additional filter criterion like booking hours, number of guests and budget.

Arranging for user login features and integrating with backend property management module was the trickiest part. Additionally, SpareSpace also wanted to provide users a provision to add their properties to the listing.

An internal communication system that allowed guest-host communication was also asked for in addition to dynamic filters. Finally, the entire booking was required to be culminated in an online booking process with a secure payment process.

Contus' Solutions

SpareSpace wanted a simple way of booking spaces. Considering the degree of utilities, simplicity and scalability required, Contus zeroed in on its readymade vacation rental software 'Airhotels' and customized it extensively to meet the requirements of SpareSpace heads on.

To add more power to the business idea, Contus added some features that helped SpareSpace augment its occupancy rates.

Minimalist landing page

To enable a simple and hassle-free booking process, a minimalist landing page with location and time filters for property search where set in the home page.

At A Glance

SpareSpace is an online portal for finding spaces on rental basis. The business wanted to build a website complete with property search based on dynamic filters and complete with a secure payment process.

Contus and its team of PHP experts relied on its homegrown readymade vacation rental software, customized it and developed a full-fledged website for booking spaces. The simple to use website became an instant hit with customers looking for spaces as well as those who wanted to list their spaces.


eCommerce - Hospitality

Key Results

SpareSpace pitched into the market as a relatively new concept that has immense potential for growth and scalability. Contus' tech assistance combined with the business vision accelerated the website's penetration into the market. SpareSpace was able to win its market stake becoming a sole destination for booking spare spaces for random or intended purposes.

Technologies Involved

  • OS - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache/Nginx
  • Database - Mysql 5.6
  • Language - PHP 5.6
  • eCommerce CMS - Magento 1.x
  • Clientside - HTML5, CSS3, JQuery

New property registration

Property owners can enlist their properties in minimal steps. Provision for new member sign up as well as log in was also provided in the landing page.

Detailed criterion for selecting properties

The detailed location page was prepped with advanced filters based on space type, number of guests, booking duration, price of booking, etc. to help guests pick spaces that meet their requirements in all manner.

Smart Search
One-step Checkout
Secure Payments


SpareSpace was launched as one of its kind of online space rental booking destination which took away the hard work in locating and booking spaces for various purposes.

Within a short span of its inception, it rose in popularity as a preferred choice for a wide spectrum of customers who wanted spare spaces for varying durations to transact specific purposes ranging from formal meetings to art photography.

With the successful rental business model, SpareSpace was able to further expand into several cities on a global basis.