About Thangamayil

Thangamayil Jewellery Limited (TMJL), a 60-year-old jewellery retail major in India with a chain of 31 stores across the country, brings to the table a unique collection gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewellery for a wide range of customers including men, women and kids. Thangamayil is known for its certified BIS Hallmark jewellery and serves through a team of 1000+ sales professionals in India.

Thangamayil's Requirements

The online store of Thangamayil had its share of visitors but a healthy conversion ratio was a distant dream owing to a mediocre level UI and UX. The jewellery brand wanted a solution that could reduce bounce rate, increase pageviews, improve average time on site and eventually the conversions to realize its dream of placing itself in the top league and competing with bigger players in the retail jewellery market.

The Challenge

To create a UI that's loved by the users, Contus had to perform a behavioral research and analyze metrics based on it to clearly understand user expectations.

Contus' design team had to measure and evaluate the impact of UX and UI changes to make sure that the new strategy has been perfectly etched matching user behaviour.

Contus' Solutions

Choosing the right UX metrics

For the UX research, Contus had to zero in on the metrics that reflect the quality of the user experience.

Through a series of qualitative analysis performed through direct surveys, Google Analytics and other advanced analytical tools, Contus was able to clearly define the metrics.

At A Glance

Thangamayil, a 60-year-old jewellery chain in India that offers certified BIS Hallmark jewellery across 31 brick and mortar stores in India, wanted its web presence to be fine tuned in order to provide a experience in par with the frontrunners in the market.

Contus' creative heads etched a UI and UX design plan that accommodated the portfolio of the products offered by the brand with an elevated visual experience. For a smooth presentation the front end development was done in accordance new UI.


eCommerce - Jewellery

Key Results

The new design and enhanced visual appeal of Thangamayil.com received an overwhelming response among its users. With more visitors pouring in, the brand started experiencing low bounce rate and improvement in ROI.

User satisfaction (ease of use), user involvement (frequency of visits), number of new users, return visitors and the convenience of performing a task (a product search) were hand picked as metrics to measure user experience quotient of the website.

In order to prioritize these metrics, Contus organized discussions with business owners to gather deeper insights about the goals. Based on the inputs, Contus chose the metrics that help in achieving the business goals.

Design Thinking

Having an in depth knowledge on the business goals and UX metrics, Contus' design brains came up with Ui and UX ideas that could help users easily perform any task they intend to. Each metric and the related business goals were taken into consideration and the UX was conceptualized in accordance to that.

Prototyping for Perfection

After etching the UX and the appropriate UI, Contus began a prototyping strategy to achieve a higher degree of perfection. The low-level prototypes like wireframe and clickable, sketched interfaces were shared with with real users of Thangamayil website to iterate and zero in on the one that's preferred by most.

Design basics followed for a technically flawless and ethically perfect outcome:

Contus' design team, laid focus on basics like branding, typography, clear navigation, minimalistic & lightweight design, responsiveness, color basics to provide a refreshingly new visual experience and surprisingly simple interface for the brand's online store.

Cosmetic Changes
UI and UX Research
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With a strategically designed UI and UX, Thangamayil.com was able to achieve 20% increase in conversions. The data-driven interface helped the brand in providing a experience in par with direct showroom visit which eventually increased the page views and customer retention 2x times.

Thangamayil.com is now the first preference for the jewellery brand's customers to check out its latest offerings online.