Chatbots that Redefine Virtual Assistance

Contus Bot can aid Chatbot app development with features like:

  • Natural Human Language

    Natural human language synthesized from past conversations.

  • Multilingual Abilities

    Multi-language programmable bots for the global market.

  • All-time availability

    Provide customer service & assistance without downtimes.

  • Pre-built templates

    Automate frequent responses with pre-built templates.

  • Multiple Integrations

    Integrate your chatbot across multiple social channels.

Chatbot Development for Human-centric Industries

to build chatbots that can bring a human touch to challenging customer service

Contus Bot is Ingrained with Intellectual Features

that bring a natural touch to dynamically created responses

In-built Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning integrations is what makes Contus Bot smarter & efficient in delivering assistance.

  • Machine Learning

    We integrate machine learning chatbots that learn, adapt & respond to human queries based on past conversations & preferences.

  • Personalized Content Feed

    Set a personal tone to your chatbot's speech mannerisms with content input mimicked from real-world conversations.

  • Intelligent Suggestions

    Your chatbot can make proactive suggestions that can induce customers to buy more or spend more time on your website.

Advanced Messaging

Contus Bot is empowered to do more than just chatting and passing on information.

  • Cards & Tiles

    Show users cards & tiles about images, links, shortcuts & much more as response to queries.

  • File Sharing/Receiving

    Send or receive files including images, documents or links for better processing of user queries.

  • Tap-to Shortcuts

    Clickable buttons that can double up as tappable shortcuts for frequently repeated actions.

Flexibility at All Levels

Simplicity at its best for controlling & optimizing the chatbot performance to suit industry preferences.

  • No App or Website Required

    Deploy your chatbot in website, mobile app or messenger applications as an in-built feature with lightweight system requirements.

  • Ongoing Improvisations

    We develop chatbots that can be optimized to serve customized replies based on configured intents for diverse industry verticals.

  • Controlled Manual Interference

    Decide when your chatbot should step in & when it should let a human takeover the conversation for optimum service delivery.