Enterprise Mobility Transformations

From Ideators to Pioneers, Contus helps every business of every size, type & scale, leverage Enterprise Mobility as a driver of Digital Transformation.

Immersive Augmented Reality App experience for 100 year Old Irish Pub Chain that increased footfalls 300%.
Prepping a Manufacturing 4.0 focused IoT Lab for 84-year Old Automobile Legend.
Wearable Emergency Alert App that Saves Lives Through Dynamic Health Alerts.
Created Team Chat API for Open Channel Communication within a 65,000 employee-strong enterprise.
BLE-based Machine-to-Vehicle Innovation App for country's most-admired SUV maker.
From Pilot to Launch, Experience a New Wave of

Hyper-Converged Mobile App Development in Action

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First-of-its-kind Shoppable Video Solution for America's Popular Fashion Label.
Reimagining Video Streaming for Porsche 911 Races straight from multi-angle in-car driver dashcams.
Fully Integrated Mobile Commerce App for Qatar's biggest sports retail chain.
Android & iOS Platform based Enterprise Banking App for Middle-East Bank with Million+ account holders.
Open-Channel based Social Platform app for India's Leading Pharma Company to connect its 20,000+ healthcare professionals.
GPS enabled speed monitoring & distracted Driving Sensing App for safety-conscious automobile brand.
IoT Sensory App for World's second largest earthmover helps detect downtimes before they occur.

We are pushing the limits of Impossible in Enterprise Mobility.

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Drive Innovation With Agile-Driven
Enterprise Mobility

From blooming startups to towering corporations, we help everyone build
mobile apps from blank screens to app brilliance

Winning Design Experiences

Holistic user-centric
UI/UX designs

Swift Onboarding

Onboarding screens that enable quick entry to the app insides with Social logins, Auto-fill, Remember me & similar options.
Deliver Delightful Onboarding

Habit-Forming Designs

Habit-forming mobile app designs devised for recurring actions that instil habits for regular app usage.
Design A Habitual App

Color Psychology

Picking the right tone of colors for app screens & controls that invoke emotions & stimulate specific user actions.
Inspire Actions with Colors

Minimal UI Design

Distraction-free design screens that ask for minimal information helping users strike a balance between app productivity & utility.
Make Minimalism Work For You

Action-Driven Workflow

App designs that enable users to take quick actions through gestures that they have got accustomed to in other digital platforms.
Establish Actionable Workflows

Gamification for User Retention

Encouraging repetitive usage of the app through points, loyalty schemes, levels & other gamification techniques.
Drive Engagement with Gamification

Putting Ideas to Action

Devops Grounded App Development

User-inspired front-end development
Native Platform Development

Pure native app development with OS-specific UI/UX created by taking advantage of the native SDKs, code libraries & 3rd party integrations available in Android & iOS.
Build Your Native App

Cross Platform Development

Delivering the benefit of code reuse, native code compiler, objective c-coding & latest platform versions to build many apps parallely using a single platform.
Build Many Apps With a Single Code

High-level Backend Development

Full stack backend development that leverages high-level server-side scripting, Cloud hosting, DB management, AWS WAF security & much more to deliver an impressive front end experience.
Deploy A Rock Solid Backend