Python Developers

Job Summary

Contus wants problem-solvers and visionaries with solid working expertise on Python to join its team of web mavericks. If you think you are a person who can solve problems and envision futuristic web apps that solve business problems, feel free to give it a shot. We have a soft corner for people who have a strong grip on OOPs concepts and those can wade through HTML/CSS/Javascript, jQuery and other languages of the web with gusto. Don't forget to impress us with your verbal & written English skills.

Technical Skill Sets

  • Strong experience with Python, Django, Flask and CeleryExperience with PostgreSQL and Nginx.Strong knowledge in OOPs concepts
  • Experience on HTML/CSS/Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL/Understanding of Git, task based queuing systems, and asynchronous programming.
  • Django framework.
  • HTML, Javascript, Shell Script, GIT/Mercurial (Optional), Networking,
  • Linux, Nginx / Apache.
  • Strong written & verbal English.


  • Complete assigned development tasks.
  • Develop new web-apps using Python,Django, flask, Tornado etc.
  • Develop new tools / scripts in PyQT, shell script, javascript, etc.
  • Work on MySQL / No-SQL Databases, Cache system.
  • Maintain the existing apps and add new features in it.

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