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Increase Performance & Productivity with RPA

Integrate RPA services easily with remarkable automation techniques

RPA Implementation
  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • 100% Customizable
  • 40 % increase in efficiency
  • Process Flexibility
  • On-demand Scalability
  • Improved Turnaround Time
  • 25 - 50% of cost savings

How CONTUS successfully incorporates RPA solution

Right from defining the RPA strategy to deployment CONTUS provides a complete RPA process as a service

RPA Strategy

RPA Strategy

Re-engineer your business processes and operations through RPA proven strategy to implement automation-driven processes.

RPA Assessments

RPA Assessments

Assess the priority work & analyze your business cases with RPA solutions

RPA Proof Of Concept

RPA Proof Of Concept

Our PoC model helps to choose a simple process model with a high transaction rate

RPA Implementation

RPA Implementation

Implement RPA solutions with the right software tools for exceptional ROI & process automation

RPA CoE Setup

RPA CoE Setup

Establish a strong foundation by embedding RPA as a service to any businesses.

RPA Production

RPA Production

Streamline your productivity across industries with our RPA services

Automation Design

Automation Design

Spend more time to innovate & add value with robotic process design automation services

Automation Support

Automation Support

Get round the clock support with customized notifications with robotic process automation services.

Empower any business with tailor-made RPA solutions

Stand-alone Unattended bots or human-driven attended bots

Attended RPA

Attended Automation

Employee triggers the Bot initially to perform a few tasks.

Attended bots work under a human instruction.

Attended bots work on specific user workstations.

Bots automatically do back-office functions without any human intervention.

Unattended Bots works based on the pre-defined set of rules defined by humans.

Unattended Bots works on Organization’s servers.

Unattended RPA

Unattended Automation

ERP Automation for Robust back-office System

Get benefited from the seamless ERP process automation with our end to end RPA implementation services for present & future

ERP Automation

ERP systems are the backbone of effective back-office systems. By automating the ERP systems with our robotic process automation services, the organization’s complete data will be readily available to any employee when needed. Our RPA solution seamlessly integrates into SAP, Oracle and other technologies that leverages your business.

Automate Complex Tasks seamlessly With RPA Bots

Build an innovative & agile business model by implementing RPA bot to increase the revenue

Data Entry Bots

With structured RPA implementation, transfer all the information into single ECM systems and retrieve data within seconds. Using pre-established business rules, cleaning and transforming data made possible

Validation & Verification Bots

Cut down your investigation time from 15 mins to 80 secs by a robust authentication process and full audit trail for each investigation. Our RPA Bots make real-time calls for data verification

System integration Bots

Scheduled Bots give upcoming alerts to employees quarterly or half-yearly as per the schedule. CONTUS being one of the top rpa service providers, facilitates complex logistics & supply chain process.

Schedule / Trigger Bots

Create a patch between the systems that build an automated workflow providing a perfect interface with no coding. CONTUS is the leading RPA service provider which interface software robots into any business model effortlessly.

Best-in-class RPA Tools for Improved Productivity

Drive your business to build innovative solutions & scale up the productivity with proven technology skills

  • RPA Tools
  • RPA Tools
  • RPA Tools
  • RPA Tools

Gain RPA’s Competitive Advantages across Industries

RPA consulting services facilitates a streamlined business solution with significant benefits across industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities & Energy
  • Banking & Finance


rpa for manufacturing


By implementing RPA advisory services into back-end operations, it is evident from the fact that it has helped to save 40% of the total expenditure. Transform mission critical tasks more efficiently & identify anomalies accurately with our RPA maintenance & support.

  • Precise Auditing
  • Negligible BOM errors
  • Quick Data Migration Process
  • Web Integrated RPA
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Payroll and HR Efficiencies
  • Automation in Logistics Data


Utilities & Energy

Banking & Finance

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Implement RPA to improve efficiency & accuracy by automating the repetitive tasks

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