HD Videos Delivered Live to 55 Million Mobile ViewersFTP + Social Sharing + Video Compression

5X customer retention for USA's leading pub chainAugmented Reality + GPS + Geo-fencing

Mobile Commerce To The Hands Of 1 Billion ConsumersPush Notifications + SOAP Server + Analytics

Boston's biggest safe driving campaign, made possibleGPS + Geo-fencing + Rewards

Guaranteeing 95% Savings on Every Shopping in SydneyL.B.S + Paypal + Rewards

Small Screen, Big Experience. Better than silver screenYoutube xml Feed Parsing + Tab Display + H.264 Video Compression

Earn While Shopping' made easier than it soundsHTML5 + PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile

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Why Contus is Soo Good?

  • 300+ Apps Delivered

  • 4+ Years Expertise

  • 10x Faster Development

  • 500+Fortune Clients

  • 300+ Apps in iTunes

We Work OnWe always strive to make the best use of the latest technologies. That is why, we have been successful in building unique and feature-rich apps.

Augmented Reality

To channelize the prowess of Augmented Reality in sports industry, hospitality and corporate sectors we have created apps in Android, iOS and Windows 8 platforms that proved to be handy in terms of enhancing the customer tenacity in restaurant chains, promoting games by driving in sports enthusiasts and spicing up corporate conferences.


We built a ready made mobile platform to render the global 1.75 billion smart phone user base a hassle free connectivity to online eCommerce marketplaces and stores. To spice up the shopping experience we had incorporated smart options like voice search, product sharing in social networks, wish list, favorite categories, etc.


We have harnessed the potential of wearable technology in real life applications like health care, diet management, fitness awareness and round the clock connectivity by developing apps in Android and iOS platforms. We were able to fine tune and build these apps to perfection, by integrating wearable devices along with GPS for location tracking and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for device to device connectivity.

GEO Location

Applying GEO location technology to hospitality, eCommerce and a number of other industries we have created apps in iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms that help in solving business requirements like improving customer retention, providing personalized shopping experiences and in meeting unique demands like detecting accident prone zones.


Enabling seamless transfer of multimedia contents between millions of users, managing user database, saving and archiving chat logs are the challenges we have overcome while creating enterprise apps and social chat messengers. JNA (Java Native Access) coding, using NO SQL Database, Ejabbered server are the technical aspects which helped us to churn apps that are used by millions.

Video Streaming

Putting HTML 5 to the best of its use we managed to render solutions that solve complex requirements of online television channels, video sharing websites and eCommerce businesses. The seamless video transmission on mobile devices, especially uninterrupted live streaming helped over 1000s of businesses to reach out to their mobile audience.


Leveraging a development idea to maximum benefit is what we aimed for and we repeatedly achieve it by developing hybrid apps. Deploying HTML, CSS and framework like Phonegap the apps we create are able to be cross utilized across various development platforms like iOS, Android thus minimizing the need for a business owner to shell out more capital and the need for platform-specific development teams.

BLE 4.0

Using Bluetooth 4.0 we met the demands of building apps that are stronger in connectivity and less power consuming, especially while trying out app solutions that blend with wearable devices. The low energy and device pairing concept of Bluetooth 4.0 catalyzed our innovations in wearable technology based apps which were developed for rendering instant emergency help and customer servicing.


We have utilized the concept of rewards in terms of magnifying the reach of sporting events, propelling corporate employees to participate in vital corporate meetings, encouraging prudent driving by building Android, iOS and Windows apps. Implanting google maps, push notifications and GEO location technologies along with rewards helped us achieve a better performance efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility

For helping out enterprises to analyze business metrics, improve network security, drive employee engagement, manage sales and stock we have developed applications in iOS and Android using smart technologies like Augmented Reality and push notifications. Managing these apps on cloud gives our clients an additional edge over their competitors.

How Do We Deliver?

For us, designing is being purposeful & calculating every pixel to perfection to house the UI instead of forcing it.

Designing Apps for Humans

Good designs don't happen by chance instead through research. That's why we strive to know even the minutest of details to construct sensible, compelling and intuitive UI.

Be it native, cross-platform or apps on future technologies like wearable devices we can make it happen for you.

Fabricating the Face of an App

Development is the phase which decides the fate of the app and here is where our coding brains kick in. We code to perfectly fit your business idea into mobile devices irrespective of their fragmentation.

100s of use cases, 1000s of devices & billions of users. We equip your apps to fight this ever-increasing challenge.

Delivering Quality in Every Pixel

100% perfection is what we strive to get before your app gets into end-user's hands. For this we have the best of perfectionists and testing devices to make sure the outcome is flawless and inspiring.

Customers Who Are Impressed!

  • Ahmed Balkis Co-Founder & CEO 3lamodak

    3lamodak Jeddah, Middle East

    Contus perfectly replicated my ecommerce website into an app. The UI was much better than the browser version. We experienced threefold betterment in sales. Thanks guys.

  • Harry GroomeOwner, Co-Founder Augmented Rewards

    Augmented RewardsUSA, Arlington, Massachusetts

    Preparing a readymade platform for building apps based on rewards mechanism was our aim. Contus delivered it perfectly. We are now owners of a hot selling rewards app.

  • Addison RodriguezFounder Preppy Authority

    Preppy AuthorityUSA, Plano, Texas

    Contus turned our business idea into a functional app on iOS. Our revenue climbed up two-fold making us popular mediators for finding men's clothing. Great business visionaries.

  • Mike DemeleFounder Life Apps LLC

    Life Apps LLCUSA, Los Altos, California

    Real-time updates & personalized feeds of US shares were the challenges met with fine app architecture. Mix of APIs, Zend framework did the job for us.

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    • Why Contus for iPhone application development?

      Contus has been developing user friendly and best iPhone apps for the past 5+ years. We have developed a variety of iOS applications which ranges from business to entertainment. We are specialized in providing customized app development which we deliver after a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements which helps us to come out with a product that speaks for its quality.

    • Where are we spread across?

      Headquartered in Chennai, India Contus also operates from Sunnyvale, U.S.A which helps us to reach out to the global market needs.

    • How and what we do as app developers on iOS platform?

      As developers, we focus to come out with user-friendly applications that allow people to enjoy and feel the power of technology in hands. We do it with the help of our technical team who have immense experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of iPhone application development.

    • How we are different in developing apps for iPhone?

      The key-note differentiating factor of Contus is the approach and methodologies that it follows in creating an application irrespective of its purpose. Conceptualization, planning, execution and delivery are done sequentially with high importance on quality and timeliness which sets us apart from the crowd.

    • Reasons to hire our certified developers:

      1. Success record.
      2. Cutting-edge technology apps created.
      3. Impeccable quality.
      4. On-time project completion and delivery.
      5. Flexible pricings and cost-effective solutions.
      6. 24/7 customer support.