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The Journey of a Decade is not Simple, It’s a Sign of Grappling’s & Achievements

Published On June 17th, 2020 1253Announcement

So, What does it drive to transform from being a Startup to a Multinational? Money? Intellectual idea? Passion? All right, all of these Matters. But what takes more than all these is “Inspiration”.

Yes, Inspiration is the wizardry tool that aspired these aspirants (Sriram Manoharan, Balasubramaniyam, Balamurugan, Dinesh, Prakash Malayalam, and Thaighu Radhakrishnan) to sail the boat in Feb 2008. CONTUS was urged to adapt new technologies which are set to be the key aspect to drive First enterprise-level business at 2009. After all, the 3650 days of journey elapsed like a spacecraft on its way to the Sky.

Flip Back the Memories and Milestones of CONTUS

10 years journey of Contus

Presently CONTUS family is raised more than 250+ employees whereas the clients base too. The technology company is on rising to deliver Machine learning and IoT solutions to the World by manipulating the valuable data into a collection of currency results in the client’s revenue map.

The Jaw dropping Environment that CONTUS Offers to its Employees

CONTUS has been on the journey of offering an exquisite platform to every member of the workforce which has brought endless proficiencies and Exposure. Work Culture is a true value that resembles a Great Organizational behavior! Indeed, CONTUS thrives such organizational behavior which utterly creates a comfort zone with stimulations.


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