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5 Free Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2024

Published On April 30th, 2024 100Announcement, Podcasting

If you are an ardent consumer of podcasts and thinking to step up to the next level as a podcast creator 

Or you are a beginner who is looking forward to find the best podcast hosting platform to host your content then you are at the right place, 

here we have listed the 5 best podcast hosting platforms with features and pricing, check them out below,

What is podcast hosting? 

A podcast hosting is a platform that saves your podcast’s media files, sends them to the podcast, and eventually sends your podcast to your listeners.

Podcast hosts are the content creators who educate, share and discuss subjects from different perspectives on a topic and share it to the outside world as a media podcast file through a podcasting platform.

Why do you need podcast hosting?

As you are well versed with the meaning of podcasting hosting, the reasons why one needs one are mentioned below,

Storage of mega files

Podcasts are typically huge in size and it is not easy to store in hard drives so they require huge amounts of storage space, podcast hosting platforms offer cloud space with private and safe log in to store them.

Manage podcast distribution

Podcast distribution is not an easy task, hosting platforms provide an RSS feed to share it to the directories and then it is distributed to listeners.

Performance analysis

Podcast hosting platforms provide analytics reports for each and everSpotify:y podcast  content with  inbuilt tools. This data will help the host redefine the content after each podcast.

Fine features

Podcast hosting platforms hold numerous features for branding, recording and editing that will improve your content in all aspects. Whereas others will just let you share it.

Cons  of Free Podcast Hosts

Free podcast hosting services can be an excellent solution for creators with a budget. However, you should be aware of some of the disadvantages of opting for a free hosting platform: 

Limited options: The limited number of hosting companies that provide a free plan are low, so be considerate while selecting a free hosting platform. 

Upload limits: You may be limited in how much content you may upload. 

Time restrictions: The length of your audio can be limited by some podcast providers, which can be annoying or even unworkable. 

Advertisements from other sources: Some unpaid free hosting sites promote your material without giving you any money in return. 

Rights violations: Always read the small print. Some hosts of podcasts specify ownership rights over the material kept on their servers.

How free podcast hosting works

Podcasting platforms play an important role in simplifying the tasks for hosts and creators, to understand it, read the process below,

  1. Create a profile on the podcast website that hosts podcasts. 
  2. Enter information about your show, including its name, description, and artwork, on the podcast host website. 
  3. The podcast host has to upload the (audio or video) files as episodes
  4. An RSS(‘Rich Site Summary’ or ‘Really Simple Syndication’) feed for your podcast will be created automatically by the podcast host. 
  5. Then manually publish your RSS feed, and move it to one of the podcast directories.
  6. Your new episodes will be instantly distributed to listeners and listening platforms via the RSS feed. 

Exploring the Top 7 Podcast Hosting Platforms

Before you decide on a podcast hosting platform, analyze the key features, tools present in them, pricing, support and storage capabilities. 

1. Spotify

Spotify doesn’t need any introduction and it’s worldwide with daily users exploring different kinds of music and podcasts. As a podcast creator make sure you make use of the resources and features available in the platform, the podcast subscriptions are available in 34 countries across the globe.


  • Unlimited storage space
  • One podcasts per account
  • Unlimited Outbound bandwidth
  • External app download and no website available to stream
  • Monetization is available with a revenue share of 70/30 split, 70% goes to podcasters
  • Distribute podcasts to multiple streaming platforms including social media sites.
  • Advanced analytics built with Podcasters dashboard

2. Acast

Acast offers an unlimited number of episodes to upload and download options to your podcast.  It also offers users to  record, edit, and mix your audio file with podcastle.


  • Unlimited storage space
  • One podcasts per account
  • Unlimited Outbound bandwidth
  • External app download and no website available to stream
  • Monetization is available with paid subscriptions and donations
  • Distribution of  podcasts is available to social media platforms.
  • Report based advanced  analytics is available in dashboard
  • Cannot run multiple podcasts with free plan
  • Integration with patreon with premium plans

3. Pinecast

Pinecast is one of the greatest free podcast hosting services, which offers premium analytics, unlimited bandwidth and downloads, tip jar functionality, infinite episodes, a podcast website, embeddable players, and free distribution.


  •  Unlimited upload and storage space
  • 10 episodes can be accessible by users at a time
  • Two podcasts can be uploaded per account
  • : Unlimited outbound bandwidth
  • Website access is available with premium plans
  • Monetization and broad distribution is available
  • Basic analytics is available with starter plans and premium plans are available with paid options
  • No recording or editing features are available.

4. Podomatic

You can record, edit, and instantly publish your podcasts to a number of podcast networks with Podomatic, a creative podcast hosting platform. Apart  from it, it also provides embeddable players for your website and a variety of social networks.


  • In Podomatic you can stream 6 hours of podcasts up to 20 episodes
  • A single user can hold only one podcast
  • Outbound bandwidth per month is only 15 GB
  • No website based streaming is available
  • Monetization through sponsorship is available
  • Distribution to other networks is possible
  • Recording and editing features are available
  • Embed links
  • Pro plans start at $2.99 month

5. Buzzsprout

The simplest way to begin a podcast is with Buzzsprout. This user-friendly solution offers a podcasting solution with marketing resources, and data tracking analytics.


  • One podcasts per account
  • Outbound bandwidth up to 250 gb
  • External app download and no website available to stream
  • Monetization is available 
  • Distribution of  podcasts is available to social media platforms.
  • Reports and data are driven through advanced analytics
  • Free and priced plans are available.


Selecting the right podcast hosting platform is a difficult decision to make for most podcasters. The choice should align with your goals, budget, and technical requirements. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your podcast to the next level, these top 7 podcast hosting platforms can help you achieve your podcasting goals the simplest and better way possible.


1. What is the best hosting platform for a podcast?

OnTheFly offers a dedicated space for podcasters with audio editing and storage features that will enhance the experience of the listeners as well as the host.

2. Which is the best podcast platform?

With capabilities for audio editing and storage that improve both the listener and host experience, OnTheFly is the best podcasting platform with professional grade recording tool, high tech audio support and a unique customisable pricing plan for podcasters.

3. Are podcast hosting platforms free?

Yes, there are free trial periods available in top podcast hosting platforms like OnTheFLy and there are other platforms with minimum features that are available totally for free. The list is mentioned below, 
Buzzsprout, Podbean, Spreaker, Anchor, Podomatic, Soundcloud and Spotify.

4. How much does podcast hosting cost?

Depending on the platform, storage use, features selection the pricing differs but one of the best podcast hosting platforms that is available in the market is OnTheFly and to know about their attractive and customisable pricing plans, click here.

5. Where can I host podcasts for free?

Spotify, the renowned and worldwide music streaming platform allows users to host podcasts for free and if you want a professional platform with pro features then OnTheFly is the right choice as it offers a free trial period to access and analyze your needs of hosting podcasts.


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