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IoT Based Fleet Management solution to Simplify Your Fleet Operations

Published On February 28th, 2024 2611Automotive IoT

Fleet management solutions are a network of processes that allow managers to keep track of fleets and assets at every stage. The market for IoT fleet management solutions and telematics is experiencing a boom; this growth and expansion is likely to continue well into the new decade.

The Internet of Things has permeated nearly every industry, and fleet management hasn’t been left untouched. IoT solutions for fleet management connect fleets wirelessly, to extract insights that allow better performance, organizations, and operations. Fleet telematics solutions aid the creation of applications with the power to identify and resolve vehicular issues to offset costly repairs.

The Need for Fleet Management:

With a fleet management solution, it improves the overall safety, reduces maintenance costs and monitors. There’s so much you could do with it. But there have always been questions from enterprises and businesses stating “the purpose and importance of such fleet management to stabilize your entire fleet infrastructure.”

An effective Fleet management is the ideal way for most fleet businesses to control cost, improve productivity, keep your drives safe, maintain compliance, improve efficiency and reduce the overall transportation cost irrespective of those vehicles such as trucks, vans, and even aircraft.

  • To attain these benefits one must follow certain parameters to keep up the fleet on top.
  • Understanding the importance of cost savings by properly maintaining the vehicles to avoid unscheduled repairs.
  • Outline the usage of each spec within your vehicle to reduce cost.
  • Follow constant communication with drivers regarding company policies.
  • Drive partnership with fleet maintenance providers to resolve fleet issues.

Role of IoT in Fleet Management:

Fleet management with IoT can take your overall fleet business to the next level. IoT in fleet management provides real-time information with help of IoT sensors. The real-time data helps to monitor the driver’s behaviour, track vehicle maintenance, provide traffic reports, average speed and overall analytical data to make quick decisions for better performance & productivity of the fleet.

On the other hand, the fleet work system comprises a combination of functions such as fleet software, Telematics, Maintenance planning, finance, vehicle tracking, diagnostics, parts & management, and overall management of fleet drivers.

Benefits of Fleet Management IoT Solutions

The number of fleet management systems that will actively be used is all set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.5%.

1) Improves asset utilization

Using a fleet management IoT solution allows fleet managers to make their assets work for them in their full capacity. Fleet managers need to know where their vehicles are, what their cargo is, where they are headed, and what other assets aren’t currently mobilized. All of this information is made easily accessible through a properly implemented fleet tracking solution.

2) Real-time information

Using an IoT fleet tracking system gives fleet managers accurate and up-to-date information on fleets both stationary and in transit anywhere in the world. With the help of this fleet tracking system, managers will be able to hone in on key performance indicators such as active trips, speed violations, fleet conditions, and more.

3) Increases productivity

Fleet track telematics solutions often automate manual and repetitive processes, leaving managers to orchestrate higher-level operations. Additionally, the ability to deploy all necessary assets ensures that productivity is high and procedures are efficient.

4) Optimizes running costs

Running costs can be optimized through a well-implemented fleet management telematics solution. These costs include fuel, repair, maintenance, insurance, road taxes, and other regulatory fees. Insights derived from fleet data can be used to reduce costs otherwise spent on oversubscribed services or untimely breakdowns and repairs.

5) Improves driver behaviour

IoT fleet management software can be leveraged to influence and benchmark safe driver behaviour, by keeping records or rash driving, speeding, and general mismanagement of vehicles. Tracking vehicle health and allowing for pre-meditated servicing also protects driver lives in the long run.

CONTUS’ IoT-enabled Smart Fleet Management Solutions

CONTUS is a leading Digital Transformation Company and the firm has extensive expertise in developing outstanding Android and iOS enterprise fleet management solutions for several world-renowned brands at the client stage.

Here is a glimpse of all that is achievable after you implement one of the fleet track telematic solutions that CONTUS’ IoT app development team makes possible:

1) Telematics & GPS tracking

Fleet Telematics

For a fleet to be fully operational and optimized, managers need to know exactly where each vehicle is and what its final destination is. The GPS tracking facility helps keep the entire fleet on a map. This is invaluable in ensuring the safe and timely delivery of goods and evaluating routes and travel times. Telematics solutions identify vehicular issues even while the fleet is on the road; this allows for quicker solutions and repairs.

2) Route optimization and planning


Fleet managers can use fleet tracking telematics solutions to identify where vehicles tend to idle the most. Over time, this data can provide insights on optimized routes to ensure travels are safer and quicker. It also allows fleet managers to plan the diversification of routes in advance, so vehicles are optimally used.

3) Geofencing


Geofencing is a virtual barrier that is set up through GPS tracking and points. The technology saves fleets thousands of dollars every year; it allows businesses to capitalize on proximity and location. Geofencing also helps prevent vehicle theft, and improve time management.

4) Driver behaviour monitoring

fleet driver behaviour

Fleet telematics solution providers can help increase driver accountability and timeliness. They track progress in work schedules and ensure safe driving and good vehicle management. These solutions also keep records of performance to connect to payrolls.

5) Trip management

Fleet Trip management

IoT allows fleet managers to optimize various stages of a vehicle’s trip to ensure it’s used to its maximum potential. This smart fleet management also helps passengers or endpoint users keep track of the vehicle to their personal end.

6) Operational efficiency

fleet Operational efficiency

Fleet management solutions make operations more efficient but ensuring all vehicles are being used to their maximum capacity. It helps send out the right vehicles based on terrain, routes, and purposes.

7) Robust engine data reporting

fleet management data

Managers can use fleet management software to track key performance indicators and vehicular health data. These could include RPM, odometer status, engine running hours, idling, and carbon emissions.

8) Analytical reports

fleet Analytical reports

Collecting data from fleet management systems allows the collection of insights. These, in turn, contribute to timely analytical reports that inform higher business decisions.

9) Fuel management

fleet Fuel management

Fleet managers can monitor fuel expenses and reduce mileage through enterprise fleet management solutions. They can also manage spending limits and prevent unauthorized purchases or fuel siphoning.


Many businesses rely on individual systems to take care of core processes; however, this could lead to a mismatch in data and insights, which affect business processes. CONTUS’ fleet management solutions are the complete package. They offer detailed overviews of all operations within a single dashboard and have the power to turn your fleet management into a profitable company.

IoT fleet management solutions


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  1. David smooke says:

    Does your solution support GPS tracking system with live updates of the vehicles? Also need a customizable dashboard.

    1. Sharvin Mohan says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for reaching us. We will help you in developing your fleet management app as per your requirement.

  2. Srijeet says:

    Does your app support iOS?

    1. Sharvin Mohan says:

      Hi Srijeet,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. Yes our vehicle tracking app supports both iOS and Android as well.

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