CONTUS’ Capabilities to Develop IoT Connectivity Management Platform

Published On February 29th, 2024 1335Automotive IoT

A highly scalable IoT connectivity solution is required for every enterprise for an effective and reliable digital transformation. IoT connectivity management leverages the communication between the connected assets and M2M communications in different options. For instance, short-range connectivity (Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Mesh) and Long-range connectivity like LPWAN, Satellite, etc along with RFID / Near Frequency Channels all these help in reducing the complexity of IoT deployments by building a strong IoT ecosystem.

What is IoT Connectivity Solution and why do we need it?

When it comes to the internet of things where everything is interlinked and connected, security and privacy become a major challenge. This is where the IoT connectivity solution comes into the picture.

IoT connectivity Management solutions help to take out the complexity of the IoT connectivity by a set of tools which makes the M2M deployments simpler and easier. Several IoT service providers worldwide, provide connectivity management solutions to effectively build an IoT ecosystem globally.

Benefits of IoT Connectivity Solutions

IoT connectivity solution

Reliable connectivity

With a dedicated IoT core network and an SLA based connection, get a uniform device management system in place.

Integrate once and run multiple times

Imposing a one-time integrating system for all service providers across the globe helps to grow the business community at a rapid pace.

Get Global reach with a single network

Throughout the device life cycle, to achieve maximum performance and flexibility, embracing one single eUICC technology which is an Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card is essential.

Single Dashboard Interface

Real-time diagnostics is made possible by bringing in all metrics under a single interface where we can control the subscription plans, data plan and manage exceptions easily at a single click.

IoT Engineering Team at CONTUS

CONTUS being a leading IoT solutions company, accelerates the business process with an IoT managed connectivity solution, where we streamline the entire process from consulting to deployment for connected car solution, IoT in agriculture,etc. For that, you need a strong development team with sound knowledge of IoT technology. Our IoT Engineers at CONTUS know how to do hard research and build a scalable solution to the business that caters to their specific needs.

IoT Consulting

IoT Consulting

Our in-house business strategist creates a detailed project development roadmap to mitigate the possible solution that aligns with the company’s goals.

IoT & IIoT Digital Twins

IoT Digital twin

Our Digital Twin solution helps to leverage the benefits of the internet of things. CONTUS IoT solutions’ core value is built upon several critical technologies including APIs, IoT Dashboards, strong backend ERP management system along with CRM and business intelligence to perform the data analytics.

PoC & Prototype Development

IoT Prototype

We follow a prototype model where it acts as a solid foundation to execute an IoT proof-of-concept. Our IoT solution architect, define the Prototype design and set the goal, select the embedded components, connect with the required hardware, build the application and finally test and implement them.

IoT Middleware Development

IoT Middleware Development

CONTUS has a strong IoT Middleware development team, where Middleware is a software layer that sits between the IoT devices and the Enterprise application. Our middleware solution has salient features like interoperability, flexibility, and transparency.

It supports major communication protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, WebSockets where we use ThingWorx IoT platform, Universal of Things and DeviceHive to name a few.

CONTUS’ IoT Connectivity Management Solution & its Capabilities

At CONTUS, we have worked on several major clients across business verticals and helped the Enterprises to harness the full power of IoT with data insights technologies and network securities.

For instance, we have developed an effective IoT sensory solution for a legendary global automobile manufacturer to detect the downtime for their heavy-duty machines. Web backend monitors, Augmented Reality apps along with Digital Twin technology helped to detect the failures without disassembling them.

Below are some of the key factors of CONTUS’ IoT connectivity capabilities.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Connect with your IoT or M2M devices across Enterprises seamlessly through a network-diagnostic SIM.
  • Get 24/7 real-time monitoring support.
  • Providing Enterprise-Grade SLA’s and USSD services.

Device Connectivity Management

  • Manage and access the IoT endpoints in a single interface.
  • Get lifecycle management of your SIM along with a full control management system like setting limits per device, data plan selection, checking network coverage and so on.
  • Have full data of your device through monitoring its status and usage.

RESTful API Integration

  • A business process is automated with improved troubleshooting and enhanced deployment processes.
  • Using programmable SMS and USSD, direct communication is made possible with devices.
  • Real-time information about metrics improves business decisions.

Enhanced M2M Security

  • To avoid unauthorized hackers, network firewall is effectively used to avoid unsolicited communication between network devices.
  • The secure VPN network is used to transmit the confidential information with the help of these private network cloud.
  • Heavy usage restrictions pave the way to secure the data by limiting certain services to all users.

Wrapping Up

IoT connectivity management provides all kinds of network operators, large or small enterprises, and worldwide developers with disruptive technology connected with the internet of things. CONTUS gives a secure, reliable and scalable IoT infrastructure for a digital future along with prominent cloud services.


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