22 September, 2023

Utilitarian OTT TV Content Distribution Platform built on the cloud

Why Contus Vplay Trumps as a Top Notch OTT TV Platform

Contus VPlay is a cloud-based OTT streaming solution which can be accessed seamlessly from any device, anytime, anywhere; without limitations.

Contus Vplay_Anywhere


Cloud connectivity offers the irresistible benefit of content delivery without any geographical limits. Content can be served to end customers in any country, state or city through the OTT app development.

Contus Vplay_Anytime


Time comes to a standstill as OTT TV solution keeps buffering content to the whims and fancies of the viewer. Live videos can be paused, recorded and resumed as you like it. No more missed soccer matches!

Contus Vplay_Anydevice


Contus Vplay OTT video solution is engineered to be compatible with any device with any screen size. From a 5 inch smartphone to 110-inch 4K HDTV, content can be readily delivered on any screen.

Contus Vplay OTT Video Platform is For Everyone; Including

Cable operators

Enthralling entertainment
OTT platform can work wonders for cable operators in increasing viewer population. Contus Vplay puts cable operators in the league of web-based of vod streaming and live broadcasting services but with extended coverage.

TV Broadcasters

Winning hearts
Contus Vplay empowers TV broadcasters & OTT companies with targeted entertainment delivery as well as precise advertisement broadcasting through a single platform for sophisticated content delivery system.

Education providers

Envisioning Enlightenment
Learning will reach a new tipping point as education providers can use a single-source uniform OTT streaming solution like Contus Vplay for delivering educational content to subscribers spread across geographies.


Converging communication
For corporate moguls who want a dedicated and well-managed OTT platform provider, Contus Vplay opens up a box of goodie features like live streaming, enterprise collaboration, recorded or on-demand video streaming, etc.

Contus Vplay: Next Generation OTT TV Platform

Built to meet the growing demand of OTT app platform head-on.


Action packed entertainment that spikes engagement rates

OTT Streaming solution offers enriched viewing experience through precise delivery of content across all devices, geographies, time zones with superior quality. Contus Vplay’s cloud OTT Tv solution is also optimized for rendering a personalized streaming experience that will maximize viewer engagement.

Subscription-Based OTT TV

Personalized content served piping hot

Contus Vplay OTT Video solution unlock a myriad of revenue streams by providing users with endless combinations of subscribable on-demand content. The OTT platform services can bundle content packages on various categories based on region, language, genre, etc.


Vantage view of live happenings

Ott streaming services can help capitalize on the market demand for live streaming of live events ranging from sports events to news feeds. Contus Vplay comes with quick fix and long standing Live streaming facilities that will achieve at par engagement rates of vod platform channels.


The next tipping point of digital marketing

The Diffusion Group forecasts OTT TV ad revenue to exceed 31.5 Billion USD by 2018. Contus Vplay OTT video platform facilitates tapping into the maximum potential of ad inventory by facilitating in-house ads and third party ad delivery. The OTT video solution will help trigger the right kind of promotional content to targeted audience leading to better conversion rates.


For those quick entertainment shots

Mobile becomes more than just a connecting device. Contus Vplay cloud OTT TV can make it a complete entertainment console with access to all kinds of content – both paid, on demand and free streamed by video libraries.

Framework & Architecture of Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay Architecture

More Features of Contus Vplay Set to Impress Users

Every single feature in Contus VPlay is handpicked for rigid control, digital security and superior video performance.


Access control

Centralized control for global customer base
Contus Vplay access control ensures that viewers get access only for paid/permitted content. Access to ott app delivery is granted based on a number of a parameter including, but not restricted to date, domain, IP address, location, etc.



Keeps security breach attempts at bay
Rock solid encryption using state-of-the-art techniques keeps third party hacking or snooping attempts at distant bay. No third party can tamper with the video contents. Vital information including user credentials and video assets is always kept under fortified digital security.


Digital Rights Management

Umbrella cover against unwarranted access for all video assets
DRM ensures that the copyrights and ownership rights are protected at all stages of the OTT content delivery. Owned video content cannot be redistributed or replicated without prior permission. DRM license control is available for all mobile operating systems like Android, iOs, Windows, etc.

Reports & Analytics

Performance insights that lets you be proactive

  • Real-time traffic updates
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Current viewership status
  • Average time on site
  • Comparative study
  • Consolidated data report

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    1. Masi Reply

      Hi David,
      You can get your OTT content monetized through various techniques like advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD), and subscription (SVOD) to generate a profitable revenue.

    1. Masi Reply

      We help you with Digital rights management (DRM) license that completely ensures in protecting the copyrights and ownership rights of the video content over the Internet.

  1. sundeep Reply

    OTT services are in demand! Tell me what are the more appealing factors to choose your cloud ott tv platform?

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Sundeep,

      Our OTT TV solution and its services are meant to meet all the demands of broadcasters to telecast their video content by reducing the technical complexity.

      We provide various revenue driving features, excel in content security & management, generate traffic updates & viewership metrics to analyze the user behaviour and much more.

  2. Margret Reply

    We are planning to monetize our video content through subscription or advertising. How much does your OTT TV solution charge for these options?

    1. Masi Reply

      OTT actually refers to the video that is being delivered over a broadband network that isn’t owned by the distributor itself. As far as TV Everywhere is concerned, you need to get subscribed to the local TV connection provider to watch a selected range of videos which will be delivered through the Internet.

      In case of TV everywhere the user should be paying for the traditional TV service as well whereas, OTT demands pay only for the videos streamed.

  3. Helen keller Reply

    I want to monetize my video content and how much does it cost particularly for Pay per view and SVOD alone?

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Abhishek,

      Our Contus VPlay is a cloud based OTT TV streaming platform that can be accessed smoothly without limitations from any device, anytime and from anywhere.

  4. Anwar Shah Reply

    Excellent article, thanks! I never know an OTT TV platform for both VOD and live streaming purposes and now came to know the uses of OTT TV solution too!

  5. Senneta Reply

    A cloud based solution providing various revenue driving features! Good one to go for those planning to launch own ott tv platform..

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