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How Predictive Analytics is Shaping Connected Cars in Automobile Industry?

Published On January 25th, 2024 2255Automotive IoT

What if your automobile talks to you? What if they have sixth sense just like humans? That’s what exactly predictive analytics does to your automobile. Whether you use it for your personal car or used in the manufacturing industry, predictive analytics in manufacturing helps to predict, monitor and forecast the performance and provide safety precautions consistently.

Predictive maintenance in the automobile industry helps to redesign the industry into a smart manufacturing unit through various mechanical data analytics and technologies. The predictive maintenance analytics gives “right information at the right time”. It also paves way to cost saving techniques.

Connected Cars in IoT is the next big digital thing in the automobile industry which is sure to create a revolution through the introduction of autonomous driverless cars. These self-driving cars involves complex sensor system in which the powerful sensors attached to it makes the machine-machine communication a reality.

Why we need Predictive Maintenance in the first place?

“Think Beyond Airbags & Seat Belts”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your machine talks to you that something seems to be off track or needs immediate attention. Well, Predictive maintenance analytical techniques does exactly the same. It has given the vehicle-vehicle communication a whole new level, which shaped up pretty well with the current technologies like the internet of things. With solution driven IoT application development, unleash the full potential of your automobile industry with the help of predictive maintenance tools, software and solutions.

According to a recent Predictive analysis report, the predictive maintenance is expected to grow by $12.4 billion by the year 2022. Connected cars along with predictive analytics in the automotive industry provide comfort, safety, and entertainment in a new dimension.

Ever worried whether you locked the car or ever wondered when you may run out of gas? Example of predictive maintenance technology is implemented by one of the pioneers in the automobile industry at Mercedes Benz. Benz has a new embedded technology known as ‘Mercedes Me’ which answers all these questions within seconds.

With the automotive predictive maintenance dataset, all the information are at your fingertips and much more than the data it also used to analyze the historical data. FleetBoard telematics system helps to reduce the fuel costs and recommends for future maintenance if any.

Divergent use cases of Predictive Analytics

With increase in demand for more technology-savvy automobile products, the corresponding supply chain demand also increases accordingly. Automobile industry constantly looking to adopt to a more sophisticated technologies like algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence to build a smarter IT infrastructure that meet the supply-demand chain.

1. Predictive Maintenance

To prevent unplanned downtime, increase revenue and decrease the maintenance services cost, these predictive maintenances in the automotive industry plays a vital role. It provides a deep insight about the automobile’s health history, right from when it had its first complete service till current vehicle condition.

How does it work?

  • Predictive Maintenance systems have larger access to the datasets
  • Shows red flags by sending alerts and reminders to the owner
  • Embedded with various micro to mini vehicle sensor to capture every moment & asset behaviour
  • Early-detection of problems from grass root level that is difficult for normal humans to identify

For instance, imagine you are on a road trip in Colorado during a christmas vacation. With freezing temperatures outside, you decided to see the rocky mountain which is the peak time to see the white snow bed. But what if your coolant for some reasons is below the average level? With freezing temperatures outside, you cannot step out but wait until you get road assistance!

But with predictive maintenance, even before you start your road trip plan, you will get a notification of low coolant level. This are some of the amazing benefits of implementing predictive analysis in your automobile system.

2. Predictive Collision Avoidance

As the name indicates, it prevents the vehicle-vehicle collision well before it is anticipated to occur. Especially these are a boon to the expressway drivings where vehicle speeding and its related collision is inevitable.

Several surveys proves that more road accidents occur due to the negligence of the driver and speeding. Now, with these predictive collisions in hand, these automotive predictive analytics go behind the wheels with more confidence.

How does it work?

  • Intelligent forward collision warning
  • Advanced sensors placed on the key areas, front bumper, back side etc
  • Blind-spot intervention
  • Back-up intervention
  • Detecting indicator display and audible alert
  • Autonomous Emergency steering system

3. Connected Car Cyber Security

In 2016, few hackers broke the secured IoT sensor vehicle & activated the jeep giving a security breach alert to the manufacturers. As every industry are more inclined towards digitalization, more connected cars are predicted to mushroom in the coming years. Predictive maintenance and connected cars provide data analytics that does a better job than the conventional security systems

Through patterns detections, it clearly distinguishes between authorized owners and intruders. It spots and records even the slightest behaviour deviation and alerts for any suspicious activity. In case of any anomalous behaviour it abruptly disconnects the communication between the connected systems to avoid any chaos.

How does it work?

  • Securing V2X processors
  • Hardware-centric security
  • Embedded Security solutions
  • Automotive microcontrollers

4. Auto Marketing

In this information era and heavy competition on the automobile industry, customers are well connected digitally and constantly looking for innovative technologies in their automobile to make their life more easier and simpler.

However, in the decline of the TV views year by year, selling your product to the right audience is a challenge to any manufacturing industry. Hence, predictive maintenance gives a clear picture of who is the targeted audience and how to convert them into potential buyers.

How it is done?

  • Predictive analytical tools – These tools will track down who is the buyer, their behaviour, demographic data and what type of challenges they are facing with their current automobile products and where are there online presence.
  • Complex Algorithms – Every granular level of details of a user’s vehicle information, right from registration, service types, parts replacements or enhancements, mileage to trading off to other dealers are retrieved for predicting user’s behaviour and needs.
  • CRM platforms – Predictive analytics integrated with Customer Relationship Management platform helps to deliver the right advertisements to the right audience for increasing the revenue.

5. Data Management

As we are explaining the holy grail of the connected cars and its enormous usage it gives to its users, we cannot avoid its impact on the huge data load. Whether it is stored in the cloud with premium packages, every stored data is going to increase in mammoth size.

For example, a single connected car requires 30 GB/hour then with 220 million connected cars that is predicted in future needs surplus amount of storage area which is a challenge.
Hence, predictive analysis plays a vital role in reducing the data burden where data analytics in the automotive industry helps to streamline and simplify the tasks.

How it is done?

  • Intelligent data management solutions
  • Predictive and deep learning
  • Real-time data

Intelligent data management solutions will effectively manage the data both in the cloud as well as in the car.

Also instead of analyzing from the stored data, predictive analytics make effective use of the real-time data for future predictions by making productive use of connected car resources.

How CONTUS is helping the connected car industry?

CONTUS with its best IoT app development service, built an in-vehicle mobile app for one of the global giants in the automobile industry. The main aim of this app was to encourage safe and responsive driving through real-time monitoring of driver behaviour.

With the technology stack like AngularJS, JSon, BLE, Linux, they were able to build a customized mobile application. They came up with an engineered logic that evaluated the driver’s skills based on the acceleration, braking, idling pattern, etc

As a result, CONTUS’ IoT predictive analytics by configuring the driver leaderboards to encourage a safe driving culture and reduced the accident instances in a significant level due to the prompt vehicle maintenance, real-time driving behaviour replication using graphical representation.


American Automobile Association (AAA), a popular household name among Americans, effectively uses predictive analytics for their travel, insurance and auto insurance services.

Daniel Matheiux, director of AAA, says “By implementing predictive analytics in our system we were able to provide customizable services through the insights gained from the analytics. AAA has been able to cut attrition and increase overall customer lifetime value.”

Buckle up your seat belts and get ready for an awesome riding experience. With hassle-free predictive analytics tools and a thorough knowledge of your vehicle behaviour & maintenance data, expand your vehicle’s life in mint condition.

Predictive analytics


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