22 September, 2023

Salesforce Contacts – For anything that is up to increase your sales factor

When it comes to sales, where do you think a salesperson would lack some stuff? Probably, on CRM (customer relationship management). Most of the salespeople are less active in maintaining or increasing their salesforce. Customers have everything to do with the increase in sales factor of any enterprise. Previously, none of the enterprises had options like this to increase the salesforce with efficient customer management techniques. However, thanks to smartphone technology in these days, there has emerged few amazing applications to drive the salesforce of any enterprise in an effective manner. One among such great apps is ‘Salesforce contacts‘ that has been purposely developed by Contus Support Interactive to enhance enterprise mobility, CRM mobility and salesforce mobility.

Things are turning mobile now and especially with the wider usage of Androids, it has been proven that anything could be made mobile. Salesforce contacts is an android app that allows you to sync your customer contacts with your smartphone contacts. This app works with Salesforce Sales Cloud. On syncing your customer contacts with your Smartphone contacts, you can get easily synchronized with your customers. Salesforce Contact paves an excellent way to Salesforce Management by helping you come up with an improved efficiency of your sales target.

Below listed are some of the features that get along with this android app:

1. Secured app which keeps the data safe and secure
2. Checks the complete user activities
3. Intelligent filter to sync the contacts from a particular period.
4. Unsync your customer contact
5. Sync your customer contacts with your phone contacts
6. Separate group for Salesforce will be created in your smartphone contact

While Contus support Interactive has come up with a plethora of apps for androids so far, this app is really gonna hit the market for being one great app to encourage enterprise mobilty. So, for any enterprise that wishes to increase the efficiency of its workforce, ‘Salesforce Contact’ can be the apt choice.

Our Salesforce contacts android app can be downloaded from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.contussupport.contacts

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.


  1. nirmal@contus.in Reply

    Hi srijish,

    We have fixed the force close error and updated the application in the Google Play.You can now update the app to latest version to avoid force close.If you have any other issues please feel free to inform so that we can serve you better.

    thank you.

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