Embrace the Future of Connected Mobility with Right Technologies

Adapt to the fast-changing consumer demands with future-proof, network-aware connected vehicle solutions.


Revolutionize transport with seamless, integrated, and smart connected vehicle solutions.


Boost safety, cut costs, and ramp up productivity with self-driving cars.


Create new business models as automotives get more increasingly connected.


Get more eco-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient with e-vehicles.

Deliver Personalized, Bespoke Customer Journeys That Exceed Expectations

Create a reliable digital bridge between your connected car and the outside world that is automatic, safe, and private.

Bridge the Gap Between Smartphones and Vehicles

Experience seamless integration of smartphones with the vehicle. Get real-time traffic updates, enjoy on-the-go entertainment, and control your car remotely for a connected, secure, and convenient drive.

Build Automotive Navigation Solutions

Make Informed Decisions with Analytics

PKI-Based Solution for Strong Cybersecurity


Holistic Solution for All Connected Vehicle Services

Work with the existing services or add any number of new services with a versatile connected vehicle IoT platform

Connected Emergency Response

Leverage cloud-based data for rapid, precise emergency response coordination and location tracking.

Connected Intersections

Optimize traffic flow, enhance safety for all road users, and cut fuel use and emissions.

Connected Transit

Transform public transit with real-time IoT data for efficient, reliable, and safer travel experiences.

Connected School Beacons

Monitor and maintain beacons remotely for uninterrupted safety around school zones, ensuring reliable, efficient operation.

Connected Cross Walks

Enhance pedestrian safety with advanced crosswalks, reducing injuries through high-visibility, signalized, and intelligent lighting solutions

Extend Range, Secure Vehicle using Public Key Cryptography with BLE Technology

Adapt to changing consumer demands, offer cutting-edge features to users and extract more out of your connected vehicle with Bluetooth low energy technology.

Build religious platform
Keyless Entry and Start

Enhance vehicle access and ignition with robust, smartphone-driven keyless entry and start solutions. Catering to the modern automotive demands of your users.

Personalized User Profiles

Customize vehicle settings — lighting, seat positions, infotainment, seat heating, and HVAC — tailored to individual drivers. Align your services to promote customer satisfaction.

ECDH Public Key Cryptography

Integrate advanced cryptographic protocols for secure vehicle access and authentication. Secure your systems from Man-In-The-Middle attacks and passive eavesdropping.

OTA Updates (FOTA)

Stay ahead of the curve with Firmware OTA updates. Ensure that your vehicles are consistently equipped with the latest firmware and software enhancements.

Build a Platform to Link Connected Applications with C-v2x IoT Networks

Get enhanced connected vehicle solutions communication irrespective of components, sensors, and infrastructure.

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)

Enable your vehicles to communicate and share vital information like speed, dynamics, and traffic data. Strengthen safety to prevent accidents and coordinate emergency vehicle movements more effectively.

Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)

Integrate vehicle data with infrastructure insights for smoother traffic flow and efficient toll booth management. Offer comprehensive lane, toll, and traffic light data on one unified dashboard.

Vehicle to Pedestrians (V2P)

Empower pedestrians with an intuitive interface providing real-time updates on nearby transit options, taxis, and estimated arrival time for a more informed and efficient urban travel experience.

Vehicle to Network (V2N)

Combine the power of Intelligent Transport Systems with real-time network connectivity to inform drivers about weather conditions and accidents on their routes. Take road safety and travel planning to the next level.

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)

Facilitate a comprehensive communication network with everything on the road, from vehicles to infrastructure. Enhance overall traffic efficiency and safety, and pave the way for a smarter mobility future.

Automate Your Fleet With Smart Connected Vehicle Solutions

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live streaming features

One Grand, Unified Interface for All Things Connectivity Management

Simplify the complexities of maintaining multiple connected technologies in one platform

Automotive Software Development

Advance your vehicle offerings with our comprehensive automotive software development. Create applications and systems from infotainment to ADAS, enhancing user experience and safety.

Automotive Asset Management

Automotive HMI

Navigation & Mapping

Digital Cockpit Platform


Develop a Connected Vehicle Platform Tailored to Specific Use Cases

We understand not everyone needs everything — that’s why we have got flexible, use case-specific solutions.

live video streaming
Electric Vehicle Monitoring

Enhance electric vehicle management with sophisticated performance monitoring, charging status, and location. This technology facilitates optimal vehicle usage, predictive maintenance, and environmental impact assessment, ensuring a seamless and efficient electric vehicle experience.

  • Battery usage data
  • Vehicle performance data
  • Driver behavior data
  • Charging alert & report
  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Electric vehicle digital twin

What Successful IoT Businesses Say About CONTUS Tech

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Preston Purnell
UI/UX Designer at Navitus Health Solutions

They come up with solutions that we never would have thought of.

We wanted to build a simple and effective healthcare app for our customers. CONTUS Tech developers helped us build a good-looking, user-friendly mobile app way before the initial deadline.

5/5 Stars user icon
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Mike Swinford
Co-Founder / President at Bandwear.com

They’ve understood the scope of the work and possibly better than ourselves.

Men at CONTUS Tech are brilliant listeners. They paid heed to our words, added their own insights, blended the industry’s best practices, and delivered the best possible product that we could think of. They were simply outstanding.

5/5 Stars user icon
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Shankar Uprety
Chief Executive Officer at Hamro Patro

The MVP met our expectations and was delivered on time

Ever since we started Hamro Patro, the Contus team has been at the forefront of it. Their developers were punctual in their process, agile in their approach, and built an MVP — exactly what we wanted.

5/5 Stars user icon
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Rory A Pollard
VP of Internal Audit - Orion Engineered Carbons

Truly commendable job. A big thumbs up from our side.

We hired some 25 developers from CONTUS Tech. I must confess that their work is truly commendable, and among the finest we've encountered in a while. They incorporated unique features into our app and went above and beyond to deliver the highest quality of work possible for us.

5/5 Stars user icon
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Kumar Mehta
VP of Engineering at Juniper Networks

CONTUS’s developers are thoroughly impressive — full marks from my side.

We approached the CONTUS team to build the industry’s first AI-native networking platform. They delivered the app just as we expected — thanks to their excellent project management and communication skills, which were instrumental to our project's success.

5/5 Stars user icon
user icon
Pirmin Unger
Director KM and AI - think-cell Software

CONTUS team was right there when we needed them the most.

We hastily launched our SaaS product but encountered issues due to poor development.Contus stepped in, resolving all difficulties, fixing bugs, and enhancing functionality, making it user-friendly.

5/5 Stars user icon

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