2 April, 2023
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Hire a Full Stack Developer for your Next Project

A full stack developer is an one-man-army. From plotting plans to putting it into action, the whole development process is their forte. Armed with expertise spanning multiple coding language frameworks and platforms, they are an asset to any tech project team. Approaching a right full stack web development company is the optimal solution for any business model to thrive well and yield more revenue.

Traditional Web Development vs Full-Stack Development

Until full-stack development became commonplace, each development task was required to be done in silos. There was a separate person for each work which consumed more time, lead to confusions and also dragged the deliverables beyond estimates.

The growth of full stack web developers removed all those shackles in development. Today, they are regarded as jack of all trades and also masters of many skills who can complete work in half the time and also at fractional costs. Two benefits every business in every industry is vying for.

Full stack developers are capable of handling the project from all corners, right from backend to frontend and even UI/UX designing. They can make the project come alive on all screens from web, mobile and desktop.

They have in-depth expertise on working with APIs, client-side code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. as well as server side scripting using SQL, MySQL, Python, RedHat and several other technologies.

That makes them agile at completing projects with more efficiency than traditional development process.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

full stack developer

A full stack developer is someone who can juggle several design, development and testing tasks single-handedly. They have a steep learning curve which helps them master several coding, designing and testing skills simultaneously. Another reason why every enterprise uses want to hire full stack developer. It gives the same output for a reduced cost.

Moreover, businesses need to change their IT strategies dynamically to meet the customer demands. Full stack development negates this challenge by bringing all skills, tools and expertise in one person – the Full stack developer. Imagine Full Stack developers as a superhero with super powers.

Here are some essential skills that a full stack web developers invariably possesses:

  • Working experience in CSS, JavaScript, streamlining tools like Gulp, Grunt, Browserify, etc.

  • High-level expertise in web frameworks like Node JS, Angular JS, Node JS, Django, etc.

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  • Code deployment expertise in web servers like Apache2, AWS EC2 and Nginx

  • Ability to work and bring together several loosely held components to build applications

  • Ability to think from a strategic business point of view to derive solutions

Let us briefly look into what are the responsibilities of Full Stack Developers

Full Stack Web Application Developer

Benefits of Hiring a Full Stack Developer

Full Stack development brings to table several benefits that helps businesses to complete deliverables quickly and efficiently. Full stack web development empowers businesses to have total control over every aspect of the business. Here is a detailed overview of the benefits of full stack development.

Full Ownership of Development

Full Ownership of Development

Full stack developers a.k.a full stackers enjoy full ownership of the project development from scratch. They understand the business need and can see what each feature in the software does to serve that business need. This helps them take full ownership of the development stage leading to better deliveries.



The focus of full stack development is to serve the ultimate business need. Full stack web development is nimble enough to jump from one phase of development to another in short notice. Say for example, a new feature needs to be integrated, or a design improvisation is asked for to meet business demands. Full stack development helps achieve that on the fly without any hassles. If getting a project completed in quick time is your priority then hiring a full stack web developer is the ideal option for you.

Multidisciplinary Development Approach

Multidisciplinary approach

Full stack developers are multi disciplinary professionals. Recruiters are even enterprises are intent on hiring full stack developer owing to their multidisciplinary prowess translates into quick adaptivity to changing scenarios. Also, they have the long-term vision to see how strategic changes can be made in the code to reflect benefits in the long-run. This ultimately leads to taking advantage of business opportunities as and when they arise.

Agility at all Levels

Agility at all Levels

Full stack developers are equally adept at front end and back end designing. They have the agility to shift designs and codes as and when required to meet the end goal. In erstwhile development practices, this form of agility would have been missing, because, developers, designers, testers will be working in separate silos, disconnected from each other.

Troubleshooting Issues

Troubleshooting Issues

As full stack developers have thorough knowledge on the front-end and back-end processes, they envision when a possible problem may arise during a project development lifecycle. Based on their expertise, the developers provide a long-term solutions to avoid the obvious issues. They also document the troubleshooting issues along with the appropriate solutions for future references.



Full stack developers are well-versed in juggling between the coding or back-end scripting in a seamless way. They can work on NodeJS, CSS and shift to the HTML part and effectively collaborate between the users and the browsers.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

As a single developer takes care of all the front end and back end processes, we can prevent waiting on resources to get things done at each software development stage. Thus, hiring a full stack developer ensures quick project delivery.

Important Pointers to Consider While Hiring a Full Stack Developer

Git and GitHub users

While hiring a full stack developer for your business, it is good to check if they have a GitHub account. GitHub is a web-based platform where it acts as a hub for software developers. Git hosts the developer’s source code and keeps tracks of all the iteration and changes made to the project. Whether they are working alone or working in a team, being a GitHub user is mandatory.

Ability to present compelling Front-end

Having a good knowledge of CSS and HTML is an added advantage of a good full stack developer. Because, while the Cascading Style Sheets enhances the look and feel of your website, the Hypertext markup language will help to create a cohesive website. When we use both CSS and HTML, creating more engaging and compelling content is not a tedious task.

Understand the overall architecture

To build and deploy a project successfully the full stack developer should know the whole web architecture of their current project. Where to place the data, what are the computational tasks and having a clear idea of the project workflow will help to streamline the project and finish it within the deadline.

Final Thoughts

From just launched startups to decades old corporations, everybody is throwing their time and efforts into full stack development. It delivers a ton of benefits that stretches far beyond saving costs. The biggest benefit is perhaps the agility in business operations which translates into competitive advantage.

From pilot to project, CONTUS can help bring your ideas to reality with great ease. Our tech mavericks have evolved as full stack developers who can think long-term and delivery results in short-term with full stack development.

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Vakula Chetty is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive. She is leading the marketing team of CONTUS DigitalTeams.


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      Hello Will,

      Here is the brief note. A full stack developer is someone, who handles both frontend & backend development process of an application. A full stack developer can use any technology stack (LAMP stack, Django stack, and Ruby stack etc.) for the development process. While, a MEAN stack developer is someone who uses only a particular set of technologies (M-MongoDB, E- Express Js, A-Angular Js, N-Node JS) during the Full stack web development.

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