Why and Why Not Contus Fly?

Solid reasons that showcase why you will never have to look anywhere for real time chat app development.

  • 100% Customizable

    Hyper-Accommodative for quick customizations, scalability, technology updates & integrations.

  • Full Access to Source Code

    Have total control over your instant messaging app and its functioning messaging SDK & API with full access to source code on which it is built.

  • On Cloud

    Host data on a cloud server or on your own premises servers to scale up your instant messaging mobile app's accessibility & scalability.

  • High Profile Technology Stack

    Build your Android/iOS chat app with solution powered by Ejabberd, Erlang, Amazon Web S3, MySQL, and much more under the hood.

Multiple Communication Possibilities Under One Roof Drive communication anywhere in different mediums. Deliver messages to concurrent users more precisely across platforms with our chat app solution wrapped up in one pretty package.

Enriching Peer-to-peer Chat at its ApexTurn every conversation into an instant and real-time communication through Contus Fly’s chat SDK & API. Our powerful messaging SDK holds futuristic features and scales up from two users to millions without queuing of messages. Develop your complete feature-enriched chat application with diverse messaging possibilities such as private, group and public chat rooms. With our messaging APIs, integrate customizable chat functionality on Android, iOS & Web applications to augment your users messaging experience across platforms.
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Personalized Voice Conversation on the GoMake. receive, & route multiple voice calls from voice chat app to network carriers persistently. Our voice call APIs enables to create new lines of communication through VoIP & SIP integration for clear voice communication. Manage calls to browsers, mobile apps to experience the voice chat quality you demand by integrating our voice chat API on Android, iOS & web applications. Our real-time voice call SDK & API ensures the routing of calls are absolutely clear and quality enhanced with low latency are at its bottom line.
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Bringing Video Call Experience into LiveHarness the power of video calling feature over Android, iOS & Websites with the integration of our video call APIs & SDKs. Build extreme low-latency one-to-one, video conferencing, & group video chat apps with Contus Fly’s in-built WebRTC to amplify app’s user engagement. Our intuitive video call scale from startup to enterprise and support all industry uses cases such as education, health care, sports & marketplace. Disregard the fret of video chat security issues completely, Our video chat API & SDK is embedded with end-to-end encryption to ensure the video chat taking place between servers are safeguarded.
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Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

Reach recipients and be reachable at any given time. With Contus Fly IM chat app solution, you can stay connected through multiple communication mediums.

  • Voice Messaging

    Speak, record & send your voice message using the IM app with smooth integration of chat API & SDK

  • Push Notifications

    Messages sent to the IM chat app does ring a bell on your Android/iOS device

  • Location Sharing

    Share real-time location details to guide others to reach you

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  • Video Calling

    Communicate with a personal touch with voice/video calls on the chat app

  • Online Presence Indicators

    Know the availability of your friends with real time presence indicators

  • Video Conferencing

    Make persistent video calls up to 4 users across platforms

Collaborate in Groups

Chat, make announcements, delegate, collect feedback with any number of friends, peers and social circle with our native Android/iOS chat app development solution.

  • Group Chat

    Create chat groups with any number of members to communicate real time.

  • Sync and Store

    Integrate Chat API or messaging SDK into your application from anywhere, through any device.

  • Social Integration

    Sign into the IM app quickly through social accounts.

  • Screen Sharing

    Share your real time screen to contacts through the chat app easily.

Delegate like a Pro

Converge resources to a single point of contact with instant messaging app development solution built for team discussions, data sharing & information handling on the go.

  • Fully Searchable

    Retrieve any piece of information easily from a repository of chat logs

  • Lightweight Application

    IM solution that performs great with less strain on your smartphone's processor by smooth integration of SDK.

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  • File Sharing

    Share data in any form with multiple file type support

  • Chat History Archival

    Create repositories of chat logs and retrieve them anytime instantly

Scale Adaptively

Build a chat app with adaptive scalability. Cloud-enabled storage solution to archive data, files, chatlogs, multimedia contents and more.

  • Coordinate in Groups

    Create groups for friends or peers with no member limitations.

  • Centralized Administration

    Control users, groups and set access permissions within chat groups.

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage for Media

    Cloudify your Android/iOS chat app media contents and never worry about space limits.

  • All-network Compatible

    Adaptive connectivity based performance for an uncompromising chat experience.

Fortified Chat Experience

Benefit from our instant messaging app solution has heightened security for ensuring the confidentiality and security of the messages transferred.

  • HMAC Authentication

    Ensuring accuracy of data exchange across several nodes with HMAC

  • Auto Delete of Messages

    Self-destructive messages for securing confidentiality of personal and official chat

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  • End to End Encryption

    Create fortified walls to ensure a much safer information exchange

  • Two-Step Verification

    Online-Offline verification for authenticating users of the mobile chat app

Magnifying Seamless Integration

Go beyond the integration complex to transform every piece of information in a reliable flow on any platform to sustain on partner site than ever before.

  • Collaborative Functionality

    Experience the most sought third-party integration technology to reap extensive business benefits.

  • Integrate Custom Built Chat API

    Utilize open API business strategy internally or externally to stimulate end-user.

  • In-house SDK Solution

    Leverage your core business requirement through handful Android, iOS and Web code libraries.

  • Centralized Software as a Solution

    Manage every bit of processing and configuration of messaging app at a centralized API admin.

Framework & Architecture of Contus Fly

Cutting edge technologies, native coding (Readymade chat API & messaging SDK) and cloud hosting service make Contus Fly a feature-rich and dependable mobile chat app development solution.

Contus Fly Architecture

Time Tested Technologies Deployed

to build your chat application on Android & iOS

develop chat application using XMPP

On Your Own Cloud to scale up your instant messaging app's efficiency

  • Anytime & Anywhere Accessibility
  • Reliable
  • Scalable + High Performance
  • Secure
  • Unlimited Storage
  • No Downtime Issues

Helping Brands Communicate & Collaborate without Borders

Contus Fly enabled high-volume, fast-changing, real-time communication for brands with users scattered across continents.

Aggrandizing the Conversation of Chat Application through Integrating 40+ Language Translator for a Top-tier Startup Firm

Augmented a real-time chat application with translator feature and multi-channel platforms to enrich the interactiveness of the users within the chat application that holds concurrent users at same time.


Engineered a Standalone Chat App & Web Application for a Leading Online Educational Portal that Educates Thousands of Students

Built a standalone Messaging Platform and Web Application with one-to-one video chat interaction to help students through Online Coaching Classes and real-time Chat that performs seamlessly on Android & iOS Platforms.


Experience the Real-Time Agility of Contus Fly Right Now Type some random text in the text box and you can observe the typed text getting displayed in the receiver in a jiffy.

Architecture of Contus Fly

Explore the Instant Messaging App on Your Preferred Platform Get ready to experience the performance of your real time chat application in iOS & Android platforms, prior to building a new mobile live chat app.

Android App Demo

Install Fly in Android platform & explore all the features.

iOS (iPhone & iPad) Demo

Download Fly in iOS platform & discover its full potential.

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