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50 Ways IoT will Change the Way We Live

Published On January 25th, 2024 1489Automotive IoT

Sooner or later this was bound to happen. Your devices will have a life of their own, a mind of their own and will do tasks that you thought they could never do on their own.

We are talking about the oncoming surge of ‘Things’. The Internet of Things. The ocean of Internet-connected everyday devices. From your smartphone to home security system to even your car, everything will seamlessly connect, integrate and communicate like they belong in the same ecosystem.

The era of Internet of Things have arrived. It won’t be too long before they will become part and parcel of our daily life and change the way we will live once and for all.

Here are 50 sure ways how IoT will change our lives:



IoT will help manufacturing enterprises to clock higher efficiency levels through optimizing equipment performance for cost reduction.

  • 1. Machine-to-Machine applications that auto-diagnose low-performance symptoms and alert actuators for proactive actions
  • 2. RFID/NFC based tags that help quick tracking and locating of indoor assets
  • 3. Accurate and timely preventive maintenance of assets that are prone to wear and tear from regular use
  • 4. Sensors that record, transmit and alert when temperature, pressure, volume other key metrics are exceeded or drastically reduced
  • 5. Indoor temperature quality monitoring for ensuring safety of factory workers who work in toxic environments



Patients at home and medical professionals at clinics will have a constant pulse of vital health stats through wearables and similar equipment.

  • 6. Remote monitoring of elderly patients through data streamed from sensor equipped tiny wearable devices (rings, bracelets, watches, biometric t-shirts, etc.)
  • 7. Remote data gathering of vital health stats like blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.
  • 8. Fitness gadgets that measure daily activity, display calories burnt and fitness goals achieved
  • 9. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled real-time location of patients, ambulances, medical equipments, donors, etc.
  • 10. Advanced sensor-based product tracking and authentication to prevent drug counterfeits



From amplifying customer experience to drawing new revenue models, retail entities can leverage IoT for commercial success.

  • 11. Intelligent IoT applications that will navigate customers to stores, advise them on best offers and help them checkout without having to wait at counters.
  • 12. Sensor collected information about customer preferences, habits for better ad targeting
  • 13. Demand-aware inventory management that alerts low stock levels, near-expiry stocks and SKU tracking
  • 14. Smart stores that track customer journey from entrance to exit for better planogram planning
  • 15. Smart mirrors that enable customers to take trial of several apparels virtually



Real-time energy grid monitoring and management will reduce energy costs, improve transmission and distribution across vast regions.

  • 16. Real-time monitoring of energy consumption by equipment for identifying energy efficient equipment
  • 17. Smart metering that help energy grids manage load easily for high-tension and low-tension consumers
  • 18. Energy grid management that analyze performance automatically and trigger alerts when energy efficiency or supply is possible to be disrupted



Better public infrastructure management that will make things easy for administrators, citizens and even tourists.

  • 19. Structural health monitoring based on pressure and predictive maintenance cycles
  • 20. Smart and proactive irrigation based on predictive weather analysis
  • 21. Smart roads that analyze traffic movement for proactive traffic control
  • 22. Augmented tourism possibilities where tourists can explore landmarks through IoT enabled navigation and push notifications
  • 23. Simplified public administration where smart tags and IDs can be used for public property management
  • 24. IoT enabled biometric devices can be used for personal identification of citizens



Massive blocks of townships, service roads and service stations will be united under a single digital roof to design a better standard of living.

  • 25. Residential e-meters that will take away the inaccuracy and unreliability of manual meters
  • 26. Smart street lights that will reduce energy consumption and deliver high energy efficiency through daylight energy harvesting
  • 27. Automated security systems that detect and alert threats
  • 28. Centralized and integrated traffic management for smooth vehicle movement
  • 29. Smart thermostats that condition indoor temperature according to outdoor environment



Connected cars will make driving less effortless and more of a leisure activity all the while when upping the level of driver and passenger safety.

  • 30. Vehicle to Vehicle applications that ensure safe driving in real-time scenarios
  • 31. obile controlled infotainment system for driver and passengers
  • 32. Embedded sensors that feed real-time location of vehicles
  • 33. Fatigue noticing device that alerts when driver is not driving attentively
  • 34. Collision alarms or brake activators that prevent vehicle ramming
  • 35. Smart parking sensors that navigate cars to free parking spaces



Fortified safety and security systems for buildings, homes and public spaces which in the present day world are largely disorganized for unified action.

    • 36. Automatic surveillance systems that pickup video feed based on movement (motion sensors)
    • 37. Sensors in seabeds that triggers automated alerts for plausible natural calamities or abnormal weather conditions
    • 38. Rooftop sensors that pick up weather changes and predict climatic conditions for the day
    • 39. Automated fire sensors that raise alarms and put actuators into work for controlling fire incidents

40. Biometric or PIN locked home security systems that keep burglars at bay



Doors to windows and home appliances, everything can be controlled with voice commands, gestures or preset schedules.

  • 41. Voice enabled controls for home appliances
  • 42.Alerts for malfunctioning or broken appliances
  • 43. Automatic ordering for food and groceries (Amazon Go)
  • 44. Child safety applications for remote parents
  • 45. Sensor connected lighting for optimal energy consumption



Intelligent transportation systems with proactive route planning that take less time to reach traffic thus making the world a greener place to live.

  • 46. Enhanced fleet management and telematics that help maximize vehicle efficiency through diagnostics for fuel economy, carbon emissions, vehicle health, driver fatigue, etc.
  • 47. Razor-sharp logistics and supply chain systems that will work with clockwork precision thus improving inventory turnover
  • 48. Shared economy featuring carpooling and similar that will reduce carbon emissions
  • 49. Accurate route-mapping and navigation that will quicken deliveries and reduce carbon footprints
  • 50. Speed governing sensors that will tweak vehicle acceleration after calculating pace of traffic moving ahead (Tesla)

Bringing it all together

There you have it. 50 ways how Internet of Things will merge with our daily lives to make it better, safer and smarter.

These tiny devices will become permanent installations everywhere. From living rooms to manufacturing plants, they will change the way things are done once and for all.

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