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Remote Software Developers: Top 7 Companies to Hire 2024

Published On June 14th, 2024 86Engineering
Learn About Remote Developers

The way we work has been forever changed over the past few years. Remote work is no longer just a temporary necessity  — it’s the normal that’s here to stay. 

And that trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as we look ahead to 2024 and beyond.

For companies across every industry, building and maintaining a strong engineering workforce will require rethinking traditional hiring models. 

The best talent is no longer confined to a single location or region. Top developers can now quite literally work from anywhere.

This new reality of remote and distributed teams opens up a world of possibilities. 

But it also presents challenges in terms of sourcing, vetting, hiring, and managing engineers who may be spread out across multiple countries and time zones.

That’s where specialized companies focused on remote engineer hiring and management come into play. 

They have cracked the code on effectively connecting businesses with elite global talent that can seamlessly integrate into their workflows from afar.

In this blog post, you are going to learn about Companies to hire dedicated remote developers in 2024

Let’s get started on why you have to go for remote developers.

Why You Should Hire Remote Developers?

Hiring remote developers is gaining popularity as more companies shift to remote work. It saves money, gives access to talent worldwide, and offers flexibility. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should hire dedicated developers.

1. Access a Massive Global Talent Pool

When hiring remotely, you open up your potential candidate pool to an entire world of developers rather than just those in your local area. This allows you to cast a much wider net to access specialized skills and expertise that may be extremely difficult to find locally. 

You’re no longer constrained by geographic boundaries when building out your engineering dream team. 

With remote work, developers from anywhere can apply – whether from major tech hubs or up-and-coming markets. This exponentially increases your chances of finding that perfect skill set match.

2. Unlock Previously Untapped Wells of Technical Genius

There are hugely talented developers all around the globe, even in regions that may not be considered traditional tech hotbeds. 

Remote hiring allows you to tap into these vast reservoirs of untapped technical brilliance from countries your company may have never recruited from before. 

This diversity of global perspectives, experiences, and problem-solving approaches can be enormously valuable for driving innovation. You’re no longer stuck with the same limited talent pool as your local competitors when you embrace remote hiring.

3. Skyrocket Productivity and Get More Done  

Numerous research studies have consistently shown that remote employees tend to be more productive than their office-bound counterparts. 

Working remotely allows developers to create distraction-free environments tailored to their personal productivity styles and peak creative hours. They can avoid draining daily commutes and workplace interruptions. 

Overall, remote software developers tend to be happier and more satisfied – and happier developers simply produce higher-quality code at faster rates. You get more efficient output from a more focused and motivated workforce.

4. Access Cost-Effective Global Talent  

One of the biggest benefits of hiring remote teams is the potential cost savings, especially when sourcing talent from regions with lower prevailing costs of living. 

You can pay significantly less for the same level of skills and experience compared to local hires in your area. 

Alternatively, you can attract even higher-caliber engineering talent by offering competitive remote salaries while still saving substantially on labor costs. Either way, remote hiring opens the door to much more cost-effective solutions for staffing your technical teams.

5. Enable Continuous Productivity Powered by Global Teams

With remote teams spanning multiple time zones around the world, you can essentially enable around-the-clock productivity on your dev projects.

 As one team wraps up its workday, another squad kicks off theirs – continuously passing the baton to keep development sprints and implementations moving forward 24/7. You’re no longer constrained by the limitations of a single location or time zone. 

This continuous integration and delivery cycle means products can ship and iterate faster than ever before to stay ahead of the competition.

6. Drastically Reduce Infrastructure and Operating Costs

Beyond just potential savings on labor expenses, going remote allows you to avoid many of the significant infrastructure costs associated with housing an in-office team.

You can drastically cut expenses related to leasing large office spaces, workstations, equipment, utilities, facilities management, and all the other overhead that comes with maintaining a physical workplace.

For companies with a globally distributed remote workforce, these cost reductions for infrastructure and operating expenses can be massively impactful for the bottom line. More budget can be reinvested into growth rather than keeping the lights on.

Do You Need To Hire Dedicated Remote Software Developers?

List of Our Top 7 Companies to Hire Remote Developers

Hiring dedicated remote developers can be a challenge. But these 7 companies make it easy to build your dream engineering team from anywhere in the world.

1. CONTUS Tech

Transforming Ideas into Reality with the Best Remote Developers

CONTUS Tech is a great option if you need to hire dedicated remote developers, engineers, or cloud architects. They have more than decades of experience in this field, offering specialized hiring models for remote tech talent.

What’s great about CONTUS Tech is the flexibility they offer in terms of hiring models. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a dedicated development team, team augmentation to integrate developers into your existing workforce, or engage them for project-based hiring.

They have a large pool of over 350 pre-vetted remote software developers and product engineers to choose from.

CONTUS Tech claims their remote hires are 4 times more productive compared to in-house developers. They have expertise across over 8 major industry verticals like healthcare, automotive, Sports, Finance, entertainment, etc.

With over 500 projects delivered for clients in 40+ countries around the world, including some leading tech brands, they have a proven global track record.

All CONTUS Tech developers are full-time, in-house employees – no freelancers or contractors. They are certified professionals with an average of 5+ years of experience under their belts. 

Perhaps most conveniently, CONTUS Tech says their entire hiring process from screening to allocating resources and budgeting can be completed within 48 hours. 

2. ApphiTect

Building Your Vision with Dedicated Remote Developers

If you’ve been searching for an elite remote software development team, ApphiTect is the place for you. They offer a few different models to engage their talent pool of over 300 senior developers:

1) Dedicated remote developers – Hire individual remote engineers for your team

2) Dedicated remote development teams – Build out a complete remote engineering team  

3) Project outsourcing – Hand off entire projects to Apphitect’s remote teams

Apphitect positions itself as a partner to help make your development operations more agile and enable continuous delivery.

Their remote teams are proficient across all stages of the project lifecycle from requirements, to design, development, and deployment. A core focus is creating delightful user experiences.

AphiTect’s pricing is straightforward – you pay a fixed weekly rate for however many hours are needed, with no hidden fees. 

Whether filling short-term gaps or establishing a full Center of Excellence, ApphiTect makes it easy to access world-class web dev talent remotely.

3. ValueCoders

Reliable Solutions with Expert Remote Developers for Hire

ValueCoders is a leading software outsourcing company that specializes in providing remote web developers to clients around the world. 

Their key differentiator is giving you access to hire from the top 1% of engineering talent – a pool of over 650 highly-skilled software developers.

One of their main offerings is the ability to either build out a fully remote team for your project needs or extend your existing team with their remote engineers.

ValueCoders offers a risk-free 7-day trial so you can evaluate their developers before making any long-term commitments. Once you find your fit, you have the choice of hiring on a fixed-cost, hourly, or monthly payment model.

So whether you need a supplemental developer for your team or want to build out an entire dedicated remote squad, ValueCoders makes it seamless to bring on board highly-vetted, top-tier engineering talent quickly and cost-effectively.

4. Toptal 

Connecting You with the Best Remote Software Developers

Toptal is a cutting-edge platform for hiring the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to remote developers, front-end engineers, android developers, and technical consultants. 

They hand-pick the top 3% of applicants to give you access to truly talented engineers.

One of Toptal’s major selling points is the ability to find the perfect skill fit through its extensive vetting process. 

Whether you need a dedicated full-time remote engineer, hourly help, or part-time assistance, Toptal specializes in matching you with someone who has the exact role-specific expertise you require.

What’s impressive is Toptal’s lightning-fast hiring turnaround. They claim you can have a new remote hire ready to start in as little as 48 hours! Yet you have the flexibility to scale up or down the team size as required.

Toptal truly positions itself as a premium, hassle-free solution for companies wanting to bring on board world-class remote engineering talent quickly and cost-effectively. 

5. Radixweb

Empowering Businesses with Dedicated Remote Developers

Radixweb is a globally acclaimed outsourcing company offering a huge pool of over 650 highly skilled remote experts who can join your team or work on your project immediately.

With 23+ years of experience under its belt, Radixweb has finely tuned the process of hiring and integrating remote software developers. 

They provide flexible hiring models to align with your budget and resource needs at each stage of the development lifecycle.

What you can expect is a fully transparent hiring process without any hidden fees or charges. RadixWeb prides itself on the professionalism and productivity of its remote engineers

Beyond just technical skills, Radixweb vets its remote talent to ensure they have the right collaboration mindset to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows and infrastructure securely. 

The company has facilitated over 3,000 successful client engagements, showcasing its ability to provide highly productive remote engineering resources rapidly and reliably.

6. YouTeam

Connect and Hire the Best Remote Developers

YouTeam takes a unique approach when it comes to hiring full stack developer talents. 

Instead of freelancers, their talent pool consists exclusively of mid-level and senior developers who are full-time employees at vetted software development companies across South America and Eastern Europe.

You don’t have to worry about juggling across multiple clients. Their workplaces and timelines are also organized and managed through their employer.

This means that when you hire through YouTeam, the developers are fully dedicated to your project alone during their work hours. 

What’s cool about YouTeam is that they provide a team advisor to guide the hiring process, as well as a customer success manager who facilitates communication between all parties throughout the project duration – free of charge.

Their developers have proven expertise across all major technologies like JavaScript, Angular, React, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and more. 

7. Classic Informatics

Premium Solutions with Dedicated Developers

Classic Informatics has been a trusted web development partner for over 20 years, providing tech talent solutions for startups, SMEs, enterprises, and digital agencies alike. 

Their specialty is staffing remote front-end developers who blend technical expertise with design-led thinking to drive true digital transformation services.

When you hire through Classic Informatics, you get highly motivated individuals who are carefully vetted not just for skills, but also passion for making your project a success. 

These developers adapt seamlessly to your existing processes, workflows, and company culture – integrating 100% like an in-house team.

Classic Informatics takes a white-glove approach, assigning a dedicated project manager to oversee each developer engagement and ensure any issues are resolved rapidly. 

Their talent pool consists of agile enthusiasts who are flexible enough to adjust to your specific timezone and product needs.

The hiring process itself is simple – just share your requirements, shortlist from handpicked candidate profiles, conduct interviews, and then build out your extended dedicated remote team. 

Our Top Recommendation From The List Is

1. CONTUS Tech is our top pick  — they have over 350 pre-vetted developers ready to join your project or become dedicated hires.

2. ApphiTect  —  specializes in providing full stack remote developers teams for every stage of the development lifecycle.

3.ValueCoders — specializes in providing elite remote web developers to clients around the world.

Final Note

As companies continue to embrace remote and distributed workforce models, the demand for top engineering talent who can work effectively from anywhere will only keep rising. The good news is that there are plenty of excellent options to hire skilled remote developers in 2024 and beyond.

Whether you need to quickly scale up an in-house team, build out a complete offsite engineering squad, or just tap individual experts for specific projects, these companies will help you.

Companies like CONTUS Tech, Valuecoders, and Toptal specialize in rapidly providing vetted individual remote hires or teams tailored to your needs. While YouTeam maintains an exclusive network of top dev agencies to staff projects.  

If you’d rather engage directly with freelance talent, long-standing platforms like Radixweb and Youteam will give you access to their massive pool of independent professionals globally. Or a service like Classicinformatics can recruit and handle all the digital teams.

For even more of a white-glove experience, firms such as ApphiTect position themselves as end-to-end partners, blending their in-house teams with your product requirements to deliver complete remote development solutions.

No matter which approach you prefer, today’s options make it easier than ever to tap into an entire world of technical expertise without being constrained by location or traditional hiring practices.

Looking to hire our top-tier remote developers for your project? Talk to our team to seamlessly integrate expertise, innovate faster, and drive your projects to success.

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