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Azure Media Services Retirement & Replacement: Tips for Streaming Business

Published On May 8th, 2024 726Tech Talks

Microsoft has planned to shut down one of its magnificent, media playing services, AMS on June 30, 2024.  Azure Media Services are among the many services provided by Microsoft, that ease the delivery of any media operations of an organization. But now they have realized that it’s not their core component and must shift their focus to the strategic areas of growth.   The effects of this shutdown are already evident since many Azure web pages are broken and out of maintenance. But no worries, some best alternatives help you to smoothly run your online video streaming needs without any hindrance. 

Bringing up this issue will let creators onboard on the best solutions with promising support, that help you to seamlessly run your workflow without affecting your revenue. 

As a creator, you must be on the ball. Stay tuned, we are here to help you with sorting out this unexpected turn of events. 

What Is Azure Media Services (AMS)?

Azure media services help you to encode, store, and stream video and audio at scale for creators and other media professionals. It also encourages users to manage, deliver, and transform media content with a cloud-based workflow anywhere across the globe.

Even businesses can host videos on demand; they can also live stream to their audience in real-time. Azure cloud services ensure that the video data remains secure and accessible from all over the world by any of your team members. AMS also facilitates encoding and transcoding so the videos can be played across devices in multiple resolutions.

Azure Media Service is Retiring: Migrate all your content Instantly with GUDSHO without any data loss

Why Is Azure Media Services Being Retired?

AMS will be retired as these services never did financial justifications for Microsoft’s investments. Also, there was no aggressive marketing strategy from Microsoft to promote AMS, and it couldn’t compete much with the other platforms in the market, especially in front of Amazon’s Media Services. As per Microsoft’s recent updates, they will shift their focus to other areas of their company that promise secular growth in strategic areas, and long-term competitiveness of the company. 

As a business leader and creator, it’s common to face overwhelming challenges, especially when in survival mode. However, shifting focus to growth mode, as advocated by influential figures like Jeff Bezos, can lead to progressive outcomes.

When Will AMS Be Retired?

Microsoft will stop Azure Media Services on June 30, 2024. However, the shutting down of AMS did not come as a surprise since Azure’s CTO, Hanno Basse, already resigned last year. After the sudden resignation, on July 7, an update was issued, indicating that Microsoft had thoroughly reviewed various approaches to its media strategy over the years. Following extensive discussions, the decision was made to discontinue Azure services

Services To Disappear After AMS Gets Retired

So what are the services that will be discontinued, and how we as the customers are going to survive the transition is a big question? But where there is a will there is a way isn’t? 

So dear creators and business tycoons! Here is what you need to know : 

Customers who are currently using the service are advised to complete the service transition before June 30, 2024. After which you will no longer be able to access your Media Services accounts. Added to that, your other documents related to the  Media Player will retire on the same day too. 

So before the day comes it’s a high priority that you seek the best azure media alternative and switch to a platform that offers similar or better services. 

Here is the list of services that will be discontinued, scroll down to check what kind of services you will be missing if you fail to find an alternative platform. 

On-Demand Encoding

Encoding transforms the raw video data by compressing and reducing its size. The process removes redundancy from the video, removing unnecessary frames. With AMS gone, businesses or users will no longer have encoding services.

Live Streaming

Azure live streaming is an essential tool for video-based businesses since it lets them communicate with their audience in real time. With AMS not functioning anymore, businesses will opt for other platforms.

On-Demand Streaming

On-demand streaming enables businesses to host videos on their channel and let them get streamed by their audience. With the absence of AMS, businesses can’t provide on-demand streaming.

Content Protection Workflows

AMS provides security for the video content to keep it safe against unauthorized access. Businesses won’t have these security layers, making their data vulnerable to potential threats and thefts.

Azure Media Player

Businesses won’t be able to play or stream the videos anymore. Their viewers can’t access the azure media streaming feature once it is shut down.

What Steps Should Existing AMS Customers take?

Now that we’re aware of the services you’ll be missing, let’s guide you in efficiently managing this transition. Here’s what you need to do as a customer before the retirement date.

Look For An Alternative

As a first step, you need to start exploring alternative options. There are various premium and state-of-the-art online video platforms that offers various streaming solutions in the market.  GUDHSO is of such kind, that offers comprehensive solutions to  manage, host, market, distribute, stream, and monetize content online without limitations. GUDSHO helps you to quickly start streaming or hosting video content within minutes. Businesses can host their videos and provide live streaming capabilities to engage with their audience effectively.

 It offers an array of best solutions like video streaming solutions like :

  • Host videos in various playing formats like MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, etc.  
  • Upload, organize, and stream videos with the built-in video CMS solution.
  • 4K HD ultra-streaming, supported by CDN, with low latency and adaptive bit rate.
  • Multi DRM encryption and license to protect your video streaming from fraudulence.
  • AES 128-bit cryptographic key security to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Integrate enterprise-grade platform API with your custom app to incorporate Gudsho videos into any third-party website or app. 
  • Monetize your premium videos with options like  SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand),  AVOD (Advertising-based video on demand ), TVOD  (Transactional Video on Demand), Pay, pay-per-view,  and donations.
  • Multiply viewer rate and maximize conversion with branding, targeting, multiplying visibility, and expand viewership with an engaging 360° marketing toolkit and potentially earn 10x more.
  • Monitor the channel analytics with performance metrics and analyze video performance with a real-time dashboard.
  • Safeguard your ideas with built-in copy protection that restricts screen recording.

Explore the platform here and be amazed!

Reuse The Existing Media

Now that you have the list in your hand, select the ideal platform that is most optimal for you. Now the next step is to migrate your existing data to this newly found platform. Online video platforms help you to seamlessly host and stream your existing videos and other media in no time. These platforms also provide API integrations so you can use all your tools and software on your new video platform. 

Diversify Income Streams

Nowadays there are plenty of options to monetize your video and audio media files. Online video platform helps creators and business people to stream and monetize with popular models like Pay-per-view, SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and rent video options. These monetization models help you to streamline your income and multiply your revenue 10x. 

Grow Like A Pro

When life throws lemons at us, we need to make lemonade, that’s how the attitude should be. No matter what happens, and the challenges come, facing them with courage is the best winning strategy.  You can be a creator or a business owner, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead. Keep an eye on emerging business trends to drive an innovation startegy in business. Always stay informed with business news and budget updates, this will enable you to allocate resources more effectively and maintain flexibility for better pricing strategies.

Looking for Azure Media Service Alternatives? Don’t worry! GUDSHO helps you migrate your content safely without any data loss

Platforms That Provide AMS-Like Services

With the shutdown announced, it’s definitely time to look for alternatives. Having your options ready before you sign off for the last time from Azure would save you from the great wave of anxiety. For the same purpose, GUDSHO comes to the rescue and becomes your haven to migrate and launch your entire video content on.

GUDSHO is perfect for businesses of all kinds and sizes that rely on video content for their marketing campaigns. Its advanced video CMS lets you manage all needed operations regarding hosting, monetizing, and marketing your videos. The instant channel setup and bulk uploads save you a significant amount of time.

More reasons that make GUDSHO a perfect alternative:

How Do You Migrate From Azure Media Services To GUDSHO?

Migrating data from one service to another can be daunting, and the complexity often varies depending on the platform you choose. The Azure Database Migration Service process is straightforward when using GUDSHO. To simplify the process for you, we’d like to provide step-by-step instructions on how to migrate your data to GUDSHO.

Create A Channel On GUDSHO

The very first step toward migrating your data is to create a channel on GUDSHO, which is an instant process; you can upload the logo and banner and fill out all the given fields about your profile. Contact GUDSHO’s support team and choose your preference for the pricing plan as per the resource requirements of your business.

Migrate Your AMS Video Assets To GUDSHO

In the next step, after creating the channel and selecting your plan, users can start the Azure database migration process. GUDSHO MGN makes the entire migration process understandable and effortless regardless of whether the data is stored in physical, virtual, or cloud-based servers.

Check Your Migrated Assets In GUDSHO

Once the Azure migration is done, it’s time to verify whether or not all of your video data has been stored on GUDSHO’s server. GUDSHO will provide an API to confirm your video migration; you need to log into the console and explore the present VOD list.

Embrace A New Beginning With GUDSHO

Now that you have set up your channel and migrated your data, it’s time to begin your video workflows with GUDSHO. You can host new video data, monetize it, and market it, increasing the reach of your channel with every passing day. In case of any confusion or technical queries, you can contact them as they are available 24/7 and 365 days to assist their users.


It’s time to bid adieu to Microsoft Azure Media Services and welcome new alternatives to host your video data. Look for the platforms that have the features as per the requirements of your business. So, if AMS has some features that you want to hold on to, choose a platform that offers the same facilities. There are chances that a wisely-picked alternative would serve you with an additional range of elements as well. For instance, you can try GUDSHO, as the platform is rich in facilities and can be a better alternative to your existing video services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does GUDSHO support assets from Azure Media Services?

Yes, GUDSHO supports assets from Azure Media Services. Users can transfer their complete video library from Azure to GUDSHO. 

Why is Microsoft retiring Azure Media Services?

Microsoft considers that providing video services is not its strongest forte, and it has also not generated enough returns on its investments. The same becomes the reason that Microsoft is retiring Azure Media Services.

What should existing users of Azure do before the retirement date?

Users of AMS should start looking for alternatives where they can restart their video streaming services.

What if you do not complete the transition before the retirement date?

If businesses do not opt for an alternative service provider, the retirement of AMS would leave them with no option than shutting down their video services.

Is the transition troublesome?

The transition or migration of your existing video data depends on your chosen platform.

Why should I choose GUDSHO for the transition?

With GUDSHO, you can have an instant and seamless transition. Their migration service ensures that you receive all the video data at once and that all the video data can be used as it is by your existing audience.

Would I need to re-encode my video files?

Video files can be transferred to GUDSHO without any need for re-encoding.

Is Azure usable after transitioning to GUDSHO?

Yes, you can still use Azure as long as it is functioning or until the time it gets shut down.

How do I start Migrating to GUDSHO?

All you need to do is create a channel and choose a plan as per the features and resources needed. Afterward, you can proceed to GUDSHO MGN and start migrating your video content from AMS to GUDSHO.


Kiruthika is a Senior Digital Marketer specializing in SaaS Marketing at GUDSHO, where she leverages her expertise to drive result-oriented strategies. With a passion for innovation, she has expertise in navigating the complexities of online marketing.

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