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10 Best Video Marketing Platforms to Grow Your Business

Published On April 17th, 2024 704Tech Talks

Do you know 91% of people watch videos rather than reading blogs?

This is because videos comprise visuals and deliver the same amount of information in less time?

Videos influence the shopping decisions of today’s consumers the most. And video marketing is the medium that brings these videos in front of your audiences and makes them aware of your brand. 

Businesses hence need to keep their video marketing game solid and roaring, and for the same, they need an online marketing platform that can assist with all the chores of creating videos and marketing them.

Today, we’re gonna list out the 10 most popular video marketing platforms that any business with video marketing needs should explore.

What is Video Marketing

Video marketing involves creating videos to promote a brand’s products or services. You can utilize a free online video editor to streamline this process and create compelling videos for your brand promotion. Once created, these videos are then shared on various social media sites and video sharing platforms to grab the audience’s attention and attract traffic. With the right platform, you can create videos and market them effectively; you can turn your visitors into customers, sell your products and generate revenue.

Why Does Your Business Need a Video Marketing Platform?

  • In the next two years, videos will cover 82% of the global internet traffic.
  • As estimated, an average user will spend 100 minutes per day watching videos in 2024.
  • According to 88% of marketers, videos are the most effective way to increase their ROI.
  • It’s been predicted that by 2025, 25% of internet traffic will come from live streams alone.

All these stats demonstrate how significant it is for businesses to create and market their videos. Videos already rule the Internet, and they will gobble up even more numbers in the coming days. So, if, as a business owner, you want your videos to be sensational and show up in front of the majority of your audience, there is a clear need for a video marketing platform.

Video platforms allow you to host videos online and stream events in real time. These platforms also provide various marketing tools to optimize your videos for search engines and increase their ranking. The entire arrangement of video creation, hosting, and marketing is provided only by a video marketing platform.

Having a video marketing platform also eliminates your need to rely on your own resources or maintain your own server. These third-party websites offer various other innovative features, such as:

  • Real-time analytics about your video performance.
  • Video player customization to add your logo, banner, background, etc.
  • Video Monetization options to let you earn from your video creations, and much more.

“Stop thinking of video marketing as this separate entity that is optional for your business. Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.” James Wedmore.

10 Best Video Marketing Platforms In 2024

Now that you know how essential videos and video marketing platforms are, let us present you with the most popular platforms. You can choose any of these as per your preferences for features and pricing plans. 


Best for Premium Content Creators

GUDSHO-Video Marketing

GUDSHO provides premium content creators and businesses the facility to host their video content online. The platform comprises marketing tools to boost your presence, target new audiences, and have an edge over your competitors. Its cloud-based approach helps you instantly publish, embed, and share videos across platforms.

GUDSHO’s live streaming facility lets you host all your events in real time and promote your products and services. You can also create appealing landing pages with effective CTAs and motivate your audience to sign up or pay for your content.

Lastly, GUDSHO offers several monetization options so you can earn from your videos and live streams using Subscriptions, Rentals, and other revenue models.


  • On-demand hosting and live-streaming
  • 5+ revenue streams
  • Advanced CMS
  • Marketing tools
  • 50+ currencies accepted
Start and Grow Your Audience Base With Powerful Marketing Toolkit


Best for Individual Creators and Businesses provides video creation and hosting facilities to all sizes of businesses. Its online video editor is easy to understand, and you can add your logo, text, clips, generate thumbnails, and much more. 

The platform allows multistreaming so that you can stream to several online platforms simultaneously. Businesses and creators can utilize its free screen recorder; you can record both your screen and webcam. offers cloud-based video hosting, which ensures easy embedding, sharing, and other necessary operations. Additionally, you can use their social content calendar, which provides unique ideas for content creation and improving your brand image on social media platforms. 

To get started here, choose from their hundreds of templates and create professional designs that captivate your visitors.


  • Landing page generator
  • Tools to SEO-optimize your videos
  • Customizable video player
  • Password-protected videos
  • Live chat during streams

3. VPlayed

Best for Video-driven Businesses and Enterprises


Want to own an OTT platform with your choice of marketing tools and everything? VPlayed develops fully customized OTT platforms and apps for businesses and enterprises. Once the platform is created, you get to have lifetime ownership of the platform. With its white-label capabilities, creators can add logos, banners, CTAs, links, and other essential elements to their video player. 

VPlayed provides an advanced CMS that makes managing, hosting, and marketing your videos effortless. You can have advanced analytics and regularly monitor your video performance. Its Metadata management provides meta titles, descriptions, and schema, and helps you optimize your videos for the search engines.

The platform also earns you revenue using 9+ methods, including Advertisements, Rentals, Subscriptions, etc.


  • 9+ monetization models
  • 100+ seamless integrations
  • Free data migration
  • White-label OTT platform and application
  • On-demand hosting and live-streaming

4. Vimeo

Best for Small and Large Businesses

If you want a platform that provides video hosting and video editing services, you can explore Vimeo. Among the best marketing platforms, Vimeo includes plenty of features, even for free accounts. The different pricing plans make it ideal for businesses and individual creators on a budget. However, Vimeo’s live streaming facilities, advanced analytics, and marketing tools are available on their premium plans.

Vimeo is known for its professional and stunning videos that you can create from any device and embed on any platform. The platform offers monetization models based on subscriptions and rentals; you can earn from branded apps and live streams.

Additionally, Vimeo provides tools for anyone who wants to tutor online and allows them to give lectures most effectively. 


  • 4K, 8K, and HDR video quality
  • Video player customization
  • Automatic chapters for your videos
  • AI video editing and marketing tools
  • Free screen recorder

5. Wistia

Best for Marketers and Video Businesses


Wistia is designed for marketers to help them generate leads and measure their video performance regularly. Its advanced analytics reveal your viewers so you can pursue them, leading through the marketing funnel. 

The platform automatically optimizes the videos for the search engine, and with Facebook and Google integrations, it grabs even more traffic. The platform is loved for its cleanest interface, which makes the overall video hosting even easier.  

Wistia also offers a tool called Turnstile to collect emails at any point in your video, helping you prepare an email list. There are tools to add CTAs, links, and other elements to help your viewers take the next step. You can also create high-quality video content using Wistia’s screen and webcam recorder, both at the same time.


  • Video hosting and live streaming services
  • Video editing tools
  • Video chapters for easy navigation
  • Seamless and quick integrations
  • Easy embeds

6. WeVideo

Best for Businesses of all sizes


Those who are looking for powerful video editing tools should check out WeVideo. The platform offers a large pool of royalty-free video clips, music, images, and such elements to add to your videos and make them even more appealing. You can also have several customizations in your video player and add logos, CTAs, effects, transitions, and more.

Besides video creation and editing, you can record your webcam and screen simultaneously. You can engage with viewers and make the sessions interactive using polls, multiple choice, and other elements. 

The platform provides real–time analytics that let you observe your video performance as it happens. Its real-time collaboration makes it even more awesome and enables you to collaborate with other professionals.


  • Advanced video editing and marketing tools for tutors and professionals
  • Options to make short videos, demos, explainer videos, video memes, etc.
  • 1M+ stock media clips
  • Green screen video editor
  • Embed peer reviews anywhere

7. Vidyard

Best for Salespeople Wanting to Create an Impact


Next one in our list of video publishing platforms is Vidyard which infuses the power of AI in its marketing solutions to help you generate more leads. It assists your business by shortening the overall waiting period and closing the deals quickly. You can craft personalized video emails and make them look catchy in your client’s inbox. 

The Vidyard rooms help you collaborate easily with other people, and you can manage all the resources in one place. The platform’s specialty lies in its pricing plans; you can choose which features you need and pay only for those.

The video player is fully customizable, so you can promote your brand while your audience streams your video content. You can create thumbnails to test them out and choose which one looks the best. 


  • Custom video emails
  • Automatic follow-up emails
  • Centralized collaboration
  • Video optimization tools
  • Advanced video analytics

8. Filmora

Best for Businesses Wanting AI-based Video Marketing

Filmora is among the excellent AI-powered video editing suites. It offers a lot of choices to creators for filters, stock photos/videos, overlays, and other elements. Its copilot editing allows you to edit the videos with the help of an AI assistant. You can also get AI-based text editing, thumbnail creators, and music generators.

The platform offers a green screen editor that changes the background of your videos and makes them look more professional. It saves you time by letting you utilize the templates, so you don’t have to design everything from scratch. 

From integrations to analytics, Filmora offers everything possible to make your video marketing journey a piece of cake.


  • Screen and webcam recorder
  • Advanced video editing tools
  • AI-based editing for your videos
  • Centralized content management
  • Video performance analytics

9. Powtoon

Best for Startups and Businesses

Powtoon is best for those who have little experience with the video editing process. The platform guides you through each step, making video creation and editing effortless. 

You can find plenty of pre-made templates and stock videos to achieve your professional video’s end look quickly. Once done, you can export the video to YouTube if you want.

To make your message more precise, you can embed animation into your videos and create short and explainer videos. 

Powtoon helps you with creating ROI reports and marketing plans in a visually engaging way so everyone on your team can understand them. 

You can also opt for analytics and have an idea about your viewer’s engagement behavior and video performance; however, its analytics are not in-depth.


  • Free video messaging tool
  • Screen and webcam recorder
  • Animation maker
  • Character builder
  • PPTs to video converter

10. Brightcove

Best for: Enterprises and Big Businesses

Brightcove is a video hosting platform dedicated to enterprises and has been used by some of the world’s largest brands. The platform offers advanced video marketing tools that help evolve your marketing strategy and bring you more leads. 

On Brightcove, you can bring videos in front of your audience regardless of their position in the sales funnel and push them forward. You can create demo videos to help your customers make purchase decisions, and you can create instructional videos and assist them post-purchase. 

The platform offers robust live streaming services to broadcast your events in real time and create deeper relationships with your audience. With its in-depth insights, you get to know the impact your videos make and improve your marketing strategy even more.


  • Enterprise-grade video hosting and live-streaming
  • Quick and wide range of integrations
  • Interactive options like polls, quizzes, branching, and more
  • Thorough insights for every step
  • Advanced security measures

5 Kinds Of Videos That Will Trend In 2024

There are plenty of kinds when it comes to videos. The types you choose depend on your business and what you want to achieve or your end goal. Once you know the purpose of making videos, it becomes easier to determine which kinds of videos you should stick with.

Here, we’re gonna list out some video types that will trend in the coming year 2024. You can explore them all and start creating the ones that suit you best.

#1 Short-Form Videos

These videos are also known as shorts or reels that deliver a message within a few seconds. Short videos are loved worldwide because they offer entertainment or knowledge within seconds. In this growing digital age, when people have short attention spans, these videos can potentially spur the growth of any brand or business.

Shorts are popular on YouTube, and they are called reels on Instagram; however, you can create these videos and publish them on your own website or any platform you use. Shorts grab the attention quickly and significantly increase your ROI.

#2 AI Videos

AI videos will be the next trendy thing in the video marketing segment. These videos are created using artificial intelligence, and many video streaming platforms provide AI assistance to consumers. You can automate various processes to simplify your video creation, such as generating video scripts, adding captions, scheduling publishing time, etc.

#3 User-Generated Content

As it sounds, these videos are initially created by the users and can be later adopted by the brands with the creator’s permission. The reason behind loving user-generated content is that it is authentic instead of being promotional; even though this kind of content speaks about a brand, it does that more subtly and sounds more human instead of being salesy.

Some examples of user-generated content are unboxing videos, product demos, testimonials, and product sampling videos.

#4 Live Streaming

Live streaming already makes up 23% of global viewing, and it’s gonna grow more in 2024. Using live streams, brands broadcast events and connect with their audience in real time. This instant and real-time connection is why live streaming is so popular and preferred way more than pre-recorded videos.

So, while finding out the most relevant videos for your business, try conducting live streams and deepen your relationships with your viewers.

#5 Live Shopping

Live shopping has always been here and is available on various platforms to help brands increase their sales. However, this kind of shopping is becoming more popular these days, and it will surely be a trend in 2024. 

Amazon Live, for example, allows sellers to create streams where the viewers can shop. YouTube and TikTok have already enabled viewers to shop while being in the streams. 

Not far is the day when many other platforms will come up with the idea of live shopping and help sellers broaden their audience range.

Wrap Up

We have covered ten platforms that are best for video marketing purposes. Now it’s your turn to choose one of them that you think can be the most suitable for your business needs.

Choose as per your primary requirement

  • If you want to use a premium platform that provides extensive security standards, video marketing tools, live streaming, monetization options, and other innovative features, you can choose GUDSHO.
  • Similarly, if you want an easy-to-use platform where you can edit your video player and customize your thumbnails, then can be your ultimate choice.
  • Powtoon can be best if you want to embed animation and many customizations in your videos.

The last call is yours. Choose the most ideal platform and start video creation and marketing!


Srinivasan is a Digital Marketer who is passionate about video monetization based solutions and video on demand platform ideas. He believes in spreading the latest tech trends. He is an avid reader and Loves to share views on the latest technologies, tips, and tricks.


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