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6 Benefits Of Using Chat For E-Commerce App!

Published On February 29th, 2024 955Communication

Gone are the days when you have to walk miles to purchase a brand of your choice or sneaker that fits your foot. Because now, everything has gone digital and in this era, online retail has become the standard for shopping. Just swipe and purchase is the concept adopted by many e-commerce businesses to attract users to their apps. With these technological advancements, yet another sector that saw its rise is the customer service domain which rose to success because of the implementing of real-time chat solutions to e-commerce chat apps. 

As a result of which, the number of happy and satisfied customers started to spike. Along with this, adding a chat to e-commerce apps also helps to elevate business levels, retention rates, and engagement metrics, and boosts revenue. All these happen when a customer gets to reach out to sales personnel in real-time and discuss product and sales issues that matter to them the most.

So, without any ado, let us quickly see how adding chat to your online marketplace can turn out to be beneficial for businesses.

Benefits of using E-commerce Chat Apps!

Implementing chat features into e-commerce apps can bring a lot of benefits to the marketplace community, and you may find the comprehensive list of perks below:

1. Improved Customer Experience

Chat is one of the most efficient and convenient ways for customers to get answers to their product queries in real time. According to reports by Kayako, the numbers show that around 41% of users, preferably buyers like to use chat for getting support when compared to a phone, email, social media, or via any other source.

Why did it turn out to be beneficial? Because, with real-time chats, customers need not wait in long queues or spend a hefty amount of time staring at their chat inbox for a response from the sales team. They just have to drop a message about a query and are going to receive an instant response. 

And just how using a chat solution proves to be effective for users, chat apps for businesses turn out to be even more beneficial. Sellers may benefit from faster sales and retain customers for a very long time. 

If you are satisfied with this benefit and ready to implement a messaging app for your business, the best option would be to use a real-time chat SDK solution. With APIs, you can launch chat apps for the e-commerce sector in minutes and get your business running. 

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2. Increase In Revenue Numbers

As per the same Kayako report, businesses found that when chat support was offered to customers, their sales, revenue, and customer loyalty got boosted. Even 38% of users approached e-commerce chat apps that offered them messaging support. So, this proves that adding chat functionality to your e-commerce marketplace can give multiple opportunities to sell your product directly to your user base.

Along with handling customer queries, the sales team can also cross-sell and promote products or services that are trending in the market. They can either send links for adding feedback through real-time in-app chats or ask to give product recommendations. In both ways, businesses ought to benefit.

Another perk of in-app chats for business is that support people can answer more than one query at a time, which is not the case with answering a phone call. This means that more customers get their needs met. 

3. Boost Customer’s Trust & Loyalty

When a sales executive can communicate with customers in real time, it improves their trust, gaining more loyalty to the business. According to a statistical report, 51% of customers said that they would visit the same e-commerce marketplace that offers real-time chat functionality. 

Also, based on other reports, we can observe that companies that were able to add messaging capability to their e-commerce chat app were able to retain a lot of customers.

But how can a chat in an e-commerce domain help build trust? Because, customer loyalty is a progressive approach that is driven by repeated, positive interactions. A chat can help elevate those positive interactions as it helps to see that the business has got time to resolve their queries. 

Further, with a real-time chat, all companies can resolve complex issues smoothly and give a dedicated platform for customers to confidently shop for their demands.

4. Undenying Customer Satisfaction

When customers’ queries are resolved on the first go without having them to wait for hours to get a solution, then it will ultimately lead to customer satisfaction. Further, a real-time chat app for businesses would in turn increase user engagement and boost business sales. 

But do not confuse the benefit of using a messaging app for businesses with a chatbot or programmable IVRs, because the latter may not give users a human touch to understand the depth of the issue and resolve queries.

Plus, many customers prefer real-time chats as a desired means of communication. An example of the above is the research from Zendesk that shows that 85% of users like to communicate with sales personnel in real-time as they ought to answer questions more efficiently and quickly.

5. Retains User Privacy

Not an IVR nor a chatbot can help identify the identity of the opponent. But, real-time chats turn out to be a perfect channel for finding out who your counterparty is. Though this results to be a beneficial feature, ecommerce chat app users can keep their privacy intact and display information only that they wish to disclose. 

Users can hide their place of residence, contact info, phone details, and much more by marking them as private. Therefore, with real-time chat, ecommerce apps can fortify the security aspect to the max. 

6. Moderates Unwanted Interactions

When using messaging apps for businesses, chat moderation is an important feature addition that must not be missed as it helps to manage chat conversations and prevents the harmony of e-commerce chat apps for iOS & android glued tightly. 

Plus, moderation is an efficient way to make sure that users experience the best interactions within the app and maintain trust between users and the company. 

Different types of chat moderation are based on the method of execution (automated and manual moderation techniques) and based on the period of moderation (Pre and Post moderation options). Above this, various types of content can be subjected to reviews like image, text, and voice. 

Finally, here you go the complete list of benefits of adding in-app chats to marketplaces. With this covered, your next focus should be one.

What features should you consider in a chat app?

If you are heads-on in integrating in-app messaging functionality into your e-commerce chat apps. you must ensure to see that the following chat features are offered by third-party chat SDK providers for a great customer experience and longer user retention.

  • One-to-one and group chats: Offers 1-to-1 single and group chats for users to communicate with one another.
  • Presence indicators: Lets users know whether their peers are online or not.
  • Typing indicators: Allows users to see whether another user is typing the conversation or not.
  • Push notifications: Notifies users when a chat message is received or missed.
  • Delivery and read receipts: Lets users to know whether their message is read or delivered.
  • Image and file sharing: This lets users in a chat app share files and multimedia content of any file size.
  • Cross-platform support: This feature allows users to use the marketplace apps on any browser and device. 
  • Chat moderation: Includes different chat moderation tools to safeguard user privacy and conversations from unwanted language and users. 

How MirrorFly Can Help Integrate The Right In-App Chat Solution For E-commerce App?

Understanding that there is a real benefit to implementing a real-time chat solution, businesses these days are searching for the best chat SDK provider to seamlessly integrate in-app chat features into communication apps. But there are many in the market, so you must choose depending on your budget and other available resources like features to include, controls you get, and whether you can avail integration support.

Fret not seeing all these, because, with MirrorFly’s chat APIs, you can easily implement a pre-built chat solution in your marketplace with the features you need and support you require, Above these, MirrorFly’s customizable messaging solution lets you avail 100% customizations on 150+ call and chat features and a lot more. If you want to learn more about our features or pricing, please talk to our experts. 

Till then, happy building!

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