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DevOps & Digital Transformation – A Match Made in Heaven

Published On January 17th, 2024 1811Engineering
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What is DevOps?

devops iconIn simple terms, DevOps is a collaborative work philosophy. It brings a handshake between Development & Operations (Dev + Ops = DevOps) that improves speed of delivery for software projects, simultaneously improving the productivity of software production.

DevOps has powered the fast-paced growth of tech behemoths like Netflix, Twitter, Etsy; why even Google, Facebook, Amazon and the likes.


Why DevOps? What is it Trying to Achieve?

DevOps is trying to reform things. But, what exactly is it trying to achieve? What is in it that companies that build the future are so reliant on it?

On the onset, there are some major goals that DevOps is trying to achieve. They include:

Improve the Quality of Code

DevOps aims to reduce the bugs and defects in each subsequent level of code development and also to increase the test scope coverage in a progressive manner. This helps in improving the overall quality of the code.

Implement Cultural Change

DevOps brings about an internal cultural change. Stakeholders who are used to working in silos are now forced to collaborate and come together to work in close association with operational teams. This helps devise quicker software updates that can be pushed live into the actual software.

More Frequent Software Updates

DevOps follows an incremental software release update where continuous improvisations are made to the actual software base to make it even better than before. This continuous improvisation along with the collaboration of development and operational teams lead to a better software/product than originally envisioned.

Transparent IT Processes

The collaboration between development and operational teams results in the better transparency of the IT processes that are put in place to release software quickly.

Digital Transformation Via Devops

Digital Transformation, the new age mantra of CTOs is pillared on the capabilities of DevOps. DevOps facilitates Digital Transformation by tearing down the walls that earlier isolated development and operational teams from each other.

By bridging the void between the two sides, DevOps sets the stage for Digital Transformation development where all stakeholders can work together from

DevOps and Digital Transformation: A Match Made in Heaven


Why DevOps for Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation demands dynamism. A constant revamp of the routines to achieve the best. DevOps aligns with that objective of Digital Transformation, hence, qualifying itself as an ideal match.

* Digital = leading-edge technology devised using Mobile + Cloud + Internet + Analytics, etc..

* Transformation = Reinventing business models, customer experience and interaction through continuous improvisation

* DevOps + Digital Transformation = Quicker software delivery for superior customer experience.

Hand in glove for developing new customer experiences

Digital Transformation aims to provide a superior customer experience through the use of technology in place of manual processes. DevOps facilitates quick replacement of manual processes with digital processes through continuous improved coding and tech development. Most importantly, DevOps helps develop clean code, which is a prerequisite for digital transformation.

Speedy Software Delivery for Dynamic Customer Preferences

Secondly, DevOps also sets the ground for speedy delivery of software that matches the customer’s ever-changing demands. The dynamism in DevOps matches the dynamically changing customer preferences that digital transformation satisfies.

A Mutually Shared Goal

Digital transformation tweaks business models and technology according to customer preferences. DevOps changes methodologies based on feedback received from the operational teams who implement digital transformation. Both the sides share a mutually shared goal, thus making DevOps nothing but a catalyst for digital transformation.

DevOps has the transformation power to increase the speed at which software is developed and delivered across an organization. The transparency and focus on immediate milestones makes it a perfect fit for digital transformation too.


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