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What Is Call Center Quality Assurance? Why Is It Important?

Published On May 22nd, 2024 137Announcement

“Have you ever heard this programmable voice when you dialed a contact center service? This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes.”

So what is call center quality assurance?And why should a business emphasize on-call quality monitoring? Is adding quality assurance in call centers a strategy to boost customer service?

Well, we’ll find out the answers to these in the blog post below.

What Is Call Center Quality Assurance?

A call center quality assurance is a process of continuous monitoring and evaluating customer interactions between agents and businesses to ensure they meet predefined business goals. 

Plus, a call center QA typically includes the following components:

  • Call Monitoring
  • Scoring Metrics
  • Feedback & Coaching
  • Continuous Improvement  

Why Is Call Center Quality Assurance Important?

While a call center solution or a contact center service offers valuable insights into customer-agent interactions, like their call duration and volume, this alone is not sufficient to enhance customer experiences.

And that’s where we need a human ear, meaning experienced personnel who can assess the quality of the calls made and received.

With call center QA, we can focus on whether the agent’s tone has courtesy, positivity, and professionalism. And make scorecards to evaluate their work and give training wherever required.

contact center quality of customer support

How Can We Maintain Call Center Quality?

Through a third-party perspective. While businesses can set up separate teams to analyze calls and give feedback to improve experiences, using third-party call center specialists can drive consistent results.

They will carefully adhere to all the call criteria and give inputs on areas that need work. Such minute factors may go unadministered even by your best agents. 

Plus, if you use MirrorFly’s contact center solution, your managers and higher officials too would have access to the call history and advanced features for delivering superior CX.  

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Call center quality monitoring comes as a crucial step to delivering consistent and quality customer service, along with refocusing on agent performance. 

However, while doing this, your vision of achieving business goals must not be missed. And a call center QA involves an iterative process of monitoring, evaluation, feedback, and coaching.

Customer experience call quality check

We will see them in detail in the sections below:

 Step 1: Deliver Uniform Call Service

  • Before you start focusing on call center email quality monitoring or call quality, you would first want to build an assurance team. 
  • This team can be inclusive of managers, agents, supervisors, and leads who will eventually set up the quality standard and KPI to measure the success of the calls.
  • While this goes on one side of the page, the other thing to focus on is the uniformity and consistency in a call. 
  • Because, poor services can irate customers, eventually leading to a bad impression. So how to maintain consistency?
  • By training agents to answer customer calls using positive phrases and greetings. These small additions to the KPI list can boost customer service experiences.
Pro Tip? Most of the contact center solutions use KPIs like average handle time, net promoter score, and first call resolution rate to measure an agent’s performance.

Step 2: Meet Compliance Standards

This is one of the most important steps that outline the required rules and standards that every call center solution must adhere to for protecting customer data. 

And it is mandated that your agents follow the below standards while connecting to a customer.

1. Call Recording Consent

The customer engaged in a call must be aware of the fact that the conversation is being recorded and the party agrees to it without any hindrance.

2. Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

Customers who are not willing to receive any telemarketing calls may register their number with a call center online database. Upon doing so, the person should not receive any calls else the call center solution might be fined.

3. Compliance Standard

If your call center business is into processing credit card payments or reversals based on user’s requests, then you must adhere to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that came into effect in 2006. 

4. Truth In Lending Act

This act mentions that agents must make users or customers aware of the recent interest rates, late payment fees, terms, and other details concerning loans. 

But these factors must be considered only if your call center is in the financial business. Otherwise, you may skip it, but ensure that you follow all regulatory standards to avoid hefty fines in the future.

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Step 3: Use Tools To Analyze Call Quality

Below are a few tools that are a part of most of the call center software to help businesses easily monitor call quality:

1. Call recording application: Use software that records 100% of your agent calls in good quality and without compromising security. Plus, you should be able to playback, filter, and search call logs.

2. QA self-scorecards: Your agent scorecard should have the list of calls, emails, and text messages sent to customers and whether it is meeting the industry guidelines or standards, and score them based on how well they are followed.

3. Text analytics: This tool is used to break down customer information into sentiments, issues, or emotions. So that, these minute details can help agents succeed in offering the right service to customers. 

4. Speech analytics: Make use of an AI-powered speech analytics tool to gather information on what tone the user is communicating with and analyze their speech patterns.

So there you go with some of the most commonly used tools for enhancing or supercharging your CX.

Step 4: Provide Feedback To Agents

  • Now that you have developed scorecards and assessed call quality, your next prime step is to give feedback to agents on where they went wrong and how to correct them.
  • Your feedback should be in such a way that it is positive and not criticizable.
  • You can either conduct coaching sessions and then provide feedback or schedule meetings with managers to discuss their scorecards.
  • After this step, your agents will recognize their faults and correct them to boost call quality and their performance metrics.

Step 5: Reward Agents

The guide on call center quality monitoring is just not about boosting customer satisfaction rates, as it also stands as a great way to identify the best-performing agents from your teams and reward them with gifts or medals.

Doing this way can boost their morale and make them excel even more in their next call.

Here’s The Bigger Picture
Your customers would reach out to your call centers in endless ways- emails, social media, chatbots, instant messaging, and more. So, it is advisable to build an omnichannel custom contact center platform with MirrrorFly.

Simplify Call Center Quality Management With MirrorFly.

To put it in a nutshell, we saw how monitoring call quality can enhance your customer service experiences in the best way possible. But what if you are not able to assess call quality or lack apps that support tracking/monitoring? 

That’s where MirrorFly’s contact center solution comes into play. You can deliver incredible support to your customers using our frictionless contact center services like 

Customer support experience in call center
  • Centralized call management system that includes call queueing, routing, and recording, 
  • Real-time chats and video calls,  
  • Communication features like chatbots, chat history, and Chat GPT powered support, and
  • Tools to monitor call quality such as real-time dashboards, call auditing, custom reports, and more.

That’s how beneficial our self-hosted SDKs are to developers and businesses. Sounds interesting? Book a demo with our expert to see how easily you can set up your call center solution

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