28 September, 2023

How to change the Amazon instance root volume capacity?

We are back with the another AWS information for you guys.In this article we will share the information for wrongly assigned root volume capacity while creating Amazon instance.For example , the screenshot is attached for your reference

Amazon instance root_1

Don’t worry folks.It is possible to increase the root volume capacity from the old instance.The steps are as follows

Step 1:
First we should stop the running instance to do this.In this step , we should make a note of the Instance id and Availability zone details for that instance.

amazon instance root_2

Step 2:
Navigate to the Volume option in the left side pane and right click on the volume which we want to expand.Then select create snapshot.

amazon instance root_3

It will ask the Name and Description of the new snapshot of the volume.

Step 3:
Then select snapshot option in the left side pane and right click of the snapshot which we created in the previous step and select Create volume option.This should need the Volume type and size and the availability zone to match the instance.

amazon instance root_4

Step 4:
Once we done the above steps , then we can go ahead to detach the old volume.Select the volumes in the left side pane and find out the old volume in the list shown.In this step , we should note down thedevice name and volume details (like /dev/sda1) in the attachment information.After that, right click on it and detach volume.

amazon instance root_5

Step 5:
Now we are going to attach the expanded volume to that instance.We can choose the new volume from the volume option.Right click on the new volume and select attach volume. In this step , we should enter the Instance ID and the root volume name what we note down from the previous steps.

amazon instance root_6

After we done the above steps , we can start the instance as usual like right click on the instance and start the instance.


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