22 September, 2023

Contus Getting Strong In Mobile Application Development

Contus Support as a product development company, already has a few niche and successful products such as Groupclone, HD FLVPlayer, Contus hd Video Share, Video Blog, etc. With growing customer base and due to the huge demand of Mobile apps, we have stepped into Mobile app development as well.

We have already listed 2 Iphone apps in Iphone App store which are Ind Emergency & GroupcloneInd Emergency App allows users to dial the emergency numbers by the click of the button instead of recollecting the numbers from our memory or doing a frantic search during emergency situations.  This application has all the emergency numbers in India and could easily dial them just by one single click.

Groupclone IPhone app was developed for the existing customers of Contus Support who use our product – Groupclone script.  Customers can easily rebrand Groupclone Iphone app by changing the logo and database information.

The launch of the mobile application for Groupclone was welcomed by customers with thundering applause, and since many of our customers are in want of Android mobile application, we are in the process of developing it as well.  This month our Android mobile application for our Groupclone product will hit the market, and we believe it is going to be a big draw for mobile application users.

Am passionate about entrepreneurship, start-ups and mobile technologies. So, I co-founded Contus in 2008 along with my friends to live my dream.

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