1 October, 2023
Win ToDo App for Windows 8

Contus “Win ToDo” App for Windows 8!

Contus, offering solutions for Mobility and Web Development globally over the years, has introduced its latest sensation “Win ToDo” app for Windows 8 into the marketplace recently. Despite establishing ourselves in the market with 100+ apps for IOS, Android, and Windows, our quench for knowledge never took (takes) a break!

It is the “striving for excellence with perfection” attitude that forced us to uncover such a wonderful app in the name of “Win ToDo” for Windows 8.  We always look forward to exceed the expectations of the customers and it drives us to success. Our tireless craftsmen that have developed apps for games, business, entertainment, etc. have once again proved their mettle’s with the launch of this innovative app. We are certain that the forward-thinking features of this app will appease most customers exceedingly!

This app is a boon for people that often fail to note down the to-do tasks, hold on until they pile up, and try their chances against them after a long time. It takes a great deal of time and effort to carry out the postponed tasks and it is never easy! So, we thought of developing an app which could schedule all the tasks perfectly and remind the customers whenever about the tasks they fail to make note of. After some serious and tireless efforts we came up with the “Win ToDo” for Windows 8. This app assists the customers to create a lot of “to-do” tasks with reminders and notifies them promptly on the particular date and time. On using this app, customers could start living a well-organized life with great comfort. It is quite simple to create “to-do” tasks using this app as it comes up with user-friendly interface and unlimited features.

The astounding features of the “Win ToDo” app include:

  • Easy to add, edit, delete to-do task from home screen
  • Scheduling of to-do’s tasks using date and time
  • Toast notifications/alert reminder shows up 10 minutes before of the to-do task
  • Share To-do using share button in Charm bar
  • Easily postpone to-do activities
  • Repeats all days

Task management made easy: Managing your tasks is no longer going to be difficult! The ease-of-use navigation features allow the customers to add, edit, and delete tasks from the home screen with just a click. We guarantee an unproblematic task management to the customers on using this app.

Marking tasks: Mark the tasks effortlessly and create limitless reminders per day with ease. Creating any task is awesomely easy using the date and time feature enabled in this app. Customer alerts: All the tasks created will be reminded to the customers 10 minutes before with a special “reminder alert” feature.

List sharing: The app comprises a special “Share button” which allows customers to share the “to-do” lists with others easily. The lists to be shared to added to the Charm bar from where the customers can share them with everyone.

Postpone tasks without fuzz: This app allows customers to schedule events or tasks whenever and however they want. Postpone any tasks in a stress-free manner using this app.

Repeating tasks: It is a smart app, and as a customer you don’t have to update the tasks each and every day. It automatically updates the tasks and reminds your tasks regularly.

Saving “to-do” tasks: The to-do tasks get saved to the SQLite Database effectively. You can retrieve the data anytime anywhere you want without any hassles and bustles.

Utilize the brilliant features to organize the “to-do” tasks perfectly. Add, edit, and delete any kind of tasks effortlessly using this nifty app and store them comprehensively.  You’ll receive a perfect reminder on the particular date and time of task created without fail. It is certain that this app will captivate the customers by all means undoubtedly.

To manage tasks efficiently, start downloading this brand spanking new app here: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-US/app/win-todo/27d97841-9f9a-4428-9ad7-c77871c59c93

Have a glance at the lovely screen shots below to realize the hidden potential of this fantastic app:

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